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Budget Travel Guide: Best 10 Cheap Travel Destinations USA

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Due to its geographical diversity, finding cheap travel destinations in the US is easier than most travelers would believe. There are much more than the sought-after road trips, Christmas in New York, or the party-scene of Las Vegas. The pristine beaches and luscious national parks offer a perfect getaway holiday on an affordable budget. So, read on about the top 10 cheap travel destinations USA and have a fun-filled trip on a very low budget.

But if you are as short on time as you are on budget, go through the slides below for top budget-friendly destinations around the US:

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10 Best Yet Cheap Travel Destinations USA

Let’s explore some of the best yet cheap travel destinations in the USA that offer great value for your money. This list has something for everyone, whether you’re traveling solo or with family and friends.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels, or LA, California, may house some of the wealthiest Americans, but it is also an excellent vacation destination where you can get most out of your budget. Ideal for movie fans and beach lovers, Los Angeles can be enjoyed at a mere $80 per day budget.

The City of Angels, or LA, California, may house some of the wealthiest Americans, but it is also an excellent vacation destination where you can get most out of your budget. There are plenty of cheap things to do in California, making it an affordable option for travelers. Ideal for movie fans and beach lovers, Los Angeles can be enjoyed at a mere $80 per day budget.

Plenty of cheap eats to be found around this town, you just have to choose to eat like a local. Apart from cheap eats in Chinatown, LA is also famous for its food trucks.

As a city that is extremely well connected, LA allows travelers to commute conveniently using public transportation. The busses and metro can help you save precious dollars that you would have spent on Uber or a car rental.

The weather in LA is excellent through most of the year. You are sure to get some excellent deals in the off-season.

Savannah, Georgia

Visit Savannah - Budget & Fun Destination in the USA

Georgia offers the old-world charm of Southern states to the hilt and Savannah is arguably one the most beautiful cities to vacation on a budget.

Tourist sites like City Market, River Street, Forsyth Park, and the main historic center are free for visitors. There are no entry fees and most sites are open throughout the year.

It is easy to find affordable accommodations even during peak vacation months, especially if you are willing to stay away from the city center.

Thinking about transportation, the downtown transportation system known as DOT is entirely free. The free ferry ride on the Savannah Belles Ferry is a part of this scheme and it offers one of the most memorable views of this picturesque district. Other than this, you can use the free Express Shuttle to visit downtown or hop on the River Streetcar on the weekend. Find out in great detail about the top Georgia road trip destinations in our dedicated sampling.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Visit Raleigh - best budget destination for family & kids in the USA

Raleigh is not just the capital of North Carolina, it is also an affordable destination to visit, especially if you are traveling with children.

The Marbles Kids Museum is a favorite with younger as well as older minds. It offers a variety of interactive and imaginative exhibits including hands-on activities.

Pair this with a visit to the State’s Museum of Natural Sciences and you will have one of the most educational holiday experiences on a budget.

These attractions are open in every season and if you happen to visit Raleigh in the summertime, you can also pack a picnic and spend the day in Pullen Park with its paddle boating, carousel, and train rides. Find out in great detail about the budget attractions of North Carolina in our dedicated sampling.

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida: The oldest city in the US

Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the mainland US. The tourism around the city is designed to keep its historic theme alive. It includes numerous activities to attract young and old alike.

For instance, interactive exhibits at the Pirate & Treasure Museum offer a memorable experience by educating the visitors about the history of colonial Americans and pirates.

As one of the cheap travel destinations in the US, St. Augustine offers enough activities to keep children engaged. This can be helpful if you are traveling as a family.

The Fountain of Youth Archeological Park is a live archeological site where tourists can find out more about the historic roots of the city. Further, there are winery tours for free. So find out more about budget attractions in Florida by checking out our dedicated sampling.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is New Mexico’s largest city. It is replete with history offering something for each and every traveler that visits this vibrant city. The Albuquerque Biological Park consists of botanical gardens, zoo, aquarium, as well as a beach.

The city has a separate historic section that gives travelers a peek into the rich cultural history of this place. Further, it offers ample budget-friendly places for staying and dining and you can use all those savings to jump into a hot-air balloon for a ride to get a bird’s eye view of this serene city. Find out more about budget activities in ABQ and New Mexico in our dedicated sampling.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Visit Louisiana, Mardi Gras & More

With a budget of under $50, New Orleans is certainly an affordable city in which to vacation. You need not stay in an upscale hotel or dine at a pricey restaurant to enjoy this exotic city. Experiencing the city sights while riding around in the quaint streetcars is a budget saver and an experience in itself.

If you are willing to spend time and shop around for deals, you can get some budget-friendly options without burning a hole in your pocket. Just bear in mind, that summers can be extremely hot and muggy so try to select another season for your vacation in New Orleans.

To find out more about this and other top Louisiana road trip destinations, check out our comprehensive sampling now!

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Georgia is another hotspot for history buffs. The hotels are affordable, and travel is budget-friendly as well.

If you are staying for a week then you can buy a MARTA pass and avail unlimited rides for 7 days at under $25. Popular day trips from Atlanta include Chattanooga and North Georgia mountains, ensuring that there is plenty to be experienced

Atlanta is fast catching up to other tourist hotspots by transforming from a ‘college town’ to a foodie favorite. Find out how to save on food costs while traveling by checking out our dedicated list of tips and trick.

Denver, Colorado

Visit Capital City of Colorado

While the Rocky Mountains might be the most popular tourist attraction near Denver, Colorado, there is plenty more to be done here on a budget.

While Denver may not be rich in colonial and historic infrastructure like some other destinations, it has ample traces of the old West. Being centrally located it is one of the most frequented cities in Colorado and also, one of the best cheap travel destinations USA.

Places like Chamberlin Observatory and the Buffalo Bill Museum cost under $10 per person per visit. Other free tourist places include the Denver Mint, Denver Story Trek, City Park, Cheeseman Park and the Denver Botanic Gardens.

You can also get passes and deals that combine different attractions at a much lower price. Scouting social coupon apps like Groupon is also an excellent idea to visit Colorado on a budget.

Austin, Texas

Concert, Outdoors, Romance - Budget US Travel, Visit Austin

Austin, Texas is a perfect destination for lovers of outdoor activities. The biggest attraction for nature lovers is the Lady Bird Lake. Adorned on one side with Stevie Ray Vaughn’s iconic stature, the lake offers perfect locations for concerts all year round. Also, there are some great things to do at night in Austin.

Other than this, the weather is enticing enough to ensure that there are plenty of events for tourists visiting one of the coolest American states. On top of that, it is very budget-friendly, thereby making our best cheap travel destinations USA list. Also, Austin is one of the cities that offer the best nightlife in USA.

Charleston, South Carolina

Plantations & Estates - Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston offers visitors a chance to view the charming Victorian era and European architecture without leaving the country. The sprawling plantations and lazy sunsets make it one of the relaxing cheap yet top travel destinations in South Dakota US.

Visiting Charleston in winters is cheaper than in other seasons and this is when you can have maximum savings on accommodations. Also, it is important to remember that most vacation rentals offer cheaper weeknight rates than weekend prices.

You can begin planning your vacation here by visiting the Charleston Visitor Center’s website to learn more about the local attractions and don’t forget to book your accommodations on RentalTrader.com

Tips for Cheap Travel Destinations USA

Tips for Cheap Travel Destinations USA

A low vacation budget should not mean that you cannot enjoy it just as well. Keep the following tips in mind while visiting any of the above cheap travel destinations in the US or around the world and you are sure to have a memorable holiday.

Destination Selection

The first step is to think outside the box and go for lesser-known places. You are not only likely to get a better deal, but you may also end up avoiding the throngs of tourists and long lines at every attraction.

Explore Travel Options

Once you have selected the destination, the next step is to decide on your mode of transportation. While air travel is the fastest, buses and trains can be far more affordable, especially if the distance to be covered is not too great.

There is no harm in checking out the bus or train schedule and having an adventurous start to your vacation. You can sightsee and find a new perspective as you travel along this vast and beautiful landscape.


Nearly every tourist destination in the world offers free attractions. Make sure that you find all of the freebies to ensure that you gain maximum value out of your vacation.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, there are plenty of cheap travel destinations USA for all to visit and experience something new. More and more tourists are chucking the rigidity of hotels and opting for vacation rentals instead.

With Rental Trader explore a wide variety of vacation rentals to choose the most affordable one for you. Also, vacation rental property owners can showcase their property here by completing a simple registration form.

If you are interested in knowing more about how Rentaltrader.com can help you boost your vacation rental business, then feel free to call us directly. You can also leave your details on our web form and we will get in touch with you for an initial consultation.

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