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Top 10 Cities Offering Best Nightlife in USA

Best Nightlife in USA

One of the most frequently asked questions by vacationers is which cities offer the best nightlife in USA. In this post, we will look at the top 10 party places in the US and find out what is the unique aspect each has to offer.

US nightlife has a lot to offer in terms of variety. There are Beaches, Casinos, Nightclubs, and a lot more to look forward to. Each state has an iconic party style. Further, a lot of events take place, that adds to the fun, glamour, and entertainment. So let’s look at some of these cities that offer the best nightlife in the USA.

List of Top 10 Cities Offering Best Nightlife in the USA

As suggested earlier, the US has a vibrant party culture. However, if you had to choose, these 10 places should be on the top of your list for the unique party experiences each place provides. Mind you, there are many more happening party places and the list is endless but still, you have to start somewhere. So, start at the best spots.

Money, Money, Money, Money, Money – Las Vegas

Well, as the title suggests, Las Vegas Casinos top the list of the best nightlife cities in USA. It is one of a kind experience that attracts millions of people from all over the world. The most common and fun thing to do at Vegas is to check into a resort and try your hand at gambling in a Casino. Be it roulette, blackjack, or simple slots this is the most lucrative nightlife option.

However, that’s not just what Vegas is about. You can have the best pool parties here. Some of the night clubs offer the best pool-deck parties. The nightclubs here are rampaged with EDM and LED effects that make you dance all night.

Grab a beer or a famous cocktail, take a bunch of your friends and dance till you drop dead. Lose yourself in the most fun atmosphere that you have ever experienced. For more about Las Vegas nightlife guide, read our blog.

Best Nightlife Cities in USA

The Magic City – Miami, Florida

Miami is no second to any place in terms of the best nightlife in the USA. Miami and the rest of Florida are full of beaches and the city never sleeps. You can party till you die. Enjoy live music or find yourself a place in a rooftop bar and soak in the beautiful view from the top.

You can get a 5-star meal at midnight or even at 5 a.m. that’s till when Miami goers party. The most delicious local specialties are the barbecues and the tacos. You can find these mouth-watering dishes at every nook and corner.

Whether you go to a beach or a club, Miami will ensure that you have a time of your life. The most happening place here is the Miami beach. You can take a night-time bus or fishing tours of the city or go kayaking and paddle boarding. There is also an airplane tour that is highly sought after. In terms of nightlife, Miami has a lot to offer. More details about the Miami nightlife guide are available on our blog.

The Big Apple – New York City

New York nightlife can be entertaining and enriching at the same time. You can learn to make your own cocktail at any of the many speakeasies or just go bowling with your buddies in Brooklyn. Combine it with booze and music and you have achieved the best nightlife cocktail.

One of the most beautiful features of New York is its skyline. You can have a glimpse from one of the rooftop bars. Or you may take a nightclub tour and go club-hopping.

How about ending the night on a note of mystery? Check out the Brooklyn bridge tour. Or just take a Happy Harbor Cruise and look at all the wonderful sites such as the statue of liberty and the empire state building. If you are traveling on a shoe-string budget, check out our dedicated sampling on cheap things to do in New York City.

Best Party Cities in USA

The City that loves you back – Philadelphia

Clubbing and booze are everywhere, but what sets Philadelphia nightlife apart is the live music opportunities. You can go Jazz-hopping here or enjoy the EDM, DJs, or even Latin American music. You can never get bored here.

How about a late-night pie? Well if you are in Philadelphia, you are literally in for a treat. Be it a homemade pie, or a noodle bowl, or even a steak, you have got it all here. You can catch any of these even at 2:00 am or later.

You can even enjoy a live basketball game with your buddies at any of the sports bars. Combine this with a barbeque and you have got yourself a night!

La La land – Los Angeles

Well like in the movie, you can burst out into song and dance, anywhere in the city. The city offers everything for you to experience one of the best nightlife in USA. You can go dancing, listen to live music, chill in a sports bar, hit a stand-up comedy show and much more.

Enjoy freshly brewed beer and handcrafted cocktails at any of the rooftop bars, enjoy the beautiful skyline or just have a romantic evening near an outdoor fireplace.

The city is full of entertainment centers and theatres where you can listen to live music or enjoy comedy shows. If you’re a fan of Los Angeles and want to learn more about the city’s nightlife, check out our complete guide on Los Angeles nightlife.

My Kind of Town – Chicago

If you want a taste the Brazilian, Caribbean, and Spanish food ensemble, you can try the Carnivale. Go for cocktails, romantic dinners, or just a night out with friends. Enjoy the carnival theme decor and have a unique experience.

And how about a view from the top? Well, you have got your wish and a little more. You can look at the city light from the 103rd floor while enjoying the best pie you’ve ever had. Check out Skydeck.

Last on our list for Chicago nightlife is the Green Mill. Enjoy the jazz, sip cocktails, and say goodbye to your worries in style.

Best Nightlife in United States of America

The Northernmost Caribbean City – New Orleans

Going to New Orleans and not seeing the Opera is a sin. Visit the Mahalia Jackson Theatre and catch the latest rendition and be awes by the art. You can even try the escape room events and tickle that gray matter by playing detective. Let’s see who is Holmes and who is Watson.

How about a night cruise along the Mississippi with live Jazz to keep you company? You will get to know what Mark Twain was talking about in Life on the Mississippi.

Enjoy burgers and drinks, go for comedy events, or simply go bowling. That’s NOLA for you!

City in Motion – San Diego

The city in motion likes to do everything on the move. Even watching a movie. Check out the drive-in movies at the South-bay Theater. And how about some poetry recitation at the Queen Bee’s well you can always catch a glance.

Bar hopping is always an integral part of nightlife at San Diego and you can check out the most legit places but how about an arcade? Enjoy a few games of pinball while having a thirst-quenching beer from the tap. You can even go to the Hillcrest Cabaret and enjoy a unique experience.

City of the Violet Crown – Austin

Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, you name it, Austin’s got it for you! Whatever kind of live music your heart craves for, Austin has it ready. There is a reason why it is known as the Live Music Capital of the World!

But what if you wanted to see the violet sky? Curious why it is called the city of the violet crown? Take a boat cruise in Lake Travis and you will know. The periwinkle sky at sunset is breathtaking. Just relax with your favorite drink and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Austin’s nightlife has much more to offer than just those activities. Try freefalling and indoor skydiving while you are at Austin or just go for a night-time haunted tour and catch a thrilling experience.

Party Places in the USA

NashVegas – Nashville

Brewery brewery everywhere, so much beer to drink! This is the mantra of Nashville nightlife. There are more than 12 breweries in this city. You might end up at one without seeing a map. Take a night-time trolley tour and learn about the music and history of the city.

Take a ghost tour and get thrilled, so much so that sleeping at night might be impossible. Well, that’s for your own benefit only. While vacationing why would you want to sleep?

Even without the Casinos, the retro lighting and entertainment events at the Broadway put it right up there with Las Vegas when it comes to the best nightlife in USA.

So these were our suggestions on some of the best nightlife in USA. There is so much more than just clubbing and bar hopping that you will never have a dearth of night activities. Some of the unique activities that can make your night are the lake cruises, haunted tours, and live music. City lights make it all worthwhile. If you want to find out a good place to stay right in the middle of the nightlife, then check out Rental Trader.

We hope you have an amazing nightlife experience. For any more information or to list your vacation rental on, see our homepage and you can walk through the listing process in just a few minutes. If you need help, please fill out our web form and we’ll assist right away.

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