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10 Things to Do at Night in San Diego and Places to Visit

Things to Do at Night in San Diego

San Diego, California, is full of surprises. You will find the typical bars and nightclubs; however, you will also find arcades, poetry, trivia, ice hockey, and many other such attractions after dark. Some of these activities are family-friendly also. During the day, you are all set to enjoy the beaches and sunshine on the West coast. When the sun goes down, you can enjoy some unique activities completing your San Diego road trip. So go ahead and check out things to do at night in San Diego sampling.

Best Things to Do at Night in San Diego: Unique Attractions

Things to do at night in San Diego don’t always mean bar-hopping and drinking till you drop; it has a lot more to it if you choose! You can have a midnight beach bonfire or a jungle safari. If you want to take your family along, then you can visit a planetarium and drive-in. There are barcades, nightclubs, live shows, cabaret, and more! Here, you can explore the top fun things to do in San Diego at night of this laid-back beach town. You also can enjoy more cities offering the best nightlife in the US.

Quickly find out what San Diego nightlife can bring out in you; check out the slides below now!

Things to do at night in San Diego from Rental Trader Inc

1.  Bring Out the Animal in You!

All you night owls, how about a jungle safari in the middle of the night? If you want to experience the true uniqueness of nightlife, don’t forget to check out the Adults Only Roar and Snore Safari Night at San Diego Wild Animal Park. You can enjoy the natural escapade and gaze at the stars. Go camping, sing around the bonfire, observe the animals in their natural habitat, and do much more. But isn’t something missing? Drinks certainly aren’t. There is a bar from where you can pick your favorite beer or wine. So if you want to have a memorable night’s adventure, this is one of the best things to do at night in San Diego.

2.  You, Your Lover, Drive-In & Cuddles

If you are on your honeymoon in San Diego and want a new and romantic experience, try the South Bay Drive-in Theatre. You can enjoy the movie under the starry night, cuddle with your significant other, and have a romantic night out. You even get several snack options here to choose from. Bring your own beverages and enjoy the movie with HQ projection.

Alcohol is prohibited, so it is a kid-friendly environment. You can come here with your family also, but do check out the movie for the night. Everyone above the age of five is welcomed here.

3.  Bring Out the Child in You!

Bring Out the Child in You!

Have you ever heard the term “barcade”? Well, you guessed it right: it is an arcade with a bar. You can enjoy the retro-style arcade experience, but as adults, you get some perks. You can choose from a selection of cocktails, craft beer, beer on tap and other beverages. There are some classic food items as well. So bring out the child in you and chase all the ghosts away playing Pacman. If you love the idea, visit Coin-Op Game Rooms, a unique gem of the San Diego nightlife.

4.  Bring Out the Nerd in You!

Bring out the nerd in you while enjoying the San Diego nightlife. San Diego loves its trivia nights as much as it loves its booze. There are many places offering alcohol and competitive trivia. Some offer half-off, while some offer cheap shots. Each such place hosts trivia nights weekly, so no matter when you are there, you are certain to find a trivia night. For starters, check out True North on Mondays and Gastropub on Thursdays.

5.  Bring Out the Astronomer in You!

San Diego nightlife offers a great deal to do for science and astrology buffs. Go to Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park and check out a planetarium show at either 7 pm or at 8:15. You can take your children with you, so don’t think that there is any shortage of nightlife options if you are traveling with your family. After the show, if the weather is clear, you can even look through the telescope and become an astronomer for the night.

6.  Beach, Bonfire, Barbeque & More!

Beach, Bonfire, Barbeque & More!

As we all know, San Diego is full of gorgeous beaches. You can’t ignore the beautiful scenery at night just because there is no sunshine. Just head to your nearest beach, pitch your tent, light up a fire, and you are all set for a night of fun. Sit around the fire and sing your heart out. You can even grill some snacks if you love barbecue. Try the Hawaiian hula or any dance you love. But do check with the beach authorities for permission. Another word of caution is to choose a beach with a good parking lot for the safety of your vehicle.

7.  Enjoy the Best Country Music

If you want a full night, you can enjoy some of the best live country music at the Moonshine Flats and take the pick of your beverages from any of the five bars here. It is an all-in-one San Diego nightlife venue. You can dance on the largest floor in the city, play pool and arcade games, and do everything you could wish for in a nightlife venue.

8. Whispering Speakeasy – An Era Gone By

Prohibition is one of the best speakeasies in San Diego and therefore can’t be ignored when it comes to night activities in San Diego. It has a retro décor of the 1920s, which makes it a unique experience. You will have to live by them if you really want to experience this place. So leave your phones behind and follow the upscale dress code. The cocktails alone make it all worth it, we assure you. The unique concoctions make it one of the must-go places in San Diego for nightlife buffs.

9.  Dance To The Music & Try Alcoholic Inventions

If you love dancing, you can’t miss out on the Onyx Room. It is a place where you can enjoy dancing to different music on each of the three floors. Each night of the week has a different theme, and therefore, the music changes accordingly. You can enjoy genres such as jazz, hip hop, rock, and retro. This place requires you to follow the dress code, so beachwear is a big no.

They have a really innovative cocktail selection, which you won’t find easily anywhere else. If you register online, you can save on the cover charge or get some discounts on the menu items. This is a great place to experience the fun-filled San Diego nightlife.

10.  Rooftop View with Alcohol & Music

Rooftop View with Alcohol & Music

Night activities in San Diego can only be completed by a visit to one of the many rooftop bars. Beach horizon views are best at sunset and when lit up by night lights. The view itself can be so intoxicating that you might not even need alcohol. However, you have the option if you want to indulge. One of the coziest places would be the rooftop bar of Little Italy. You may even book a private cabana in which to party with your friends.

Wrapping Up Things to do at night in San Diego

San Diego is a complete nightlife paradise. You won’t be doing the same thing each day, that much is guaranteed. You can choose from a beach barbecue to a live show, any and everything that lights up your night. The signature thing about San Diego nightlife is the inventive cocktails. When you are in a beach city, you simply can’t miss the tropical cocktails. So pack your bags and rush to San Diego now! You will have a fantastic time both during the day and at night.

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