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10 Best Swimming Holes USA Has to Offer (Like God’s Bath Sonora CA)

It’s here! Surf, Swim, Bask! It’s here! The time when your heart cries out, ‘Let us hit that swimming hole!’ Well, you should definitely check out some of the best swimming holes USA has in store for you.

Surrounded by the mountains or amid a thick forest, a swimming hole in USA will give you an amazing experience. Drifting leisurely into the water and simultaneously in your thought wonderland, could be a pacifying experience. So, without holding ourselves back any longer, let’s take the plunge into the best swimming holes the USA can put on our travel platter.

Top 10 Swimming holes USA can tender

One of the best parts of a swimming hole is exclusivity. You are not the only one going to a beach or the country club pool. But what if you want to enjoy the balmy sun and escape into the tranquillity of nature? The title of Thomas’ Hardy’s masterpiece, ‘Far from madding crowd’ fits so well, when it comes to expressing the serenity of these swimming holes in USA.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone park A.K.A Yellowstone National Park

The Firehole River Swimming Area in the Yellowstone Park, Wyoming tops our list of the best swimming holes in USA. You must be wondering, why would you want to go to a heated spring on a hot summer day.

You will be surprised to know that the swimming area of the Firehole river doesn’t have heated water. You might even go to the extent of calling it a misnomer. The water temperature here is just like any other pool on a summer day. The other swimming area in the national park called the Boiling River has heated water and is open only during the winter months. Our bets are on the Firehole river and not the latter.

Attractions of the place include a huge swimming area so you can check the tranquillity factor from your list. Even though there is no lifeguard, the area is not very deep so it is safe to swim here. You can explore the boulders in the lake to make your swim more interesting. However, don’t jump off a cliff. That is illegal! And, parking space could become a problem so reaching early is advisable.

The land of pools – Willamette National Forest

This is a swimmer’s paradise. Looking for a swimming hole in USA? Well, you can now find umpteen free-flowing pools, lakes, hot springs, and much more. The most attractive spot is the Opal Creek Pools.

Italians pride themselves on their Blue Grotto, well Americans are not anywhere behind. You will find all kinds of pools here from sapphire blue to emerald green. One of the most attractive spots in the Three pools river. The basaltic rocks bring out the reflection of greenery so well that the water looks green.

The place is full of waterfalls, cliffs, rock pillars, and grottoes! Match that Blue Grotto! The best part is that unlike Blue grotto you can swim in Three pools, and even jump off the cliff. Everything is allowed when you visit Oregon! Oregon features some of the top road trip sites in addition to swimming. Visit our blog on best Oregon road trip destinations for more information.

The Grand Canyon State and its wonders

Arizona is one of the most attractive states for vacationers and more so for those who love to swim. Within the canyon, there is one Havasu Creek. This is where our third favorite swimming hole in USA is located.

It goes by the name of Havasu Falls and is close to 100 feet tall. Covered by huge rocks all around and lush greenery, the water is slightly on the cooler side as it gets all the shade possible. Carry a tube or a float and relax while floating in the fall pool. Nothing else will give you this experience.

However, this fall can only be reached after a long hike or via a helicopter ride. You need a permit and visit the place for a minimum of three days because of the strenuous hike. But if you have seen the pictures, you know it will be worth the while to see and feel it live. Also, there are other secluded spots nearby too such as Navajo Falls and Moony Falls.

Dripping in Spring – Hamilton Pool Preserve

Austin, Texas has the most majestic swim hole USA can boast of. The jade green water, an outcome of limestone deposits makes it look awe-inspiring. The 50-foot high waterfall rushes through the limestone deposits and breaks them. They flow along with the water into the pool. It is a beautiful spectacle.

There is a grotto overhanging the swimming area, making it look breathtaking from a great height. No lifeguard is there but you can borrow a life jacket on a first come first serve basis. The only thing that can stop you from swimming is the bacteria levels.

Reservations for the visit and the parking area are required, so plan.

Show me state will show you a good time!

Next on our list of best swimming holes in USA is the Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, Missouri. It will take your breath away. This is a rocky swimming hole so wear water shoes and slide into the water through the natural rocky slides. These rocks are formed from purple-pink granite over the years through erosion. So, this is an interesting piece of geological trivia you can amaze your friends by.

While swimming you can enjoy the marvellous views of the St. Francois Mountains. You can even cool off here after hiking in the state park. So this is the most promising place you would ever go to in Missouri. For more amazing Missouri road trip destinations, check out our comprehensive sampling.

Get enchanted in the Land of Enchantment!

Blue Hole Santa Rosa, New Mexico is the desert oasis if you may call it so. It is one of the seven lakes that are connected underground. Wouldn’t you want to go exploring underwater? Just joking! But the place is no joke! It is the best-known scuba diving destination in the region.

You can even find a few underwater caves here, but don’t get trapped! The beauty is enough to mesmerize you, you don’t have to go all the way!

You can stop here for a few hours on your road trip and enjoy the balmy sun and bask!

God’s own invitation!

God’s Bath, Sonora in California is next up for the best swimming holes the USA will take you to. It is a secretive secluded swim hole. Definitely away from the crowds. You can call it yours! You own the whole place when you go swimming here.

Calm, serene, and cool. Just relax and float. Swim if you like. Row your boat down the stream and think of life as a dream. Live the rhyme here or jump off a cliff right into the water and enjoy the thrill!

The Green Mountain State’s best swimming hole

Warren falls are situated in the Mad River Valley in Vermont. Although there are many other swimming holes here, Warren falls is the best. The waters are not very deep. The maximum depth is 10 ft so it is fit for all ages. If your 10-year child knows how to swim, he can swim here without any fears.

As there is no signboard on the highway, you might miss it, so have your navigation on. This itself conveys that it would be a secluded spot. However, hidden gems don’t remain hidden for long. This one has been spotted and gets a lot of crown over the weekend, but still, it is worth a visit.

For a comprehensive guide to Vermont road trip destinations, check out our dedicated page.

Cummins Falls State Park, Tennessee

As the name suggests, Cummins Falls is the swimming hole that we are suggesting. It is situated on the Blackburn Fork River and is 75 feet high. This is one of the safest swimming holes with park rangers alert and alive. This also means that there are a lot of visitors each day. However, this is still so big that it will give you ample privacy.

There are accessible stairs for the convenience of people of all ages. Surrounded by greenery and rocks, it is a picturesque adventure. If you want to find out some great Tennessee Road Trip Destinations, do check out our comprehensive sampling.

The Last Frontier has our last swimming hole

Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks, Alaska is what we are alluding to. How about having a glimpse of the northern lights? Don’t worry about the cold. This hot spring takes care of everything. From therapeutic benefits to wonderous views, this is worth a trip.

It all started with 12 small cabins in the early 1900s which now have flourished into a world-famous resort. The water here has healing powers and many chemists have been sent to analyze it. This is a unique getaway that offers much more than just swimming. For a full-fledged list of best Alaska road trip destinations, have a look our dedicated sampling.

I hope you enjoy one of these stunningly beautiful and best swimming holes USA brings to you. Each of the 50 states can offer you a bounty but you need to know which ones are the best. The list is endless but these 10 will blow your mind. If you want to find out a good place near these you then check out

These swimming holes will leave you flabbergasted, do let us know about your experience. For any additional information, feel free to fill our web form or give us a call.

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