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Pocket-friendly Twin Cities: Cheap things to do in Minnesota

Cheap things to do in Minnesota

Most of Minnesota’s attractions are in and around the twin cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul. People visiting these places like to know the inexpensive that can be taken up while visiting the Gopher State. Well, if money is your concern, then you’re in luck. We have compiled a list of the best and cheap things to do in Minnesota.

These won’t charge your credit cards heavily but will still let you and your family have a really fun time. Some of these suggestions might even be free! So what are you waiting for? Dig in!

But before the main course, try the below slides appetizer that will enhance your appetite for the upcoming long read:

Budget Vacation in Minnesota: Fun & Inexpensive Things to do… from Rental Trader Inc

Food, Fun, Family: Minnesota’s Unique Culinary Attractions

Minnesota has really good options when it comes to food. Most of these activities are budget-friendly. These should be on the top of your list if you want to experience the cheap things to do in Minnesota. Some of these options are unique and can be a really nourishing experience for you and your family. That is why, these feature at the top of the cheap things to do in Minnesota.

Pizza Farms: Create the pizza you like

This is a unique experience. It is a picnic combined with fresh from farm experience. Some farms in the twin cities have a unique event where they offer people fire-cooked pizzas. The ingredients come right from the farm itself. Guests can get a blanket or lawn chairs and enjoy fun family time. If you love to cook, you may do that also if the farm allows.

You can pick your own ingredients, mix and match and enjoy. It is a really lovely experience. Most pizza farms charge $20 to $25 per pizza. It is absolutely nothing when compared with the fun you have. Some places are free for children.

Three famous farms are Two Pony Garden, Red Barn Farm & Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm. Believe me, go to any of these and you will return with a day-well-spent feeling.

Pizza Farms: Create the pizza you like, Inexpensive Minnesota

I scream You Scream, We all Scream for Ice cream:

You can’t visit Minnesota and not have an ice cream. People love it so much that they can catch a scoop even in a blizzard. And there is a reason why. Ice cream shops provide really innovative flavors that you’ve never had anywhere. Some even have monthly calendars. They might have 80 flavors to offer but produce only a few each day.

Mostly all shops handcraft ice creams themselves. There can be frozen custards, oreo ice creams, jelly bean at the bottom, and sprinkles on the top. They will give you the flavors you have never imagined. So never miss a cone when you go to the twin cities.

Minnesota's best and inexpensive handcrafted Ice cream

Street food: Hmmm Noodle Soup!

Minnesota has warmly welcomed its Vietnamese population and Vietnam has thanked it commensurately. The famous Vietnamese noodle soup called ‘Pho’ is abundantly available in the twin cities.

A bowl might cost you less than $15 but you will love it to the last spoon. You can catch it at an affordable restaurant or in the streets of a Vietnamese community. Some might even cost you less than $8.

Pho and other Vietnamese foods have become a must-have delicacy while visiting Minnesota.

Best Vietnamese Pho & Street Food In Minnesota

St. Paul’s Saintly Burger!

Ever heard of Jucy Lucy Burger? Well, it is the best cheeseburger in the entire state of Minnesota. It originated in Matt’s bar, Minneapolis in the 1950s but some connoisseurs call the one in Blue Door Pub, St. Paul as the perfect Jucy Lucy.

Oozing cheese, melting in your mouth, and fries on the side. Who wouldn’t love to eat a burger like that? A delicious burger in under $20 can be a treat to all senses. Do have one on your next trip.

St. Paul, Minnesota's Best Jucy Lucy Burger

What’s food without Beer!

How about a freshly brewed beer to go with your Jucy Lucy? There are innumerable breweries in the twin cities. Some say there are 150 only in Minneapolis. You can go to a bar or a beer hall and fill a mug from the tap. The locally brewed beer tastes nothing as you have had before.

Because of so much competition, the beer is not very costly here. It is like coming to the wholesale market and buying it dirt cheap.

I hope you enjoy our sampling of food-oriented cheap things to do. Let us know if we have missed some great food experiences.

Highly Inexpensive Craft Beer - Minnesota's best & cheap

Art, Plays, Events: Minnesota’s Cultural Activities

So you are full, what to do next? How about enjoying some art, culture, music, and all related stuff? Well, you are in the right place. The twin cities will take you on an entertainment spree with the following options.

Guthrie Theater: Minneapolis’ Miracle

Minneapolis has a burgeoning entertainment industry. Guthrie has been in existence since 1963. Since then it has been producing mindblowing plays. Most of these give local talent a showcase opportunity.

You can catch a play or a live concert. The calendar is always full. Do visit the website and check out what is playing when you are visiting. Whether it is Jane Austen’s Emma or Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Guthrie has everything.

Tickets range somewhere around $25 to $40. It is cheap because tickets for similar plays in other cities can go up to $100 apiece.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Famous Cherry On Spoon - Minnesota's unique attractions

When you’re on a road trip in Minnesota don’t forget to stop here. ‘Spoonbridge & Cherry’ exhibit among 40 others is the most famous one. You can click a few pictures or just stroll around.

The best part is that it is absolutely free! A unique experience at no cost sounds a perfect fit in your shoestring budget.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia)

This is another free family stop. If you are a history buff, visit here and witness 5000 years of world history in front of your eyes. It has close to 90000 exhibits.

A visit to the Mia might make you go, Mama Mia! You can try the 360 degree Africa or Immersive China. There are exhibits from all parts of the world including Native America, Europe, and much more.

Banff Film Festival

This is not your regular film festival. It will make your adrenalin rush. It features films based on outdoor adventures. You can see skiing, mountaineering, kayaking, biking, and many such difficult adventures.

It is sponsored by Midwest Mountaineering and excites people in taking up such activities. So those who enjoy the thrill should definitely check it out. Tickets are less than $20 so can’t be too expensive.

Banff Film Festival, Minnesota's Famous Events

Laughter is the best medicine

A top attraction of Minneapolis is the Acme Comedy Company. It hosts several standup comedy and open mic events all round the year. Tickets can range between $15 and $30.

Some of the most famous comedians have performed here. You can check out a dinner show with your family and friends and have a night full of laughter.


OktoberFest, Best of Minnesota

How about some Bavarian fun? You must have heard about the Oktoberfest in Munich but Minnesota has held it for years too.

All places in Minnesota have their own mini Oktober fests in October and September. Some even attract more than 5000 people.

The twin city ones start in mid-September. You can enjoy the Polka Music, gulp a beer, enjoy all kinds of live music, and have fun. Entry tickets are for around $10 with free entry for kids. But you might have to shell out some money for things you buy in the fest.

These are only a few options, there are many spots such as the Maple’s Grove, hosting free concerts all year round. Just jot them down on your maps. If you have enough time, head to any of these. You won’t have a dearth of cheap things to do in Minnesota.

Free gifts of Nature: Absorb Minnesota’s Beauty

You had food, you saw the art and heard the music. How about some natural beauty and outdoor adventure now?

Biking trails: Autumn Bliss

Minnesota is famous for its biking trails. You may find close to 4000 miles of trails, some are mountain biking trails too. The best time to try biking is autumn when the resplendent fall hues come together. It is refreshing to breathe in the fresh air.

Some even enjoy the biking trail at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.

Minnehaha Falls: Something New Every Season

Minnehaha Falls: Something New Every Season

The falls change in every season. In spring they have heavy water flow and a stroll around the lapping water has a calming effect. In winters, the falls freeze. You can go behind it and think of it as an ice curtain.

You can spend a whole day here at a cost of $12 and it is free for children below 4 years. What can be cheaper than this?

The land of 10000 lakes

If you find lakes in every direction, you have landed in Minnesota. Most of these lakes offer fishing opportunities and other water sports such as kayaking and canoeing. You might camp near here, go biking or hiking and be close to nature.

You can try the Split Rock Lighthouse at the North Shore on Lake Superior. Entry ticket is only $8 for adults, and free for children under 4 years.

Minnesota The land of 10000 lakes

Como zoo, Rose Gardens & Bird Sanctuary

If you love flora and fauna, you are in for a treat. Como zoo has a free entry throughout the year and hosts a wide variety of fauna. Terrestrial animals to Marine life to Migratory birds, you will find everything here. There are gardens of all sorts, having Orchids, Ferns, Lillies, and what not!

Further, Minneapolis also has the Lyndale Park Rose Garden with 3000 plants. It also has an Arboretum and a Bird Sanctuary. Entry to the park is free, they only charge for parking, which is around $3.

Como zoo, Rose Gardens & Bird Sanctuary, Minnesota

Wrapping Up The Cheap Things To Do In Minnesota

So these were some of the cheap things to do in Minnesota and the twin cities. There are a lot more options depending upon how much time you have and what you like to do. So don’t worry about the money and start exploring Minnesota. We hope you enjoyed our sampling of the most unique and cheap things to do in Minnesota. Do check out the RentalTrader.com to book your best vacation rental.

I hope these pointers help you in drafting a wonderful vacation rental. If you need any further information, fill the web form below, or feel free to call us.

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