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Top Missouri Road Trip Destinations: Fun Vacation Places

Missouri is among the top US states that you can experience fun-filled road trip adventures without having to break your bank. The experience is one of its kind; there are bigger cities, rural setups, historical sites, and modern cities. Check out some of the best Missouri road trip destinations we have carefully curated for you.

This beautiful state bursts with deeply wooded forests, waterfalls, wilderness, lakes, creeks, springs, and plenty of fun activities to make it a memorable road trip. If you’ve already had a trip in Missouri before, well it’s highly likely that you haven’t come across some of the that are the best road trip destinations in the USA we’re about to describe here. 

Here are the amazing road trip destinations in Missouri you probably haven’t heard about or visited before. 

Check out the below slides to get a quick idea of what we are talking about!

Klondike Park 

This is a true gem in the County of St. Charles which you’re definitely going to love once you hit the road to this place. You already know that St. Charles has numerous options of parks you can visit, but what makes Klondike Park stand out? You’re going to discover this when you first set foot at the gate to the moment you visit the main section of this amazing park. 

Missouri River Valley - Best road trip spot

Klondike Park lies on 250 acres of land and comprises over 5 miles of paved and natural trails suiting activities such as hiking and biking. The thing that makes it stunning is its 360-degree views. This park is covered with white sand, which is virtually everywhere because the area is an old quarry of silica sand. 

If you’re into climbing, don’t forget to climb to the top of the hill in this park; you’re going to see a spectacularly unique view with some of the best sceneries of Missouri River Valley and the Katy Trail. If ready to spend the night here, the park has lots of campsites with amenities to suit your camping needs. 

Jump into fishing at the park’s lake or take a boat tour on the Missouri River. Get to see the amazing wildlife, unique birds, picnics, and playgrounds. This is one destination you wouldn’t want to miss on your itinerary. 

North Fork of the White River 

North Fork of the White River, Missouri

If looking for an outdoor weekend getaway destination, you’re going to love it at the North Fork of the White River. The place has got lots of scenic views to fascinate you and your crew, so don’t forget to pack up that HD camera. 

And there are lots of activities you can indulge in, bearing in mind that this is a favorite outdoor getaway destination. Rent out the canoes, kayaks, tubes, and rafts at River of Life Farm and get started on a fun-filled tour on the river with your family and friends. There’s also shuttle service offered to make it easier to drop the equipment into the river. 

There’s nothing splendid like spending a night in a treehouse and waking up to the beautiful sound of birds chirping and mother nature. River of Life has got lots of treehouse cabins you can book for a night of amazement. If you brought fishing enthusiasts along, they’re going to enjoy casting the brown trout and rainbow trout on the river banks. Alternatively, they can opt for fly fishing. 

Touring Historic Route 66 

Route 66 - Top Missouri road trip destinations

This is the trip you take when you want to take a trip down the memory lane. This is a 317-mile long route that cruises through the deepest roots in Missouri, particularly Springfield, where the Route 66 Festival came from and is held in August annually. 

Route 66 cruises through Ozark Highlands in Southern Missouri between the states of Kansas and Illinois. 

Historic Route 66 has a nostalgic charm and is full of amazing sites you won’t forget so easily. Some of the sites you’re going to come across on Route 66 include Stanton’s Jesse James Was Museum, Marshfield’s Hubble Space Telescope replica, Eureka’s Route 66 State Park, Ash Grove’s Gary’s Gay Parita, and the Springfield’s Fantastic Caverns. 

This is the type of road trip that leaves you amazed as you’ll come across beautiful neon sign displays, kitschy Americana, and great motels in the middle of nowhere. 

Big Cedar Lodge: Log Cabins & More!

Big Cedar Lodge: Log Cabins & More!

If you’ve lived in Missouri for quite some time, you must have heard about Big Cedar Lodge by the founder of Bass Pro, Johnny Morris. It’s one of a kind center of luxury you wouldn’t want to leave out on your itinerary. The lodge is popular for its old-world décor and rugged backcountry atmosphere. 

There are plenty of fun activities to immerse yourself in. The individual log cabins available for rent are a nice way for you and the family to experience the fun here. Other activities you’re going to love here include hiking the stunning nature trails, carriage rides, boat tours, skiing lessons, and horseback riding. 

The quality of service, ambiance, scenic views and fun activities here make Big Cedar Lodge live up to its name and billing. It’s among the best family resorts in Missouri that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park 

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park

This is also a unique must-visit destination for a road trip in Missouri. Located in Jefferson County, Taum Sauk Mountain State Park has the highest point in the state. If you’re a mountain climber, climb your way to Missouri’s top and witness the scenic views of the beautiful surrounding countryside. 

This amazing park rests on a 7,500 acres of land, so expect to get the most out of a single day trip in the park. If you’re a hiking guru, you definitely want to trek the beautiful hiking trails in the park. There’s also beautiful picnic sites and campgrounds to view the beautiful skies at night. 

This is also the home to the highest waterfall in Missouri, Mina Sauk Falls. With a height of 132 feet and three distinct falls, the stunning waterfall can be accessed partially by hiking. A wheelchair-accessible viewpoint is also available where the highest peak in the state can also be reached. This is an amazing road trip that a family can benefit a lot from, especially for a get-together getaway adventure! 

Crown Pointe Lodge: Golfing, Winery & More!

Crown Pointe Lodge: Golfing, Winery & More!

Partly a golf course, partly a winery, this hidden adventure gem in Eastern Missouri is a perfect getaway destination on a weekend. Crown Pointe Lodge offers golfing with a country club feel. What’s more amazing is that the golf course is accessible to the public, so head down to the golf course and watch fun-filled matches. The course is located perfectly near a luxurious neighborhood and scenic farmland. There’s virtually every amenity you can ever need in a golf course: pro shop, practice facilities, and 19th-century bar and restaurant to give you a splendid luxury experience. 

And if all you came down here for is the winery, then Crown Valley Winery offers the experience to satisfy your craving. There’s a vineyard resting on 130 acres of land with a wide variety of whites, reds, ciders, and ports to choose from. Also, the winery boasts of state of the art facilities you wouldn’t want to miss out. 

Winery tours are held at 12 pm, 1 pm, and 2 pm every day so you’ve got a good chance to try all that you can. And you can bring the kids too; they’ve got age-appropriate drinks for them. Crown Valley offers Boots Soda and Ozark Mountain Soda for anyone below 21 years. 

Other activities to engage in include a visit to the Antique Treasures Mall, Spokes Pub and Grill for a taste of brews from the Crown Valley Brewery, Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary, and photo sessions. 

Eminence: Canoeing, Ziplining & More!

Eminence: Canoeing, Ziplining & More!

This is a perfect weekend getaway destination in Missouri. There’s a lot to see, do and take in so it’d be good if you can do so at a slow pace. But if you rush to cover it all in a single day, you’re definitely going to miss a lot. Eminence is among the most beautiful places in the entire Missouri State, so ensure you’ve got enough time for it on this road trip. 

You’ll love the scenic views in Alley Spring Grist Mill Historic Site where you’ll also get to take a trip down memory lane. There’s also the Rocky Falls Shut In, Coldwater Ranch, canoeing, zipline, and Blue Springs on Current River. 

If all you got is a weekend and cannot extend your stay into a weekday, then you probably will need at least three weekends to scoop all the fun and excitement this beautiful place has to offer. 

Johnson Shut-Ins, Middlebrook 

Located in Francois County – Iron County border, Johnson Shut-Ins is a great outdoor paradise for the lovers of outdoor adventure. 

If camping or floating trips excite you, this is one trip you surely want to pay close attention to. The shut-ins are jagged volcanic rock formations worth a billion years old and have undergone a massive transformation to acquire incredibly exceptional shapes. There’s a breathtaking scenery created by Black River which flows over the formations creating a couple of amazing swimming holes you’re going to love. 

Campers are definitely going to love the beautiful campsites available here. Some have been paved with wooden platforms to give you an uplift from the rocky terrain. The campsites are fitted with amenities including showers, a community store, and trash facilities. If camping isn’t your thing, there are cabins on rental that can house up to 6 persons. The cabins don’t have running water or bathrooms though but include AC/ heating and electricity. 

Outdoor adventure lovers will enjoy the bountiful activities around this park. You can go fishing, biking, hiking or horseback riding. A couple of miles away along the highway, you’ll come across Elephant Rocks State Park, whose name is derived from the humongous boulders found here that resemble a herd of giant red elephants. 

Ready For Missouri?

I hope you loved our sampling of Missouri road trip destinations. Missouri is an amazing state with lots of splendor that road trip adventure seekers will love. Bring the family along and your cameras to capture the scenic views for lifelong memories. If you want to look for some affordable activities in Missouri, do check out our dedicated sampling.

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