Everything You Should Know About Mexico Vacation Rentals

Everything You Should Know About Mexico Vacation Rentals

If you want to surf the Mexican waves or take a trip into nature, look no further than the beautiful country of Mexico. Mexico is one of the most popular countries for tourist to visit and beloved by travelers worldwide for its incredible food and exciting opportunities. This Latin American destination has much to offer for every taste and style.

This destination guide will take you through the essentials for your next Mexican getaway. We can help guide you on some of the hottest vacation spots that tourists from all over the world love, plus some tips to make your stay more memorable. Don’t forget to check our top New Mexico Road Trip Destinations if you are planning a road trip through New Mexico.

Want to get the most out of you VR stay in Mexico? Check out the slides below for some quick tips.


Once you have visited Cancun you will quickly discover why so many people choose to come back time and time again. Due to its popularity, you will find that Mexico vacation rentals are plentiful in Cancun and relatively easy to spot because there is a whole district of accommodations for all travelers. The Hotel Zone stretches across the area’s shore and merges into the Riviera Maya to the south. The scenery is impeccable, giving you the charm that translates beautifully in photos.

Spring break is a great time to visit Cancun because of the ideal weather and rowdy parties that start from sundown to sunup. If you are up for a quieter vacation, you can also check out the rentals at Isla Mujeres. It is the perfect location for adventurers who want to snorkel and swim in the gorgeous Cancun waters.


Tulum is where you can find the only waterfront Mayan ruins in the world. It is a perfect choice for history lovers who also want a dip on the beautiful Mexican waters. You can spend days exploring the ancient ruins and explore underwater caves that feature secluded cenotes to swim in for the day.

There are plenty of lodging options in Tulum that you can choose from to fit your budget and preference. These tourist-friendly accommodations will give you that restful, seaside relaxation that you cannot get anywhere else. Whether you are there for history or nature, you will indeed find this lovely destination as a must-visit in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta

If food is on your mind, you can sample the regional cuisine of Puerto Vallarta and discover what Mexico has to offer other than its rich culture and environmental beauty. It hugs the western coast along Banderas Bay, giving it a picturesque view that sets the backdrop for your trip. You can visit iconic landmarks like the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Los Arcos and enjoy a great walk along the Malecon.

Puerto Vallarta

The small-town vibe of Puerto Vallarta will appeal to your savvy personality. There are many lodging options to choose from, ranging from efficient to elegant. This also applies to your choice of restaurant, so you can enjoy this getaway whether your budget is big or small.

Puerto Peñasco

Mexico vacation rentals in Puerto Peñasco are sought-after by travelers from all over the globe. This is especially true for travelers from the US because it shares its border with Arizona. It is easy to reach and will give you a great stretch of sea and sand just an hour from the US-Mexico border or four hours from Phoenix, the Sea of Cortez is a lovely place to be when the Arizona sun becomes too much to handle.

This town is known for two separate beaches that provide plenty of places to lodge, from hotels to condos. There is also a fishing quarter that gives the region a unique charm. You can cool off by taking a dip in emerald waters and enjoy a taste of the local cuisine for a relaxing vacation.

Lake Chapala

Situated in Mexico’s second-largest city, Guadalajara, Lake Chapala is a must-visit if you are heading to this country. It is the largest freshwater body in Mexico and is peppered with tiny islets that will treat your eyes to beautiful landscape vistas. Egrets stalk the area, along with a rich mix of flora and fauna that appeals to nature lovers. It also boasts a highland climate that will soothe your senses.

The town of Ajijic, on the north side of the lake, boasts of quaint cottages and pint-sized casitas. It is a truly breathtaking area featuring saloons and plazas with the shadow of majestic volcanic peaks looming in the background.

Riviera Nayarita

The legendary Riviera Nayarita extends to the north of Puerto Vallarta and is home to chic condos and other Mexico vacation rentals. If you want to immerse yourself within the locale, you can rent small flats at San Pancho, where you can step out of your rental and enjoy surf shops and burrito stands aplenty. You can also opt for beachfront accommodations in Sayulita, bringing you closer to the sea.

At Punta Mita, you will be able to rent luxe lodging options with infinity pools and other amenities that will have you feeling rejuvenated. You will love to take walks on the long stretch of coastline or have a swim in the healing waters of Riviera Nayarita.

Riviera Maya

You might have heard of the praises given to the lovely Riviera Maya, which are justified for it being one of the most beautiful coastlines in Mexico. It boasts sugar-fine sands and azure waters that look and feel glorious to bask in all day.

Riviera Maya

You can find plenty of options in Playa del Carmen, a top destination in the country. There you will experience expertly cooked seafood and delectable tacos while the sea shimmers stunningly in front of you. If you want to discover the Mayan culture, travel a little south to Tulum access majestic temples by the ocean.

For laid-back island vibes, stay in Cozumel and explore the coral gardens decorating the fantastic Caribbean Sea.

San Miguel de Allende

The colonial city of San Miguel de Allende has welcomed tourists since the early 18th century, so it does not shy away when it comes to impressing guests. When you decide to visit here, you will be treated to a flurry of food choices, recreational activities, and more. You can fill your itinerary quickly and have nonstop adventures in this handsome city.

You can have the best of both worlds in San Miguel de Allende, whether you prefer the rowdy night scene or a relaxing walk along cobbled lanes and pastel-colored cantinas. You can also visit Spanish churches that boast centuries of history. There are also many Mexico vacation rentals to pick from, ensuring that you can put your feet up after getting to know the city.

  • Eat market food. Do not be afraid to explore Mexican markets and scout for cheap food options, because there are many! The country’s local markets will provide you with fresh veggies, fruits, and other goods that are under $1—an excellent bargain for budget-conscious adventurers!
  • Venture inland. While Mexico is well-known for its pristine beaches, its interior will also leave you awestruck and wanting more. Inland spots are cheaper, and you might befriend a local who can teach you the best swimming or surfing gems outside of what exclusive resorts offer!
  • Travel off-season. Set your schedule somewhere around late April or early December to save on airfare or accommodation rates. You will also have many more choices since you will not be vying with other travelers for seats or rentals.
  • Discover “Comida Corrida”. Midday meals are a thing in Mexico, usually served between 2 PM to 4 PM. Most restaurants offer their own “el menú del día” as a set meal at a set price, often cheaper than lunch or dinner options. Buen Provecho! That’s, “Enjoy your meal” to the rest of us!
  • Find your drink. There are loads of bars and clubs in the country, but you should expect higher prices for cocktails and drinks when you buy them in these places. If you are on a budget, try to purchase alcohol from local stores instead.
  • Book early. While spontaneity is attractive, it is always better to book ahead if you want to save on expenses. It is good practice to book rentals several weeks or months before the scheduled trip to ensure that you get the best deal for the property that you are eyeing.

Tips for savvy travelers

If you want to have a budget-friendly trip to Mexico, you can follow these expert tips and tricks so you can save more money while also enjoying what the country has to offer.

Staying in Mexico vacation rentals

Travelers love Mexico because accommodations are plentiful and reasonably priced. There is a fitting rental for every type of traveler at price points that you can work with. For instance, a dorm bed in hostels can cost as low as $6.50, which a great deal for spring breakers on a budget. If you opt for a private hostel, rates are typically around $30 per night.
You can expect to pay about $20 per night for a basic room in budget hotels for touristy locations. However, you can find cheaper options, especially when choosing to schedule your trip in off-peak seasons. If you want to rent an entire apartment or home, you can book a property as low as $33, which is already a steal for savvy travelers.
Whatever your budget or itinerary, there are always plenty of options when talking about Mexico. It is one of the most beloved destinations globally, and it is your turn to discover why!
If you would like assistance in choosing Mexico vacation rentals that fit your needs, trust Rental Trader to provide expert recommendations for you—talk to us today to learn more!

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