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Costa Rica House Rentals Guide: Tropical Bliss Awaits

Costa Rica House Rentals: A Destination Guide to Your Next Eco-Adventure

Embark on an incredible journey with our Costa Rica House Rentals Guide, exploring a premier ecotourism destination! Choose Costa Rica house rentals for great deals and a chance to experience nature’s wonders. Picture yourself by the Pacific waves on the west coast or exploring stunning Caribbean reefs on the east.

Renowned for incredible wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and friendly locals, your Costa Rican getaway with our guide is bound to be unforgettable. Discover all about house rentals in Costa Rica and make the most of your trip, surrounded by nature’s marvels.

Tidbits on Costa Rica house rentals

First-time travelers to Costa Rica are usually taken aback not only by the slight cultural differences but also by the amenities you can have access to depending on the rental type you choose. You can pick a Hilton experience in one of the swanky hotels or acclimate more to the locality through numerous alternative accommodations.

To jot down all your rental options across Costa Rica, check out the slides below:

Indeed, Costa Rica is abundant in vacation rentals since it is also teeming with natural resources. There are plenty of reasons to visit this bountiful country, and what makes it more appealing is that it has many lodging options at different price points. Housing rentals abound in Costa Rica, giving you the relaxing vacation that you deserve.

Costa Rica House Rentals Guide: Resort vacations

For travelers who value luxury over savings, renting a fancy room in a resort is the way to go. The country has hotels that offer all-inclusive stays, which could be the value-add that you are looking for. You get extra amenities that you may not find in other lodging options, such as pools and beachfront views.

However, luxurious resort vacations are not exclusive to hotels. Costa Rica offers posh apartments, condos, and houses overlooking the Central Valley, boasting views of vast jungles and hillsides. You can consider these options if you want more perks like laundry or cleaning services during your stay.

Some properties also come with staff, including a chef who can prepare sumptuous meals for you and your company. These private chefs can whip up Gallo Pinto and ceviche with a serving of the freshest catch for the day.

Vacation apartments

If you want to have home-like vibes during your Costa Rican getaway, renting an apartment will be a better and more cost-effective selection for you. These rentals have cheaper rates than resort hotels while also offering basic amenities you also have at home. You will get a taste of how the locals live for a few days and explore areas that they frequent. Apartments are ideal choice of you are looking for Costa Rica long term rentals.

Costa Rica House Rentals Guide: Vacation apartments

For a more tranquil stay, you can head southeast to the Osa Peninsula, which has private apartments that will help you recharge your energy and spirit. Apartments in the central valley city of Heredia are suitable for experiencing the colonial heritage reminiscent of Spain.

Costa Rica House Rentals Guide: Eco lodges

Ecotourism is a big reason for going to Costa Rica. Not only do they boast nature at its best but they also ensure that every environmental treasure is looked after and protected. The country champions ethical tours and carbon-conscious travels to preserve the beauty of the region. Eco lodges are some of the environmental-friendly solutions that ensure your stay does not disturb the country’s bounties.

These lodges are designed and created from sustainable materials. You can opt for the trekking houses in the Corcovado National Park where you can witness jaguars if you are lucky. For water-filled days, book eco-lodges around Santa Teresa.

Rental furnishings

If you opt for hotel resort accommodations, you will likely be supplied with the amenities and items you need throughout your vacation. On the other hand, renting personal property would have varying rules and policies. Most of these rentals have everything you need, but you might have to stock up on perishable items and toiletries for your consumption.

When you use Rental Trader to evaluate your options for Costa Rica housing rentals, you will be able to see the amenities available for every property listed as well as detailed policies. Hence, you know what to expect in terms of rental furnishings. It is a great way to prepare for your trip beforehand!

Costa Rica House Rentals Guide: Natural settings

When you hear Costa Rica, your mind immediately sees pristine beaches and lush tropical forests, but your imagination is no match for what you can experience up close. Many rentals take advantage of the country’s natural bounty with their panoramic views. You can rent a room that highlights the gardens of Arenal or gives a view of the Monteverde cloud forests. Your options are both plentiful and endless.

Natural settings in Costa Rica

If you are a water lover, booking a beach house rental on the Nicoya Peninsula is a great choice, wherein you can get out of bed and take your surfboard out for a ride. You can hit the waves right outside your room. You can take a drive from there and visit the many rainforests accessible by car.

Tips when renting vacation homes

Costa Rica vacation rentals are an excellent way to settle in and understand the region better, but you do have to keep these few things in mind before choosing the right property.

Location, Location, Location

While choosing a property that looks good and has everything you need, you also must keep in mind that location is key. You might want to do day trips to Arenal or Monteverde, but it would be impractical to do so if your rental is down on the Osa Peninsula.

Central Valley is often considered the best place to rent a house in Costa Rica if cheap accommodation is your primary goal. It has low-priced houses, but the closest beach is over an hour away; factor in traffic, and it would take longer for you to get there. Most tourist destinations are three to six hours’ drive away, so it is good to determine first if you have the luxury of time to travel.

Every penny matters

It is exciting to score a bargain when it comes to rentals, but you also must carefully evaluate whether the rates come with additional costs. For instance, you might be paying for taxes and cleaning fees that were not clearly stated upfront.

If your rental has a kitchen, you could see more savings by cooking more meals at home and only eating out for certain excursions. Making your meals while on vacation might seem arduous, but it will help you save those pennies that you can use for shopping or food experiences.

Headcount is important

It is easy to find accommodations for two, but if you are traveling in a group you must account for the comfort and privacy of your companions. You may find a great deal on a two-bedroom that sleeps eight, but it might mean that most of your group will be sleeping on futons and sleeper sofas.

While these are great options for budget-conscious travelers, they also typically reduce the comfort level of guests. Be wary of your headcount and make sure to book an appropriately sized property for your group so that everyone can enjoy the vacation equally.

Noise could be an issue

With the many bars and restaurants in the region, Costa Rica is thought to lag in addressing noise pollution. Several parts of the country have active nightlife past two in the morning, which could spell trouble for you if you want a more relaxing getaway. Mountainside ocean-view houses could be rattled by trucks or trailers that get a head start by 4:30 in the morning—if you book without doing your due diligence you can expect your sleep to be disturbed.

Before booking, read online reviews with an eye for spotting any noise-related issues with the property. It would help if you also were mindful of your booking schedule. January is peak season, and with it come rowdy crowds and sleepless nights, while the months between May and November are generally cheaper and quieter.

Costa Rica House Rentals Guide: Best getaways in Costa Rica

Before you know which Costa Rica house rentals fit your preferences, here are vital destinations that we recommend that you consider for your next adventure.


Tamarindo beach great for surfing

The rentals in Tamarindo are always highly sought after because the area is a surfing mecca. From its yellow-tinted bay to dependable breaks such as Playa Grande and Witches Rock, Tamarindo is a water lover’s dream. You can learn surfing in one of the many surf schools or experience nighttime fun by the beach with a cocktail in hand.


Biodiversity in the rainforests of Monteverde is a thing to behold. The canopy bridges feature capuchin monkeys and sloths that seek their next meal, which you can see with your very eyes when you choose to head to this destination. Retreat to one of the eco-lodges at night and meet new friends who are kindred spirits in eco-adventure.


Arenal’s cone-shaped volcano is a tourist spot that you should not miss. It has a national park that protects the integrity of the area, so you can be sure that everything in nature is preserved for generations to come. One side is peppered with palm trees and whitewater rivers that delight intrepid rafters. The other side boasts Arenal Lake, which will give you access to hiking trails and quaint cottages.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

If a beachfront view is what you are after, the fishing village of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is the perfect vacation getaway. This area is charming with its tiny casitas, pastel-hued shacks, and surf rentals that will give you an authentic taste of the Caribbean.

Get ready to arrive in Costa Rica

Start planning your trip today and have Rental Trader help you decide which Costa Rica house rentals will fit your budget and style. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you in designing the best itinerary that matches your dream vacation!

Costa Rica House Rentals Guide: FAQ

How much is the average house rent in Costa Rica?

The average house rent in Costa Rica varies depending on the location and type of property. In general, you can find rental options ranging from $500 to $2000 per month (can change).

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Costa Rica?

Living comfortably in Costa Rica requires a budget of around $1500 to $2500 per month (can change). This includes accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses.

Is Airbnb worth it in Costa Rica?

Yes, Airbnb is worth considering in Costa Rica. It offers a variety of accommodation options, including house rentals, allowing you to experience the local lifestyle.

Is Airbnb legal in Costa Rica?

Yes, Airbnb is legal in Costa Rica. However, it’s essential to comply with local regulations, and certain areas may have specific rules regarding short-term rentals.

How long will $100,000 last in Costa Rica?

With $100,000, you can have a comfortable lifestyle in Costa Rica for several years. The duration depends on your spending habits and the area you choose to live in.

Can foreigners rent property in Costa Rica?

Yes, foreigners can rent property in Costa Rica. The process is straightforward, and there are no restrictions on foreigners leasing homes or apartments.

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