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Sailboat Rent Guide: Checklist for Renting a Sailboard

Sailboat Rent Guide

If you have a passion for sailing, you will have plenty of fun and adventure when you rent a sailboat to explore the seas. It is the perfect getaway for people who love the water and want to spend the day (or several days) cruising the waves.

When you charter a vessel, you can have the freedom and flexibility to pick your destination and the boat of your choice. Chartering leads you to hone your boating skills and might be the stepping stone you need towards owning a boat in the future.

Renting a yacht will make your next trip memorable, but there are several aspects of chartering that you must learn before deciding on the details of your charter. This Sailboat Rent Guide covers all the aspects you need to consider before renting a boat.

Why Should You Rent a Sailboat?

For water-centric vacations, chartering a yacht might have the impression that it costs more money than booking a hotel, but it is a unique activity you must try at least once. It presents the opportunity to enjoy the water in a hands-on and tangible way.

Chartering allows you to have a dynamic experience on the water because it is both a means of transportation and accommodation. This two-in-one deal will give you a customized getaway that you cannot get anywhere else. It takes the hassle of booking expensive regional flights and limited ferry services—you can be anywhere you want as long as it can be navigated by water.

Navigate through the below slides to find out why a sail boat charter is a good idea:

A traditional hotel booking cannot get up and move where you are heading, but a chartered yacht can take you to unique islands and paradise-like destinations. It also offers more personal freedom compared to joining a cruise. When you rent a sailboat, you can explore secluded spots, go scuba diving, and dock in different ports and cities.

Things to Consider Before Renting Sailboard

When it is your first time chartering a yacht, the first few things to take care of include the dates of your travel and headcount. It would help determine how many passengers are going onboard and when the best time is to book your charter.

Depending on where you are headed on the map there are ideal windows of time for renting a private yacht. For instance, Caribbean Sea charters are often booked from November to April, while charters in the Mediterranean are likely to have peak season between April and October.

In terms of headcount, it is crucial to be 100% sure about the number of people coming because yachts are strict with their capacity limit. To ensure passenger and crew safety, you must choose the vessel that corresponds to the total number of people on board.

Destination and Duration

When you rent a sailboat, you will have to be concerned about the “Where?” and “How long?” of your vacation. While chartered yachts are available all year round, identifying your destination and length of stay will dictate several chartering aspects, including which boat type to rent.

Knowing the destination and duration of your trip will dictate how much you will be spending. Fuel prices are typically owed aside from the base price of the yacht itself. If you plan to stop over several destinations, you might incur steeper fuel charges compared to people who charter for fishing.

Once you determine where you are headed and for how long you will be sailing, you will also estimate costs on fuel throughout the travel.


You might have been preparing to rent a sailboat for a long time and set aside a tidy sum for it, but that does not mean you should skip on creating a budget. It would help if you managed all the expenses you will be making from the sailboat to meals and incremental costs like payment (and tips!) for the crew and fuel.


Once you have set your maximum limit for your budget, you will be able to settle your trip details. Boat prices vary based on your destination and duration, as well as the size of your yacht rental. A catamaran or smaller yacht typically costs $10,000-20,000, while a 100-foot one will likely cost you somewhere between $50,000 and $80,000. For megayachts or superyachts, a week-long adventure could cost as much as $150,000.

Depending on your You also must factor in value-added tax or VAT, which you could be paying on top of the base prices. This cost could vary from one place to another, so it is crucial to set aside a budget cut for expenses like this.

Expense-based or Inclusive

There are two distinct categories of yacht rentals: expense-based or inclusive. The former includes the base price plus features like hiring the captain and crew, docking fees, fuel charges, and other incremental costs.

The total will vary greatly, but you will likely pay for an Advanced Provisioning Allowance or APA to cover a portion of the costs. It could anywhere be around 35% of the value of the yacht and is delivered as a lump sum. If prices fall below the APA, you may get a refund; otherwise, you will have to pay for the remaining balance if your expenses exceed the APA.

For inclusive charters, you will be charged an upfront rate, making budget allocation per person easy. It works as an inclusive resort wherein you will be provided with everything you need, such as the captain and crew, food and beverage, and amenities. These are typically more expensive but can help you prepare a more concrete budget for the trip.

Boat Size

Now, you might think that a bigger boat will make your vacation more enjoyable and safer, but experts will tell you that it is not always the case. While a larger yacht is better for a big group, if you are traveling with a party of four, it would be impractical and a waste of money and space.

Remember that superyachts have a steeper base price and fuel costs. It would help if you focused on attaining a comfortable, safe, and luxurious experience by setting sail with the right crew and vessel. A well-trained chef and a great captain will go a long way in making your sailing experience unforgettable than a few extra feet will.

The appropriate boat size for family trips would be around 100-120 feet, while weddings or reunions would typically need a 165-200 feet boat to give ample space for your guests.

Types of Charters

When you rent a sailboat, there are several options for you to choose from, depending on your capacity, budget, destination, itinerary, and other essential factors. Here are some of the types of chartered yacht you can avail of for your trip.

Bareboat Charter

As the name suggests, the bareboat yacht will include only the boat itself. It is the most common type that requires you to navigate, provision, and command the trip on your own. You will be tasked to set your itinerary, sail, anchor, and care for the boat, which means that you must possess a certain level of sailing experience.

Bareboat charter

Most bareboat charters are catamarans or sailing monohulls, but some companies offer motor yachts. They might also help you with the provisions and charts that include essential information such as local attractions and hazards.

Crewed Charter

If you do not have the sailing skills yourself then you can charter a yacht operated by a crew. Depending on the size of the vessel, you will have a captain and staff to handle the technicalities. They will have the expertise and first-hand knowledge of the must-see destinations en route. They will also be responsible for anything that goes wrong or breaks so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Cabin Charter

A cabin charter is also a crewed yacht, but instead of having the vessel to yourself, you will only be paying for a cabin and sharing the rest of the amenities with other people. It lessens your expenses while also giving you safer sails with an experienced crew. If you do not mind sharing the fun with like-minded people who love the water as much as you do, this type of charter could be right for you.

Yacht Charter

Although a 50-foot catamaran is already called a yacht, an 80-foot superyacht is often the accurate definition of a luxurious charter. This large vessel is likely to be all-inclusive and has a bigger crew consisting of the captain, mate, a chef, and other members dedicated to a specific task to make your sail more comfortable.

Fishing Charter

A fishing charter is dedicated to inshore angling or serious offshore fishing, and it is crucial to set your itinerary before choosing a specific fishing boat to charter. You can have the Six Packs, which are private boats with room for six passengers and gear, while a party boat can accommodate as many as 60 people.

Ready to Charter?

If you have decided to rent a sailboat but are not sure about the details just yet, our Rental Trader experts can guide you in creating the perfect plan for your sailing trip. We can recommend you the best destinations for family, friends, and boat charters that fits your budget and needs so you can have one of the most memorable vacations of a lifetime.

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