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How to Plan the Perfect Solo Adventure Based on Your Travel Style

How to Plan the Perfect Solo Adventure Based on Your Travel Style

Planning the perfect solo adventure can be challenging, but you are likely to achieve success when you have the right resources at hand! Although it is common for travelers to travel as a family or in groups as some can find solo traveling a bit lonely, traveling alone provides a lot of perks. When you know the right strategies, you can kiss any possible loneliness goodbye and take on the adventures of the world with great confidence.

Well-renowned travel website Lonely Planet has compiled a list of the best places for solo travel. For adventurers, the top choice is South America. For self-reflection, the magazine chose Ubud in Indonesia. Berlin, Germany has been selected for those in search of the best nightlife experience. Other places on the Lonely Planet list include East Africa, Singapore, Rome in Italy, Portland in Oregon, Vietnam, Caye Caulker in Belize, and East Coast in Australia.

The Perfect Solo Adventure

Your solo adventure need not be determined by a travel guide nor any travel magazine. Although these resources can be helpful, only you can craft the solo trip of a lifetime that perfectly suits your preferences. This article will get you started on planning the perfect solo adventure, depending on your travel style. You will get to learn more about the various travel styles later on.

You may have been used to organizing trips with your family or with a group of friends, but planning a solo trip is different as it requires more attention than other kinds of travel. You have more independence and freedom, but there are also more chances you will need some handy solo travel apps to guide and assist you through and more opportunities you will be asking around. Here, we will provide you with helpful tips to avoid foreseeable problems.

What Is Your Travel Style?

Before we get to the ultimate guide on planning the perfect solo adventure, let’s explore the different travel styles. There are two major styles of solo travel: the independent traveler and the organized traveler.

What Is Your Travel Style?

Independent travelers may be categorized as: on-the-move, preferring short-term trips, perhaps those who stay in a location for a minimum of three nights, and preferring to travel at their own pace and speed. The independent traveler may choose to plan minimally and allow for spontaneity and flexibility within their travel itinerary. The benefit of this style is that it lends itself to your preferences, allowing for tons of “wiggle room” if you want to change plans on the go, improvise based on your mood, and have total control over your trip.

The organized traveler may be categorized as: escorted travelers or those who follow a tour guide and pre-planned itinerary; travelers in resorts or those who want to travel for the sake of visiting the world’s best resorts; or those trips that are organized for the traveler while still allowing some independence. Taking a cruise would also fall under this category. Additionally, you could sign up for pre-planned hotel booking and airport pick-up and drop-off, but you may travel on your own. All of these would be great options for the traveler that wants pre-planned structure to relieve any last-minute stressors or uncertain dynamics.

Depending on which travel style you have, you can plan the perfect solo adventure. Here’s the ultimate guide.

Your Ultimate Guide to Plan your Perfect Solo Travel Adventure

We have provided a step-by-step with travel hacks and tips to help you plan the perfect solo adventure!

1. Travel safe

So much has changed since the world has faced the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions have been implemented urging avid travelers to postpone their pleasure trips until the government restrictions ease up. Indeed, some nations forbid arrivals from certain countries to minimize the spread of the virus. Thus, it is not an ideal time for travelers to plan their trips since they know they will be wearing masks and undergoing tests before flying to their destination.

Travel safe

With the pandemic or not, traveling safely is crucial. One of our top tips is to buy travel insurance that can financially secure you in the case of travel mishaps, accidents, emergencies, or diseases. You can even go further by informing your embassy, checking advisories that your consulate issues, writing down your emergency number, ensuring you have the necessary health-related tests, and much more.

2. Detailed planning is crucial

Solo travelers who will undertake a road trip should create a list of things they need to buy, places they want to see, and things they want to do when they reach their destination. Then, they should be able to map these out and create their route. They also ought to check their car at the mechanic to avoid any issues while on the road. For those traveling by air, they must, of course, book the best flight and arrange for transportation while in their destination.

Furthermore, all travelers also need to decide where they should stay in the city they will visit. There are several options, including luxury hotels, vacation rentals, campgrounds, and more. Besides the tourist destinations and eateries they wish to visit, travelers must carefully plan all of these details to make for a smooth trip.

3. Think about your travel budget

Traveling is not a free endeavor. From the airfare, transportation, accommodation, to the tours and admission tickets, you will have to save up for your trip. Inflation rates have also affected the travel industry; airfare, hotel, and tour prices are only increasing as time goes by.

Like shopping, you should not spend more than what you can afford. If you are using a credit card while traveling, never max it out. Knowing the places you will go to and the activities you will do is necessary for planning and budgeting. You should know how much money you have, and if you are already scheduled to travel, choose the experiences you can afford. Think about your food, accommodation, travel insurance, budget for souvenirs, budget for shipping, and the like. Check out these affordable solo travel tips to plan your trip within a limited budget.

4. Lodging and accommodation

It is interesting to note how many travelers today are getting more and more creative when it comes to arranging their accommodation. You do not always have to choose the hotel that you see in advertisements and commercials or on billboards. Many travelers are now part of social media groups where they get insider information from each other about where to stay

Lodging and accommodation

Do not merely head over to the official website of the hotel; rather, check out several booking sites to compare prices. Another option is to ask your family or friends who have previously visited your destination to recommend good places of lodging. You will also hear what they think about the lodging. There are several options, including resorts, apartments, vacation rentals, hostels, and other affordable accommodations.

5. Organize your itinerary well

A strong itinerary can be equated with the best travelers. Without an itinerary, you risk ruining your entire trip if you are not already incredibly familiar with the place you will visit. You must start by listing down where you want to go visit upon arriving at your destination. For example, if you are headed to France, you will likely list the Eiffel Tower. If you are going to New York, you simply must buy tickets for a Broadway musical. Then, you can review itineraries online that include the options you desire to experience. Several travelers post their itineraries already titled based on the duration of their trip, and those who share where they went in their travel vlogs. You can follow along with itineraries on blogs online or watch video blogs documenting the travels of other globetrotters.

Include in your itinerary your personal preferences. Not all itineraries are designed to suit everyone. If you are suffering from health conditions, you will want to customize the itinerary based on your condition. Overall, your itinerary should serve your needs and desires.

6. Pack right and pack light

You have heard of experienced travelers who tell you to pack light, but are you sure you are packing your valuables right?

While solo traveling, you will not have the luxury to have people to remind you of your things every once in a while. Packing light is essential unless you are traveling as a blogger or influencer, where you will have to dress up for the best photos or videos. Also, one needs to pack nutritious and healthy food while traveling.

You will need to choose whether to keep your belongings in a backpack or roll-on luggage. If you have outdoor adventures such as snow skiing or mountain climbing during your trip, you will have to include activity-specific gear in your travel bag. If you are traveling with business or work on the side, remember to include your gadgets, laptops, formalwear, and whatever else you may need. Our best advice for successful packing is to make a comprehensive list of what you will need. You can ensure that you will not leave anything behind by keeping this list on hand and checking it every time you move from one lodging to the next.

7. Choosing the places you will eat

If you are a solo traveler as well as a food lover, you will certainly not be satisfied ordering your daily breakfast from the nearby McDonald’s or 7-Eleven. Yet, some travelers may be OK with this.

For the foodie among us, you can go further and include planning for the restaurants you will visit, jotting them down on your itinerary. Solo travelers have the freedom to mingle with people in a bar or take a cooking class that restaurants may offer. The advantage of solo traveling is the freedom to explore on your own.

8. Take your time

When organizing the perfect solo adventure, know that you have the luxury of time with you. Embrace this, and you will have a memorable trip. What does this mean? If you are traveling with a group of friends, most of the time, you will have to consider their choices. You may have to skip a place that you want to visit or, if one person in the group is not feeling it, everyone will agree not to visit the site. You may have to wait for everyone to be prepared before you proceed to the day’s adventures. None of these factors matter when you are traveling solo.

Be aware of this when you are planning, so you will know how to prepare for your solo adventure. Take this time to widen your understanding of the world and dip your toes into new cultural experiences and adventures.

Traveling solo can give you a lot of advantages. There are various reasons behind solo travelling for woman and man. Owning your time is one; another is boosting your confidence by conversing with the locals to clarify things along the way. You can connect with yourself more, have total control of your trip, make new friends, and since there are more chances you will connect with the locals, you can also learn the local language.

Accommodations at Rental Trader

Among the most important parts of organizing or planning the perfect solo adventure is looking for the best and high-quality accommodations. The lodging should accommodate your needs and provide you with the best comfort, especially after a long day of tiring walking tours and more.

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