Your Guide to Running While on Vacation

Your Guide to Running While on Vacation

You are not alone when it comes to doubts about running while on vacation. On one hand, you do not want to interrupt your fitness routine, while on the other hand, you do not want it to intrude into your precious family vacation time. It is always easier to quit running while on vacation but, it is equally difficult to restart it. So, it is in your best interest that you find out ways to balance both running and vacation time. We have compiled some tips for running while on vacation.

Want a quick run through our best tips? Browse through the slides below:

1. Rise & Shine – the Early Bird Gets to Run!

It may seem counter-intuitive to vacation norms but getting up early can fix a big chunk of your problem. By the time you are done running, your family will still be starting their day. This way, you will not spoil your vacation plans and still have time to get in a good run. It is a minor adjustment to your desired vacation routine, but its benefits are immense.

You might want to stay in bed longer, but you should know that if you stop running for a while, it may take you longer to get back into the groove. If it is summer, you can go out at the crack of dawn, as daylight comes in quickly.

You can even explore the scenery as you run. It is like killing two birds with one stone, or feeding two birds with one scone. Consider the benefits and see if they outweigh the alternative. Once you complete a successful run, you may be drawn to it every day.

2. Hit the Road, Not the Tracks!

You are short on time, do not waste it on driving to and from the running track. Instead, pick your workouts that can be completed by running on the sidewalk. You can get the feel of the city as you run and get inspired by other fitness-minded individuals.

This is one of the very nuanced tips on our Guide to running while on vacation. You will realize its benefits only when you put it into practice. The amount of time you will save can be spent with your family. This way you will not have to stop because your family misses you.

3. Alter You Running Schedule to Incorporate Vacation

Do not be misled; you do not have to alter your running schedule too much. Just put the longer runs before and after the vacation. This way, you have thoroughly planned your running while on vacation, as your workout only includes short runs.

Alter You Running Schedule to Incorporate Vacation

With short runs, you will not keep your family waiting for long and you will not get completely off-track. It is the best of both worlds.

4. Plan the Weeks Before & After the Vacation

If you are the type of runner who follows a strict schedule, you may find it beneficial to slightly alter your regular runs to accommodate your vacation time. Planning some adjustments for the weeks before and after your vacation may be solution you need. Plan to increase your intensity or distance before you leave, keeping your vacation runs to be more modest, and picking back up after you return. This way you are in top shape while on vacation, and you minimize the risk of injury while on vacation.

Some follow a constantly decreasing workout up until the vacation and plan for a down period while away from home. Then after the vacation, they plan a constantly increasing schedule. You can call it the U-run schedule because the intensity of your running follows the pattern of the letter U. It is a well thought out plan and works for people going on shorter vacations.

If you are training for a race it may be wise to plan your vacation for after your event. So, if you are not able to go running while on vacation, you will not feel it too much. You can use the time to recuperate after the strenuous activity.

5. Find Other More Vacation-Friendly Fitness Regimes

How about a hike, or mountain climbing? These have many similarities to running and are more vacation friendly. You can even do these with family. There are so many kid-friendly hikes in the US. You do not have to get completely off your fitness regime while you are on vacation.  

Use your vacation time for Cross-training or following a different fitness activity that might bring novelty to your routine or exercise a different muscle group than you are used to. You might be a lot more enthusiastic about going hiking, biking, or mountain climbing than doing the same activity that you do at home.

Find Other More Vacation-Friendly Fitness Regimes

Also, you can take up some exciting adventure sports activities such as paddle-boarding, kayaking, canoeing, or even swimming. There are a multitude of fun swim holes in the US that you can explore on your trip. Also, there are many ski resorts in the USA where you can go for skiing, which is also beneficial for your health. All of these are fun vacation activities that can be taken up with family and keep you on your fitness regime.

6. A Faster Run Burns More Calories & Fits Well into a Short Vacation

Instead of going for an easy run, try a tempo run. While running on vacation, pick up speed, and run the fastest you can. Not only will you burn more calories, but you will also be able to complete your workout in a shorter time. Be sure to properly warm up and stretch but consider high-intensity workouts instead of a longer run.

However, do not tire yourself out too much. After all, you need to stay fit to enjoy the vacation. You might even want to practice tempo run a little, in the weeks before your vacation. This way your body will already be used to it and not feel over fatigued. Do not just try out something very new while running on vacation, because you do not want to spoil your vacation if something goes wrong.

Wrapping Up the Guide to Running While on Vacation

We hope you found our guide to running while on vacation helpful. Feel free to add your own insights to our tips and customize your own fitness regime. These are just some general tips that help you utilize your time well. There is a lot that goes into planning. If planned well, execution is easier and more predictable. Therefore, planning is of great importance.

Depending upon whether you are going for a longer or a shorter vacation, you can pick and choose different strategies. We have tried covering different options which are suitable in either case, and we hope you find them useful!

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