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Cheap Things To Do In Vermont: 14 Budget-Friendly Happiness

Cheap things to do in Vermont

There are plenty of cheap, enjoyable and unique things to do in Vermont! It offers endless places to explore; including serene forested mountains, ski resorts, museums, bridges, historical monuments, and more. Besides, if you are planning to do road trip in Vermont, there are lots of road trip destinations in Vermont. This fabulous state is charming, friendly, and is filled with numerous sites and activities. It is a dream destination for foodies and nature lovers. Here is a list of 14 cheap things to do in Vermont that will make your trip fun yet affordable.

For a quick look into the budget-friendly things to do in Vermont, glance through the below slides:

Rock of Ages Quarry: A Granite Wonderland and Bowling Legacy

This astoundingly enormous quarry is the largest deep-hole dimension granite quarry in the world. A van drives the visitors through a bumpy road to the actual site. The quarry, which once employed over 100 men, is now managed by just 7 people utilizing some impressive machinery.

Embarking on your journey to the Rock of Ages, you can take an engaging self-guided tour of the quarry. Marvel at the spectacle as workers move, polish, and engrave massive blocks of granite for gravestones. The majority of granite headstones in America find their origin in this very place. Adding to its charm, the Rock of Ages experimented with granite bowling lanes in the 1950s. Although the concept never gained popularity, a prototype lane has been meticulously restored for you to enjoy some family fun. Visiting Rock of Ages is one of the best things to do in Vermont if you are on a budget. Make sure to take home free souvenirs of granite before leaving.

Visiting Dog Chapel: Cheap Things To Do In Vermont

This small chapel celebrates the deep bond shared between humans and dogs. Folk artist Huneck died in 1998 battling Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome and miraculously came back to life within five minutes. Upon recovering, he returned home to his wife and his three dogs. Due to his near-death experience, Huneck wanted to build a chapel that would be open to both people of any belief system or faith and their dogs. He built the chapel on Dog Mountain located on his farm in St. Johnsbury.    

Huneck styled the chapel as a small village church. As soon as you enter the chapel you can explore the images of dogs on the glass windows and dog carvings on the walls. The interior walls have notes and photographs of dogs and other animals that have passed on. The table offers treats to canine visitors. You will also come across numerous dog sculptures scattered around Dog Mountain.   

Mysterious Petroglyphs: Ancient Carvings of Bellows Falls

Bellow Falls is home to clusters of petroglyphs and is located 50 feet to the south of Vilas Bridge which crosses the Connecticut River. Here, you will come across mysterious carvings depicting rounded heads with minimalist features. Several of the heads in the carvings have protuberances that appear to be antennae or horns. Their origin is still unknown and, as per various hypotheses, these appear to be anywhere from 300 to 3,000 years old.  

The first written account of these carvings was done by a researcher, David McClure in 1789. He attributed the etchings to the presence of evil spirits and mentioned just three faces in his writings. However, there are over 24 carvings today.  

Floating Bridge of Brookfield: One of the Cheapest Sites to Visit in Vermont

Cheap Things To Do In Vermont: Visit Floating Bridge of Brookfield

This is the only floating bridge you can find east of the Mississippi River. It was built by Luther Adams along with his neighbors in 1820. It sinks occasionally and is not operational due to damage. However, you can walk across it and picnic across the shores of the river. Repairs commenced in 2014, but the official approval for the usage of this bridge is yet to come. If you are looking for cheap things to do in Vermont in the fall, then you won’t be disappointed with this one.   

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium

Fairbanks was a businessman who inherited the family trade of producing scales and later became a politician. He was an amateur naturalist and would spend most of his time in the fields. Throughout his life, he collected natural specimens from Vermont and all over the world. This includes unique birds from India and the Philippines, some of which are extinct now. Upon Fairbanks’ death, his collection was donated to the museum.   

Fairbanks had a love for taxidermy and gathered animal-group dioramas. There are over 175,000 specimens in the collection of this museum. It also houses Exploratorium elements including a Butterfly House, Wildflower Flower Table, Exploration Station, and Bug Art. Exploring the Fairbanks Museum is one of the cheap things to do in Vermont with kids thus making it ideal for good family time.

Dorset’s Time Capsule: Freedlyville Quarry Adventures

This quarry site sits over the town of Dorset and remains a testimony of the city’s colorful past. Dorset played a crucial role during the mining boom in the late 1700s. The site had high-quality, colored marble that sat in the bedrock of mountains around the town. The marble from Dorset quarries has been used in designing the top architectural wonders in Washington and New York.

The invention of Portland cement caused a decline in marble usage, leading to the closure of many quarries. What distinguishes the Freedlyville quarry is its arch-shaped cavern, excavated on the slopes of Mount Aeolus. This cave features several passageways as well as a pond of water that freezes during the wintertime, turning into a perfect spot for ice skating during the wintertime. In the summer, you can trek into the cave and explore the Green Mountain forests. Ice skating and trekking in the Freedlyville Quarry are fun cheap things to do in Vermont in the winter and summer respectively.

Visiting Emily’s Bridge: Cheap Things to Do in Vermont

Most of New England’s covered bridges are known for their picturesque qualities. However, Emily’s Bridge has an infamous reputation. Constructed in 1844, this 50-foot-long single-lane bridge features a frame made of dark wood that has weathered over time. Legend has it that a girl with a broken heart committed suicide on this bridge. Travelers have shared tales of bloody scratches along the backs of pedestrians crossing the bridge and reported hearing the sound of loosely dragging feet on the roofs of cars. Visiting this spooky bridge is one of the best free things to do in Vermont.

Hildene – The Lincoln Family Home

This stunning Georgian Revival mansion was once the family home of President Lincoln’s descendants. Crafted by the Boston architectural firm Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge, this estate was home to Lincoln’s descendants until 1975. Subsequently, it was opened to visitors, inviting them to explore its rich history. You can take a self-guided tour of the exceptionally maintained 400 acres of the estate, including 13 historic buildings and a stately mansion. The highlights of this tour are the formal garden, an observatory, a 1903 Pullman car, a historic carriage barn, and a solar-powered goat cheese and dairy facility. There are also several walking trails all around that you don’t want to miss. 

Shop and Stroll: Vibrant Charms of Church Street Marketplace

Cheap Things To Do In Vermont: Visit Church Street Marketplace

If you are looking for cheap things to do in Burlington Vermont, the Church Street Marketplace is a must visit. This marketplace consists of four blocks of exceptional shopping and dining space in Burlington. Talking about shopping, here is a quick guide to selecting the best credit cards while traveling. The Church Street Marketplace has over one hundred places for visitors to shop and dine. It hosts festivals all year round and is always abuzz with street entertainers and local music. You can meander around this public place and enjoy the historic architecture and unique shops. This mall boasts of seasonal events all year and provides vibrant experiences of everything from artist markets to miniature horse rides. Exploring the Church Street Marketplace is one of the fun things to do in Vermont.

Marsh- Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park 

This national historical park is an amazing blend of three distinct places in Woodstock and Vermont. It covers over 550 acres of stunning forest and a mansion that housed families focused on the conservation of the surrounding forests. You can participate in seasonal activities while here, varying from ranger-guided tours to special programs. You can ski, hike, walk, and snowshoe through this remarkable landscape while enjoying your time in Vermont on a budget. 

Visiting Killington Ski Area: Cheap Things To Do In Vermont

This area comprises skiable terrain of over 1,500 acres with 73 miles of a variety of easy and difficult trails. There are diverse terrain options for snowmobilers, quad riders, snowboarders, and freeskiers. You can also take part in a variety of mountain adventures including sleigh rides, a scenic gondola ride, snowshoe tours, snowmobiling, and a tubing park. Besides, during the summers, you can experience fun with attractions such as gliding, mountain coasting, and more. These activities provide mesmerizing views of the surroundings, proving themselves as undoubtedly one of the best cheap things to do in Vermont. 

Explore Nature and Wildlife at VINS Nature Center

The Vermont Institute of Natural Science Center is a 47-acre area that supports environmental education, avian rehabilitation, and research in Quechee, Vermont. It has over fifteen enclosures, four spaces for exhibits, and two classrooms. You can sign up for animal encounter classes and explore onsite exhibits. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty, you will also get opportunities to watch animals feed and receive rehabilitation at the center.  

Visiting Montshire Museum of Science: Cheap Things To Do In Vermont

This museum is situated on 100 acres of land near the Connecticut River in Norwich. The property displays over 140 exhibits linked to natural and physical sciences, ecology, and technology. The ambiance of the museum amplifies the overall experience. A treetop viewing platform and a half-mile trail running along the lagoon make the entire experience unique and memorable. You will truly enjoy the interactive experiences and learning about the native plants, astronomy, and the environment. 

Green Mountain Railroad

Cheap Things To Do In Vermont: Visit Green Mountain Railroad

If you find scenic train rides particularly enjoyable, then you shouldn’t miss out on this one while exploring Vermont. Although sometimes known for unpredictable schedules, using Green Mountain Railroad services is an experience you won’t soon forget. It is popular for winter holidays and fall foliage-themed rides. At other times, the operation is limited to weekends and some holidays. Experience a countryside journey lasting anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour. The fall season also features dinner train rides. You can bring your own snacks and food for other rides. Besides that, you can also purchase snacks and drinks on board. Visiting Green Mountain Railroad is one activity you shouldn’t miss while looking for cheap things to do in Vermont.   

Cheap Things To Do In Vermont: Summary

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