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Pocket-friendly Trips: Cheap Things to do in Washington

Pocket-friendly Trips: Cheap Things to do in Washington

Washington is full of unique and fun experiences; you will find a lot of exciting yet cheap things to do in Washington. Wine tasting, chocolate tours, cheese tours, amusement parks, art walks, fun museums, and natural escapades…. you name it and Washington has it.

The best part is that these activities are highly budget-friendly and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So do check out our lovely sampling of cheap things to do in Washington and have a fun road trip.

Check out the slides below to quickly find out the best pocket-friendly yet unique and fun Washington experiences.

Events & Experiences: Cheap Things to do in Washington

Wine tasting, a chocolate factory tour, mini golf, and fun in the park! Washington has everything for you. You can do it all for free or at a very nominal price. So check out our sampling of cheap events and experiences in Washington.

1. Wine Tasting for the Connoisseurs

This is the topmost attraction for wine lovers. There are close to 140 wineries, sampling bars and many more wine-related places in this state. It is one of the top wine destinations in the entire US. Further, there are several wine events between April and July and also in the winter months of November and December. If you are planning to join these events during these months, make sure you check the events calendar. Several wineries offer free tastings and those offering additional tastings charge as little as $5.

2. Theo Chocolate Tour – Sounds Yummy!

Find out the history of chocolate, how cocoa beans are sourced, how chocolate factories run, and the nitty-gritty of the chocolate-making process. To finish off your tour, sample some of the delicious chocolate for free! It is a lovely experience and costs only $12 per person, before taxes.

3. Fun, Food, Games & Mini Golf at Flatstick Pub

These pubs are situated at 6 locations across Washington, so you can visit the nearest one during your visit. Some locations are kid-friendly too, so make sure you pick the right one. You can play many different games including mini golf, which is the top attraction of the place. Fun, food, and drinks are readily available!

Here, you can also find the “Duffleboard”, an original tabletop game invented by the pub. They even host several events, so check out their events calendar before heading out. Mini golf can be played for $7 or $8 per person. Duffleboard, on the other hand, can be enjoyed for $4 at some locations and for free at others. There’s a lot more to enjoy so include this in your next Washington road trip destinations.

4. Fort Steilacoom Park – Swings Playground & More!

This is a perfect family destination. Your kids can play and swing and enjoy picking up the bat at the baseball fields.

There is a barn and a tractor that provide a lot of photo opportunities. Also, there is a dog park, plenty of picnic areas to choose from, and open fields for drone flying. You can spend an entire day here doing all kinds of different fun activities. If you like to hike or bike you can do that too, there are plenty of trails. Also, there is a haunted history about this place, so do the research and enjoy a spooky adventure.

So when in Lakewood, do visit this park, there is no entry or parking fee!

5. You Tasted Wine, Now Taste some Cheese!

Beecher’s Cheese is a famous destination for handmade cheese in Seattle, situated in the Pike Place Market. Here, you can see cheese being made in front of your eyes, taste some samples and take home your favorite one! You can take a few of their recipes and try them home or hear them tell you about the wine and cheese pairings so that you can have a thorough experience.

There is so much to learn and enjoy and eat that you will enjoy every moment of it. The visit is free, you only pay for what you buy.

We hope you enjoy these unique experiences and they cost almost nothing and so they top our sampling of cheap things to do in Washington!

Museums & History: Best of the Unique Activities in Washington

1. Washington Art Walks – Explore, Experience & Learn

In most of the popular cities of Washington, art walks are available, and Seattle is one of the biggest hubs for the same. You may find several walks available during your trip. Generally, they take place on the first and second Thursday & Friday of the month. However, the schedule might vary, so be sure to check the calendar.

Not only do these include galleries and studio visits, but some also have wine tastings, food, live music, tours, and much more! Gallery visits are typically free, whereas food and wine tastings are typically available for a fee. There are a lot of cultural events available also.
Some popular walks are those of Ballard, Georgetown, Vashon Island, and many more!

2. Check Out some of the Best Museums of the State

Washington is full of museums, some of the best ones including the Museum of Flight, Seattle, Museum of Glass, Tacoma, & the Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle.

The Museum of Glass features many unique glass objects and artifacts as well as glass-related art such as stained glass. The exhibits keep rotating, so every time you visit you will find something new.

Check Out some of the Best Museums of the State

Museum of Flight, as the name suggests, is dedicated to aviation artifacts. It is one of the best of its kind in the world, featuring 150+ aircraft and a multitude of related objects, manuals, books, and more! This shows the entire aviation history and technological evolution.

Museum of Pop Culture is a unique museum featuring various popular trends. From tattoo culture to the guitar gallery to thrilling horror films, they have exhibits for all pop culture trends. It is a fun place to be and a far cry from your typical museum.

Most of these museums have free days, so you can check that out and plan your visit

Museums and art walks are some of the best artsy activities in Washington, offering great fun and a learning experience. These are not your regular museums, they are unique and offer a lot of fun.

Explore Nature: Top Natural Attractions in Washington

Washington is full of natural attractions, from beaches to parks to mountains it has it all. We have sampled the best natural cheap things to do in Washington so you can have a lovely outdoor adventure.

1. Sehome Hill Arboretum, Bellingham

Who doesn’t love the greenery and the peace of nature? At Sehome Hill Arboretum you will find it all. There are hiking and running trails for those who love outdoor exercise and some areas allow for biking.

You can check out the observation tower here which is 80 feet high and gives jaw-dropping views of Bellingham Bay. An old tunnel, from the early 1900s is also situated here. Although cars are not allowed anymore, the structure is a great example of engineering from that time.

2. Long Beach Attractions

This beach is a must-visit place when in Washington. It is full of natural beauty and family fun. There are zipline tours and miles and miles of shorelines for beach walking, kite flying sandcastle building, and many more activities. You can surf, swim, or just pitch an umbrella and relax.

There are a lot of free museums here such as Marsh Museum, Kite Museum, and Cranberry Museum. Also, there is the Funland Arcade with video games and other fun activities.

Long Beach Attractions

You can go horse riding or check out a movie at the Neptune twin theaters. You can even go fishing at one of the many fishing options, including the Coho Charters & Motels. Last but not least, there is the Cape Disappointment State Park. Do not be fooled by the name, you won’t be disappointed by the options available here if you love hiking, camping, biking, and all sorts of outdoor adventures. Nature is relaxing and these spots will rejuvenate you without burning a hole in your pocket. Therefore, these spots feature on our sampling of cheap things to do in Washington

Wrapping it up

These were some of our top suggestions for cheap things to do in Washington. There are many more places to explore and many more free activities. If you have more time, put on your explorer hat and head out! We hope you enjoyed our sampling for the most unique and cheap things to do in Washington. For more ideas on the perfect getaways and the best accommodations, Rental Trader has the experts who can help you out. For more information about Rental Trader, see our Contact page to fill out the web form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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