The Pros and Cons of Traveling in A Van

The Pros and Cons of Traveling in A Van

If you want the comforts of your home while vacationing, traveling in a van may be the right option for you. Not only does it save you money on renting expensive holiday accommodations, but it also helps you relax whenever you want. However, traveling in a van might not be a good option for everyone. So, let us look at some pros and cons of van travel. This article will help you decide which side of the road you would want to be on.

But before going all the way, why not take a short detour through the below slides to get a quick idea of what it’s like to travel in a van?

Pros of Traveling in A Van – Why You Should Go for It

You may have seen some of the many articles, videos, and posts of people vacationing in a van. These show a much more relaxed attitude towards vacation. It gives you the feeling of being a true vacationer. If you really love being on the road and do not get motion sickness, traveling in a van is among the coolest ways to go on vacation. There are so many pros to it, as described below:

1. You Do not Have to Rush to Catch A Train, Flight, or Bus

You are free to go wherever you want if you have your own vehicle. You do not have to depend on a bus schedule or worry about missing a flight. You can make your own schedules and choose a relaxing vacation on your own time.  

You can head out as late in the day as you wish and explore the places which cannot be reached by other means of transport. You can choose to stay at a campsite or a hotel. You can be amidst nature but with all the necessary amenities. Traveling in a van is a much more carefree way of vacationing.

2. Make the Most of Limited Time

You do not have to travel to and fro between your accommodation and your travel destinations. You can simply move from one destination to another. It might not sound like a big thing; however, it saves a lot of time.

If you are planning to visit several places within a one-hour radius of your accommodation, you might not want to spend much to book multiple accommodations at each destination. However, this restricts you to return to your accommodations after each outing. Not only does that add time on the clock, but it also tires you out. Traveling in a van does away with these multiple visits to and from the accommodation. You can visit more places without the back and forth, so long as you have a place to park legally.

Make the Most of Limited Time

Another aspect of this is, that if you must book multiple accommodations, a lot of time goes into packing and unpacking when you move into or out of accommodation. That is another place where you save time traveling in a van. You pack when you start your vacation and unpack only when you bid the final adieu.

3. Getting the Most Out of Your Holiday Budget

If you plan on traveling in a van, you will not have to book expensive holiday accommodations. Nor will you be limited to ordering room service at the expensive restaurants within your hotel. These are two of the most expensive things on a vacation. You only need to find a place to park, ensure you have fuel, and stock your own refrigerator. Compared to the cost of accommodations, this comes out to cost much less.

Also, you are not limited to which restaurant you can choose from if you decide to eat out. You can eat wherever you wish and save your money for what you truly want to spend it on. Not only that, but you also get to expand your options of cuisine. You will get to try the local delicacies and will not be restricted by the menu at the hotel. This adds many options to your vacation, both literally and figuratively!

4. Delve Into Spirituality – Be Honest About What You Really Need

As you have minimal space, you are required to travel light. This will make you realize that you can live off the bare essentials. You might not need a very expensive lifestyle to gain peace and happiness. Traveling in a van is a good way to understand minimalism. You do not need to follow it to the T in your routine life, but it will show you the way to cutting down on extravagance.

It can be a life-altering experience. After you minimize on your vacation, you will see the value in only keeping those things that you really need and reducing the clutter in your life. You will be able to appreciate the benefits of a no-frills lifestyle.

5. Carry Your Work Around, Or Work on Your Hobbies

If you are a freelancer, you would probably not mind working a little bit every now and then, even while vacationing. For some people, travel helps them work better. If you are a travel or a food blogger, your vacation is also your market research. You will get ample time to pen down your experiences as they happen and keep your audience engaged. You may even do a few live streams of your travel. This kind of content draws a lot more viewers because these are as authentic as they can get.

Carry Your Work Around, Or Work on Your Hobbies

Additionally, you can practice hobbies such as painting or photography from your van much easier than you can from a hotel room.

6. A Pet-Friendly Vacation for Pet Owners

If you cannot leave your pet behind, then this may be the most suitable way of vacationing for you. Not only will your pet be welcomed in a van, but it will also have as many of his comforts that you could pack, which will help reduce the likelihood of getting anxious at the new surroundings. You will have your best friend with you as you explore the world! What more can a loving pet owner ask for?

7. Most Suitable for A Pandemic-Friendly Vacation

With the reality of the pandemic, people are in the difficult dilemma of whether to stay in lockdown or to risk venturing out for vacation. Staying in any accommodation might be too stressful, not knowing if surfaces were cleaned properly. Traveling in a van takes some of the guess work out of it as you can ensure that you have the necessary precautions in place.

A smaller place to keep clean, and fewer surfaces to disinfect leave you in control. Although it does not mean that you have lower chances of external factors affecting you, but you have more control over your immediate environment, and that can bring peace of mind.

Cons of Traveling in A Van – Why it May Not be for You

Even though it sounds fascinating, traveling in a van might not be the right thing for you. There can be many reasons for this, as explained below.

1. Do not Choose Traveling in A Van If Driving is not Your Thing

If you do not like to drive, then vacationing in a van may not be for you. You are not required to love driving; however, you should be comfortable enough to handle the vehicle on any surface you find yourself on. Furthermore, if you are not the main driver and you are prone to motion sickness, then this is further proof that your time would be better spent on terra firma and not on rolling wheels.

2. If You Have A Large Group of Travelers

If You Have A Large Group of Travelers

There are space constraints that you must consider if you plant to temporarily live in a van. Therefore, it might not be suitable for groups larger than a small family. At maximum, it is good for a couple or a family with 2 small children. You will have to check the van listing before you book to ensure there will be enough space for each individual and your personal belongings. If the biggest van does not have enough space, then traveling in a van is not an option.

3. Parking Space Is Essential

You will want to pick spots where you can park the van properly and safely. This can restrict the options of your road trip destinations. Therefore, it is best to have an itinerary that includes adequate parking before you finalize your day trips.

4. You Must Pick A Suitable Season

Traveling in a van is a fantastic option—when the season agrees with you. It is not an ideal option in snowy locations. Not only will driving be difficult, but you will also miss out on many winter activities such as skiing because your space—and parking—will be limited.

5. Safety is Essential

At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own safety. Traveling in a van is not advisable in high-crime areas. Therefore, pre-planning your itinerary and overnight parking is of utmost importance. This might sound hard to find, so do your due diligence to ensure you have made good plans. If this sounds like too much for you, then you might be better suited going the traditional route and getting a hotel or HomeAway Rental. Your safety is in your own hands, and you ought not take unnecessary risks.

Wrapping Up

We hope you found this list of pros and cons of traveling in a van helpful. You might want to think it through because even though traveling in a van sounds amazing, it might not be right for you. However, if you love to travel with your pets, or you simply enjoy driving, and want the comfort of familiar surroundings, traveling in a van could lead to a perfect vacation for you.

However, if you are convinced that traveling in a van is not your thing, then check out the fabulous vacation accommodations on our platform Rental Trader. If you want to know more about our accommodations, fill out the web form below, or feel free to call us via the number on the Contacts page.

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