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Solo Woman Traveler: Top 7 Tips and Reasons to Explore Alone

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Solo traveling is a common thing women worry about, however, being a solo woman traveler is not as difficult as it seems. Many of you might wonder whether it is safe to go on trips alone. If you take a few precautions and a big dose of common sense, it is not out of your reach.

There are many benefits of traveling solo more so for women. Here we will list a few of these benefits. By the end of this post, you will get an answer to why every woman should go on a solo trip, at least once in her lifetime.

But how about a quick glimpse into what we are pointing to? Check out the slides below:

7 Best Tips for You as a Solo Woman Traveler

Below are the 7 best reasons and tips for traveling alone as a woman. They will boost your confidence and encourage you to embark on solo adventures.

1. You Are Your Own Woman – Enjoy the Freedom!

While traveling solo, you are on your own. You do not need to be concerned about anyone else’s needs but your own. If you do not love going to art galleries and are vacationing in a place like Santa Fe, NM, you can completely avoid going to one. When you travel with others, you might not have that option, because going to an art gallery in Santa Fe is the “cool” thing to do.

As a solo female traveler, you can go anywhere you love and do whatever you feel like. This kind of freedom is unimaginably liberating. You can stay in one place for as long as you have planned without thinking of where your co-passengers want to go next.

During solo travel, you can follow a schedule—or not—purely at your own leisure. You do not have to wait for anyone else, you are the master of your own time.

2. Learn New Things – Be Independent as a Solo Woman Traveller!

When you are traveling with others the path of least resistance is to have one person doing the bulk of the travel planning, such as accommodations, flights, and day trips. If that designated person is not you then you miss out on the crucial decision-making part of travel. You might feel like a dependent at times because you have never traveled alone and handled these responsibilities. Or if you were that person, you had to take into consideration the needs and preferences of your travel companions. In either event, it was not entirely up to you.

Solo female traveler feeling independence

When you travel alone you get to handle every aspect of your travel. It may seem daunting, especially if you are traveling solo for the first time. But it is for the better, as now you can plan the perfect solo adventure. By doing so, you get to learn new things and take charge of your destiny. Also, the next time you will be a lot more confident about doing these things yourself because you have already done it before. You will not have to depend on anyone else, and that is an empowering, independent feeling!

3. Meet, Greet & Discover New People & Cultures

As a single woman traveler or a traveler girl, you will find yourself talking to unknown people more often than when you have a group of travelers with you. Be it for directions or for recommendations, you will be a lot more open to talking to others. Such interactions are nearly always fulfilling. Not only will you find out local insights, but you will also get an unbiased opinion about the places you want to travel to or explore.

When traveling in a group you already have many people to interact with. You may not try to get out of your comfort zone to interact with anyone new. It will also be reassuring when you realize that there is still a lot of humanity left in the world. You might be surprised to see how people go out of their way to help you out or make you feel welcome.

You must have heard the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Well, this is an opportunity for you to become a Roman in Rome, a Spaniard in Spain, or a Yankee in the US. It is always fun to interact with the locals, in their local language. So, if you are planning to go to Mexico, make sure to brush up on your Spanish. That way you will get the maximum help from the locals as they will welcome you much more warmly.

4. Time for Introspection – Personality Building & More!

It has been a recent phenomenon that women have become more financially independent. It might be as recent as only a decade in some countries. Women all over the world are making an effort to become much more confident.

Most women have certain challenges they want to overcome. At times, they feel diffident about life in general. They have this gnawing feeling that if they can travel alone, they can shoulder more difficult challenges too. It may seem unrelated, but most women feel much more confident after they have traveled alone.

Like most things, there is always a certain hesitation when doing something for the first time, and traveling alone is no exception. However, once you have got past it, you will find that it was not as hard as you thought. You will be amazed to find out how solo travel changes you. It is like a coming-of-age experience when you embrace adulthood.

Woman traveler running on vast green field

You will also find out a lot about yourself. If you go on a hike alone, you might realize how fit you are. If you can mingle with people you do not know, you will realize how extroverted you can be. Besides you can feel various types of Intelligence developed by traveling. These are quality traits that help you in your life in general, so exploring yourself is a wise and continuous process. Only a solo woman traveler will be able to experience such feelings.

You might discover a new passion such as hiking or biking or discover new things about yourself which might not have ever happened had you not taken that first brave step of solo travel.

5. Alone Is Not Lonely – Travel Solo & Find Out

Do not mix up being alone with being lonely. Traveling solo does not mean that you must be cut off from the world. There are several ways to deal with first-time solo travel loneliness. You can still be connected on the go. Some people crave a little privacy. Some people want to have control over where they go when they go, and what they do without needing to make compromises.

Often when you travel with others, you stay in your comfort zone. Solo travel sparks bravery and adventure. You can try new cuisines, be emboldened to meet new people around you and experience a local culture in depth on your own terms.

6. It is Not as Unsafe as It seems – Use Common Sense

One very common question every prospective woman solo traveler has is: Is it safe for a woman to travel alone? It is safe if you use common sense. You need to know your limitations. Also, you are not the only one traveling solo these days.

There are a lot of options available for solo travelers. If you want to visit a national park and you are concerned about the dangers, you can opt for a group tour. You can enjoy it alone while still having the benefits of being in a group should any need arise. Avoid late-night travel in certain countries if that seems unsafe. You can even consult a travel agency about the precautions you need to take before visiting a new country.

Female traveler looking concerned about safety.

Another thing we recommend is to be a little pragmatic. Some places require you to dress in a particular attire. These could be religious or culturally sensitive places. If that is the case, there is wisdom in following the local custom. You may even try out local or traditional apparel; for example, try wearing a Sari if you visit India. Not only does it make for a good photo opportunity, but it gets you out of your own lane and into a new one. You might never have the same opportunity again so do not hesitate to try new things. It sounds more fun than an obligation to cultural sensitivities if you think of it this way, and you may learn more about the area than if you avoided it entirely.

7. Pack Only Necessities – Travel Light

Do you want your trip to be a relaxing affair or give you anxiety? Well, if you are traveling solo and want to really enjoy yourself, pack as little as you can. However, do not forget to pack a few essential things based on your destination. You will always need certain items such as a flashlight, a water-resistant outer coat, and a sturdy pair of shoes. You never know what you might need and you can’t go out shopping often if you want a budget solo travel. So be sure to research where you are going and what you will need. You are your only resource, so choose wisely.

Install some of the best solo travel apps as your companion, and carry a power bank in case you cannot plug your phone into an outlet. You do not need to carry an entire wardrobe but packing layers that can work with more than one outfit can make your options stretch farther. You might even carry some formal wear in case you plan to go to a fancy place. Pack only as much as you can comfortably carry on your own.

Wrapping Up Tips for A Solo Woman Traveler – Why Solo Travel?

These were only some of the reasons why every woman should go on a solo trip at least once in her life. Not only will you feel more confident about yourself, but you will also have time to be introspective after going through these solo travel tips. A solo woman traveler is the master of her own time. She does not have to compromise or adjust to the preferences of anyone else. Traveling solo is a liberating experience.

We hope these reasons will make you take the plunge and encourage you to go on a solo trip. Discover pre-planned itineraries of various destinations, carefully curated by our experts, and enjoy a vacation that is beyond compare.

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