6 Types of Intelligence Developed by Traveling

6 Types of Intelligence Developed by Traveling

Traveling is an experience that not only breaks the monotony of life but also nurtures our souls. Human beings are born as curious creatures and traveling satiates that curiosity. There are many types of intelligence that can be developed by traveling.

You do not just visit a place; you experience it, relive its history, and embrace its geography. It also broadens your mindset and gives you a wider worldview. All these are drivers of personal and professional success. Therefore, without further ado, let us look at various types of intelligence developed by traveling.

Learning best happens in small doses; so have a quick look at the below slides before you delve deeper.

1. Books Come to Life – Academic Intelligence

History has been written and rewritten many times. You can learn from books. However, experiencing things with your own eyes and touching them with your own hands is an exceptional form of learning. You can think of yourself as an artisan during the French Revolution or visit the home of Anne Frank and understand the dynamics of Nazi-ruled Germany. Your learning will be much more layered than what you can derive from any book. It is not merely about what has happened and when it has happened, it is about what effect it has had over all these years.

As a meritorious student you might ask why traveling the world is important. Traveling is an effective way of distinguishing between right and wrong. It makes you a more empathetic person. Empathy is a desirable quality trait in any human being. Further, it helps you dream! If you visit Moscow, Russia, you will find a statue of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Holmes was a fictional British detective, but you can see the impact of his popularity and legacy all over the world. You can gain inspiration from such historical or literary elements and strive to leave your own legacy.

Such is the education you get from travel. These can be historic or literary. Even Agatha Christie began writing on her frequent travels. Traveling to Egypt, out of many other places, gave her many themes and ideas for her mystery novels.

2. Save For What You Really Want – Financial Intelligence Developed by Traveling

If you want to instill saving and judicious spending in your child, take him on trips. It is not only a lesson that children need to learn; many adults have not developed good money-management skills. If you travel once, you become aware of the possibilities the world holds. You can figure out where to spend and where not to. You can even understand the difference in the cost of living in various parts of the world.

If you are an Economics student, visit the countries in Asia and understand how much you can buy for just $10. You might be able to even book a lovely hotel room for that much money in some parts of the world. This is an education that can only come from traveling. It is a clear lesson on purchasing power parity and market basket across nations. Further, it also teaches you the value of money. It is a good lesson in savings. Talking about money management while traveling; have a look at our guide to Best Credit Card for Airbnb to Save Money.

Save For What You Really Want – Financial Intelligence

You must have heard the proverb, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Well, you can see it coming to life if you travel to countries with a much lower cost of living. You can imbibe the saving lifestyle and reduce your excessive expenses in your routine life. Collectively you can call it the monetary intelligence developed by traveling.

3. Understanding People – Social and Cultural Intelligence

You can take part in various festivals and celebrations as you travel. Be it the International Balloon Festival of Albuquerque or Mardi Gras in New Orleans, there is so much to explore when you travel. Many Eastern festivals such as Diwali in India, Eid in the Middle East, and Traditional New Year in China can teach you about various customs, religions, and mythologies.

You might experience the philosophy that drives people in various parts of the world. Not only does traveling make you more sensitive as a person, but it also exposes you to various cultures, cuisines, music, and fun. It makes you aware of a whole new way of life.

You might enjoy various seasons of the year as you travel. This can bring a whole new dimension to your celebrations. For example, if you visit Australia during your Christmas holidays, you will be basking in the sun because it is summertime in the southern hemisphere. So, it could be a unique Christmas for you.

There is a lot to learn from people of different nationalities. In some cultures, it is normal that adult children will continue to live with their parents. Everybody stays together, has meals together, and shares happiness, and sorrows together. While many countries have a more individualistic lifestyle. You can think of the benefits and drawbacks of such varied lifestyles. You can term this as sociological intelligence developed by traveling.

4. Introspection & Exploration Opportunity – Spiritual Intelligence

Every country offers a multitude of cultures. Through traveling you can understand others, and perhaps yourself, better. You will be surprised to find out how many new things will lure you in. If you are in Spain and you go to a Flamenco concert, you might not be able to hold yourself back. You might want to dance to the Flamenco tunes. Such is the impact of traveling to unfamiliar places.

You will explore many new foods and preparations. Who knows, you might end up with a new favorite food. You might even learn a few new recipes as you travel to various parts of the world. You will also experience that people all over the world are good-natured. It will reassure your faith in humanity in general.

Introspection & Exploration Opportunity – Spiritual Intelligence

Further, it is not always a joyful experience when you travel to various parts of the world. You might find that a large swath of the population cannot afford two meals per day. Such an experience would make you introspective. It will also develop your sensitivity and emotions. Further, you might end up being a lot more thankful for the things you already have.

Such experiences teach you to be more content and relaxed, help you with your anxiety, and make you a lot more optimistic. You can think of it as a healing process and spiritual intelligence developed by traveling.

5. Market Opportunities – Entrepreneurial Intelligence Developed by Traveling

If you are an entrepreneur or want to be one, travel intelligence can bring you unexplored ideas. From time immemorial, many travelers have indulged in international trade. In the era of silk trade via the silk route, many exporters made a fortune by trading unique products from various parts of the world.

Traveling helps you identify unexplored market opportunities. It grinds the gears of innovation. Even though the world is much more globalized these days, there are still many unexplored avenues. Perhaps you could be the next Jack Ma of the world. If you have an entrepreneur in you, give him the wings to fly and gather entrepreneurial intelligence by traveling to new parts of the world.

6. Enhancing Decision-Making Capabilities – Cognitive Intelligence

No matter how much we all want, we have only a limited time on our travels. We must maximize our fun and stay within our spending limits. As it is with every place, no time is enough to explore it completely. So, we must choose among several attractions, plan an itinerary, and also do a little bit of cost-benefit analysis depending upon our budget. This situation mostly occurs during large family travels and you have probably been there too.

Enhancing Decision Making Capabilities – Cognitive Intelligence

All these skills are needed for decision-making of any kind. Travel helps us enhance this skill. We can take this learning and apply it to various aspects of our life. We can become better professionally and personally by much more sound decision-making. Therefore, decision-making intelligence is developed by traveling, and you will be better for it.

Wrapping Up the Types of Intelligence Developed by Traveling

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of the types of intelligence developed by traveling. This only scratches the surface; there is much more to learn if you will get out and explore. However, a few things are certain: you will come out as a changed person after indulging yourself in a few travel adventures.

It is always good to take at least one trip a year and explore a new country. Embrace its culture, enjoy the cuisine, take part in a few festivals, and be a part of all the fun and frolic. Not only will you have a rejuvenating time, but you will also become a much more confident, secure, and spiritually-minded person.

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Does traveling increase your knowledge?

Yes, traveling exposes you to diverse cultures, history, and perspectives, expanding your knowledge.

Why does traveling make you open-minded?

Experiencing different cultures fosters open-mindedness by challenging preconceptions and broadening your worldview.

Is traveling good for the brain?

Yes, travel stimulates the brain, promoting cognitive flexibility, problem-solving, and adaptability.

Why does traveling make you happy?

Traveling provides novel experiences, adventure, and relaxation, triggering the release of happiness-inducing chemicals in the brain.

Does travel motivate you?

Yes, travel can be a powerful motivator, inspiring personal growth, creativity, and a zest for life.

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