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Top Georgia Road Trip Destinations: A Fun Travel Itinerary

The lovers of DIYs and road trips have one thing in common; the spirit to explore and discover. If you’re a road trip aficionado, you understand the thrills that shake your nerves when you see a gorgeous landscape worthy of exploring. Georgia is one such place you can never go wrong with when seeking a luxurious yet adventurous destination to crawl. So check out our sampling of best Georgia road trip destinations.

Georgia’s geographic location makes it one of the most exciting destinations to cruise in the US. Its terrain spanning the coastal beaches, mountains and farmlands makes it an ideal destination for your road trip getaways. A road trip to Georgia offers one of the most exhilarating experiences to explore the rich diversity that this great Georgia State has in store. You probably have been planning a road itinerary to explore Georgia and it’s time to sample some of the destinations. There are plenty of attraction sites to explore, pick a couple, pack your stuff and you’re ready to start. Most of the vacation rentals around the state are located alongside routes and highways, it’s, therefore, easier to experience the charisma of Georgia’s big cities and small towns.

Here are some the top Georgia road trip destinations you might want to explore for that unforgettable cruise experience.

The scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia

The scenic Blue Ridge Mountains & Trails, Georgia

If looking for a destination to immerse yourself deeply with the culture of the state, the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia have it all. These mountains hold some of the ancient histories about the state, and one thing you’re sure to explore is the ancient Appalachia culture. Set off your journey in Dahlonega where you’ll get to experience the scenic views of the enormous vineyards in Georgia, then drive right into the Blue Ridge.

While at it, make a stop in Suches and trek through the swinging footbridge to get yourself a view of the great Sea Creek Falls running in Toccoa River. And don’t forget to pack some lunch as there are not many stopping points to grab some food or snack in Chattahoochee National Forest. The views along this route are just magnificent so make a few stops as you go by to take a look. 

While in Blue Ridge, you can take your dinner at the Blue Ridge Brewery or the Harvest On Main, then cruise through the picturesque downtown region for a memorable thrill of your escapade. Spend the night in one of the many vacation rentals, then proceed through the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Driving for a few miles will get you into the Cherry Log to browse through the exhibits at the Expedition Bigfoot. Go on to the Ellijay to grab some lunch at River Street Tavern. Then finish your road trip at the Amicalola Falls State Park where you’ll get to view the majestic waterfall, which is the tallest in the South.

The thrilling Tallulah Gorge

Traveling to Tallulah Gorge, Georgia top road trip destinations

If you simply want a one-day hike but get a thrilling experience for a lifetime, the stunning Tallulah Gorge to the Northeast mountains of Georgia is a sure place to explore. The gorge’s floor has a trail running a couple of hundred steps towards each direction, can be daring but is worth exploring. Take a careful look and you are sure to grasp the view of the regal bald eagles native to Tallulah Gorge. 

Tallulah Gorge road trip is especially enthralling if you brought your kids along. They will love the visitors center at Tallulah Gorge State Park. The park is famous for its small museum that mainly houses the traditional wildlife native to North Georgia.

If planning to camp with your family, The Dillard House offers a nice cozy spot for camping. Be sure to reserve your spot early enough as it has only 50 slots. The Southern family cooking style of the Dillard has plenty of delicacies for your taste buds. Alternatively, you can spend the night at Glen-Ella Springs Inn and Restaurant, which offers bed, breakfast and features some of tastiest dishes in the state of Georgia.

Immerse yourself in the historic Antebellum architecture

Historic Antebellum & Civil War History: Georgia road trip stop

If interested about learning rich Georgian history, then you might want to take this road trip through Antebellum trail. This region was home to native merchants and farmers dating back before the era of the Civil War. Most of these people had very little time for academics or leisure. This accounts for the reason why most of the towns were unexplored. The area has plenty of architectural gems worth exploring further. 

Begin your expedition in Watkinsville, Atlanta East, by touring the Eagle Tavern Museum built in 1801 then drive through the Elder Mill Covered Bridge built in 1897, one among 13 only functional bridges remaining in Georgia. Next, drive into the Haygood House tracing its origin back in 1827, then finish your day’s expedition with a delicious dinner at the Chops and Hops tavern. Continue with the trip at dawn by heading south towards Madison, where you’ll get to enjoy the attractive views of the old historical homes lying along the tree-lined streets of the town. 

Dive deeper into history by touring the 1811 Heritage Hall, a famous Greek Revival Home. Book your reservations at the Town 220 for dinner and get a taste of the herb-encrusted chops of lamb. Proceed to Milledgeville, the capital of Antebellum and tour the old scenic views with assistance from a local tour guide.

Enjoy the thrill of Banning Mills high altitude playground

Zip lining stop in Georgia: Adventurous itinerary

Georgia is famous for its numerous attractions due to its famous varied terrain. And Banning Mills, a few minutes’ drive from west of Atlanta, presents the highest altitude region in Georgia. From the historic times, Banning Mills has undergone massive transformations to become a top adventurous destination on the planet. 

Banning Mills has the largest zip line canopy tour in the world, that means you’ll get to spend your day up above the tree-line viewing the beautiful landscape. The Screaming Eagle, the world’s longest and largest zip lines running up to 10 miles, and sky bridges extending up to 600 feet long are here as well. 

If you get to experience the thrill at the Aerial Adventure Challenge Park, you’re definitely going to fall in love with it. The park’s zip lining experience is heightened by a Tarzan slide, swinging plans and several other obstacles to get your body’s adrenaline pumping. 

For a place to spend the night, the infamous treehouses at Banning Mills are a great choice. They stand 70 feet tall above a gorge, submerged into the deep woods and present an unobstructed scenic view of the landscape. Banning Mills Historic Country Inn has plenty of comforts such as a coffee machine, fireplace, and a jacuzzi tub.

Hike the Cloudland Canyon State Park

Hike the Cloudland Canyon State Park - Georgia road trip spots

Cloudland Canyon State Park has plenty to explore, which will attract the fascination of those who aren’t into hiking. Situated on Lookout Mountain’s western edge, Cloudland Canyon stands out as one of the largest and most picturesque parks in Georgia. The rugged geology of the park presents an exceptional chance for hiking. An easy trek from the park’s picnic area has one of the most spectacular views. Hikers can also choose to take a cruise to the canyon’s floor through a staircase series. Two waterfalls run over several layers of rich shale and sandstone into water pools below. 

If planning to spend the night, Cloudland Canyon offers 16 cottages, 10 yurts, 62 campsites, and a group lodge for rent. If you’d like to like to stay outside the site, Hidden Hollow Resort, located just a few steps from the park, has nice cabins you can spend the night at.

Golf lovers’ paradise Georgian tour

Golf lovers’ paradise Georgian Road Trip Spots

If you just can’t get enough golfing experience, why not enjoy it on an expedition. Georgia presents you with some of the most luxurious golf courses worth planning a road trip for. In this golfing expedition, you might want to start in Butternut Creek Golf Course located in Blairsville alongside the grand Blue Ridge Mountains. Then proceed to Helen’s Innsbruck Golf Club which not only presents a regal golf course, but you also get to view wildlife as you play golf on the mountain terrain with 18 holes. 

Highland Park Golf Course located in Victoria Bryant State Park presents a gorgeous view paired with steep sloping greens and rolling hills for those seeking a tough challenge golfing experience. Drive your way downwards to Reynolds Lake Oconee located in Greensboro to experience the charm that the golf courses built by some of the top golf architects have to offer. Wrap up your road trip with the fabulous golf courses in Georgia’s coastal regions such as Sea Island, Sea Palms and Jekyll Island. 

Wrapping Up Georgia Road Trip Attractions

To sum it up, Georgia is one of the richest states in terms of culture, landscape, history and lots more worth exploring on a road trip. There are plenty of other sites, including the farm country of Clinch County, the urban set-up of Atlanta for movie lovers, and Savannah, the one of the top honeymoon destinations in the US. If you’d like a road trip of a lifetime, then plan your itinerary early enough. And don’t forget to bring a map of the state with you!

If you need a lovely vacation rental for a few days, you may visit Rental Trader for affordable yet quality rental homes near the best Georgia road trip destinations.

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