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Louisiana Road Trip Destinations – The New Orleans State & More!

Louisiana Road Trip Destinations

Road trips are life’s rite of passage that you need to do to get a taste of the world and its wonders. If you have some select days to spare on a driving tour, Louisiana is a good place to start. Find out everything about some really great Lousiana road trip destinations.

If you’re anywhere near the state or visiting from across the globe, Louisiana has several scenic attractions that could surprise you in a good way. It’s more than the jazz culture and French Quarter—it’s everything from the buildings to the landmarks and the people. 

Getting around the Pelican State is easy and even delightful, giving you a taste of music, fun, and food that give the state its charming quality. Not just that, you can find many cheap things in the Lousiana. When you design your Louisiana road trip, put any of these iconic places to your itinerary, and explore the side of Louisiana that you will love. 

Get the lean view into New Orleans and Louisiana road trip destinations through the below slides:

Best Road Trips Destination in Louisiana

1. Lafayette – The Unofficial Capital City Of Louisiana

Louisiana road trip destinations begin from the city of Lafayette is the unofficial capital of the state, although it’s one that best captures the local culture.

You can discover the Creole, Native American, and Acadian roots of the Pelican State right when you enter the state and see craft demonstrations and hear the toe-tapping music at several spots across the city. 

Lafayette-Top Louisiana Road Trip Destinations

If you want to discover the bayous or cypress-lined swaps up close, rent a kayak from Pack & Paddle and go on a private trip to the seven-mile stretch of the Bayou Fuselier loop.

Enjoy the rich flavors of authentic Cajun cuisine at Prejean’s, where there’s also live music to accompany your crawfish étouffée meal. 

Of course, your Lafayette experience would be incomplete if you don’t show up at the Blue Moon Saloon on a Friday night.

You can watch the live show special every Friday and put your dancing shoes to use for the dance party kicking off at 10 pm. 

2. Oak Alley – Grande Dame of the Great River Road

Grand plantation houses in Louisiana are all over the state, but one classic example that you can picture outright from memory is the Oak Alley. It’s also called the Grande Dame of the Great River Road, looking like a breathtaking scenery right out of a painting.

The pathway lined with ancient oaks leads to the architectural delight that matches the grandiosity of the state. You can stay overnight at one of the plantation’s cottages, complete with in-room dinner service that boasts the goodness of Cajun cuisine.

However, don’t take aerial drones with you on this road trip, because it’s strictly prohibited at the Oak Alley. 

3. Old Louisiana State Capitol – Flamboyant Politics Of The State

Old Louisiana State Capitol

From 1847 to 1852, Louisiana’s Old State Capitol was constructed, showing the flamboyant political nature of the state. It is located in Baton Rouge and boasts a mesmerizing gothic architecture that makes it look more like a castle than anything.

The overhead skylight and windows are made from stained glass, with wood panels and marble decorating the interior. It also has an eye-catching cast-iron spiral staircase, which gives the building its vintage charm. 

This old capitol building was razed in the Civil War but was restored in the 1880s towards the 1970s, transforming it to its pristine condition today.

The capitol also hosts interactive displays, The Ghost of the Castle award-winning presentation, and the exhibit on Huey Long, a controversial governor and later on, US senator. If you’re around Louisiana, pay a visit to this lovely old capitol building! 

4. Chicot State Park – Wildlife & Outdoor Adventure

Nature is one of the top destinations for road trips, and the Chicot State Park in Ville Platte is an area that you’d want to explore. This 6,400-acre area is home to teeming wildlife that includes alligators, white-tailed deer, various species of birds, and wild turkey, among others.

You can take a day to go canoeing or hiking around the state park, witnessing the natural beauty of the area. While you’re in Chicot State Park, you can also visit the Louisiana State Arboretum, which houses some amazing plant species that you’ve never seen before in your life.

To interact more with nature, take the 500-foot Bald Cypress Trail, which leads to the loop-around at Lake Chicot. There’s also a boardwalk going to the bottomland hardwood forest, and it’s 1,000 feet long—which is an adventure in itself once you take the Walker Branch Trail. 

5. Poverty Point – Louisiana’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Poverty Point

Poverty Point has a 3,400-year-old story to tell you, and you’d be in for a treat when you include this attraction to your Louisiana driving tour. The place is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as such, is held in high regard as an American treasure.

Archeological features abound on this 400-acre site, featuring six ridge rows and five mounds arranged in a semicircle. It is said that millions of 1650-1100 B.C. artifacts have been found at Poverty Point, such as human figurines and domestic tools, which leads experts to believe that the area was once a ceremonial, trade and residential center.

For a small fee, you can partake on guided tours and hiking trails, and set up a picnic in designated areas to bask in the rich history of the place. 

6. Nottoway Plantation – Greek-and-Italianate-style “White Castle”

The great Mississippi River western bank is the location for the Greek-and-Italianate-style “White Castle” or the Nottoway Plantation. This iconic attraction is the South’s largest remaining antebellum mansion at 53,000 square feet.

It’s an awe-inspiring architecture with well-manicured grounds that scream high-class, making you feel like you’ve entered living quarters fit for royalty. Not only does the Nottoway Plantation exude grandeur, but it is also the physical evidence of the locale’s courage, commitment, and tenacity during the Civil War.

The mansion has survived the wear and tear of time and history and is standing proudly today in glory. An exciting part is that you can book a stay at this 19th-century wonder while you’re in Louisiana! 

7. Gardens of the American Rose Society – A Spectacular Floral Haven

Gardens of the American Rose

Do you love roses? You wouldn’t want to skip the Gardens of the American Rose Society in Caddo Parish for this road trip. This majestic area spans 118 acres, giving you a spectacular floral haven.

This pine forestland is home to over 20,000 rose bushes and 65 individual gardens—you’ll spend the day being soothed by the aesthetic and olfactory sweetness of these roses. 

These gardens are serene, peaceful, and almost cathedral-like, which makes it great for people wanting some quiet time to relax and take in the amazing quality of the place.

To see the landscape blooming its best, plan your trip from mid-April until late May or from September to October. You can also buy keepsakes from the Hering Gift Shop and learn more about this beautiful flower at the American Rose Center right within the area. 

8. Delta Music Museum – Top Cultural Spot of Louisiana

Louisiana loves their music, and it’s evident that they pay tribute to their local artists at the Delta Music Museum. It is located in Ferriday and is a state-run attraction, honoring countless musicians that hail from this amazing state.

It hosts sixteen Blues and Rock and Roll exhibits, highlighting the music culture of the state. The first sculpture you will see as soon as you enter the museum is Ferriday’s own, the Mickey Gilley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Jimmy Swaggart, working the piano.

It’s also filled with artifacts that tell the history of Louisiana music, helping you discover why some songs are playing at almost every corner of the streets. 

9. Satterfield’s Restaurant- Taste The Cajun Cuisine Of Loisiana

Hungry for a taste of Louisiana? The Satterfield’s Restaurant in the heart of Cahaba Heights will prepare some of the most mouth-watering dishes for you! Their amazing chefs whip up global dining options with a heavy Southern influence, bringing the special Cajun cuisine to the table.

It opened in 2005, aiming to be the perfect balance between fine dining and family dinner table. The ambiance is great, and the food even better, which makes it a worthy stop for your Louisiana road trip. 

The restaurant is famous for its wood-grilled steaks, veal, rabbit, fresh seafood, and quail dishes—it’s a widely varied menu that will satisfy any palate. Make sure to try Becky’s popular corn muffins, which are served freshly baked on every table in the restaurant. 

10. Chauvin Sculpture Garden – Lousiana’s Quirky destinations

Chauvin Sculpture Garden

If you fancy a quirky destination, the Chauvin Sculpture Garden will bring you an odd sort of satisfaction. Kenny Hill, a reclusive bricklayer, living in a bayou-side property, got to work in 1990 and built over 100 concrete “outsider art” that is intriguing to many.

The centerpiece is a 45-feet lighthouse decorated with several figures like God, children, soldiers, angels, and himself. 

The artist originally refused public access, but a skirmish with the parish in January 2000 led Hill to be evicted from his property. It was later donated to Nicholls State University. The sculpture garden now opens every day from dawn up until dusk. 

Wrapping Up 

Our Louisiana road trip destinations selection comes to an end here. Louisiana is worth a visit in this lifetime. It’s filled with adventure and eye-candy attractions, with plenty of food trails to follow to sample some original Cajun cuisine.

If you’re sold on spending valuable days in pretty Louisiana, pack your necessities diligently, and make sure your car is geared for the eventful trip ahead!

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