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Vacation Rental Amenities (A Room-by-Room Guide)

Vacation Rental Amenities (A Room-by-Room Guide)

Most guests are hoping for a home-away-from-home when they stay at a vacation rental. While they travel, they want all the amenities that provide comfort at home while they travel to new locations. While there are some basic amenities that you should include to cover simple needs, there are also lots of extra amenities that can give your rental property an edge above the competition and provide guests with an outstanding experience. Here is an amenities checklist for vacation rentals of our suggestions for all the essentials (and extras) to include in your vacation rental.

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The safety and well-being of guests must be the top priority of every host. Ensuring that your property is equipped with the necessary safety features is essential and required by many online travel agencies. Here is a checklist of the necessary safety precautions and equipment for hosts to provide in their properties.

Smoke alarms

The risk of death in case of a home fire decreases by 55% when a home has working smoke alarms (hyperlink: and-Signaling/Smoke-Alarms-in-US-Home-Fires) so it is imperative to ensure that your property has operational and reliable alarms. Smoke alarms should either be powered by the main electricity supply or a non-removable battery with a life expectancy of 10 years. Check that smoke alarms are distributed in appropriate places throughout the home (in hallways outside bedrooms, in the kitchen, etc.).

Carbon monoxide detector

Although not a legal requirement, we recommend installing a reliable carbon monoxide alarm if your property has a fuel-burning appliance like a gas stove or fireplace.

Explosive gas detector

Explosive gas detectors alert you to any leaks of propane or natural gas and should be installed if there are any gas-burning appliances in the home.

Fire extinguisher and fire blankets

Fire extinguisher and fire blankets

It is common knowledge that at least one fire extinguisher should be placed on every floor of the home since a fire could start anywhere. We suggest installing a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, the garage, by fireplaces and barbeque areas, and near exits. Fire blankets may also be helpful to place in or near the kitchen, but they certainly do not replace the necessity for a fire extinguisher.

Flashlights, candles, and matches

In the case of a power outage or unforeseen emergency, we recommend including flashlights with extra batteries in your property. Although many people now use the built-in flashlights in their smart phones when they need extra light, there is always a risk of losing battery in a power outage or emergency, making flashlights an extremely valuable safety tool to provide. Additionally, having candles and matches or hurricane lamps on hand is an excellent precaution. • First aid kit

Basic first aid kits can be purchased or assembled for a very low cost and will certainly be appreciated by your guests. For more information on what to include and leave out from your first aid kit, check out this article (hyperlink: your-air-bnb/). You may consider including items like sunscreen and bug spray in your first aid kit depending on where your rental property is located.

Security cameras

There are pros and cons to installing security cameras in your short-term rental. On the one hand, having surveillance cameras can secure the property against theft and burglary. On the other hand, the improper usage of recording devices can be illegal or, at the very least, can make guests uncomfortable or uneasy. It is essential to comply with all local laws and vacation rental platform rules related to security camera protocol to avoid legal complications or negative guest reviews. Please see this Rental Trader article on surveillance guidelines (hyperlink: and conduct your own research to be fully informed on the ins and outs of security cameras rules before installing them in your property.

Video recording doorbell

Video recording doorbell

Similar to the points listed above, installing a doorbell with video recording capabilities comes with pros and cons. However, since video doorbells generally only record public areas like the sidewalk and street, there are typically less privacy issues involved. Not only can a Ring or Nest video doorbell increase your property’s security, but it can also attract guests who value having

smart tech in the home. Before you install your doorbell, however, we strongly recommend a thorough look into local laws and the rules of any platform you wish to list your property on. This is especially important if you wish to install a doorbell on a back door facing a pool or hot tub, since most platforms require hosts to disclose this information to guests as it may pose a problem for guest privacy.

Deadbolt lock

Whether you decide to have keyless entry or a traditional key locked handle, it is your responsibility as a host to be sure that your locks are secure and reliable. We recommend using a deadbolt lock for maximum security.

Emergency manual

Providing an emergency manual with all the necessary emergency information is absolutely essential. The emergency manual can also double as the welcome manual that you leave out on the counter or in a welcome basket. This way, guests are unlikely to miss it. In your emergency manual, we suggest including the address of the property, a local hospital, and a nearby medical clinic for emergencies. Also, list the contact information (name and phone number) of the property manager or owner. The emergency manual should also list the location of the fire extinguishers, electric panel, gas shut-off, water shut-off, and any other relevant safety features. Finally, you should list a local police contact, fire contact, and a non-emergency number. We also recommend including an instruction to call 911 in case of an emergency.

Fireplace guards (if applicable)

Fireplace guards

If your property features an open fire or log-burning fireplace, we highly recommend including a fireplace guard or screen. A fireplace cover contains sparks, preventing them from flying out and burning guests or causing a fire.

Fire escape and ladder (if applicable)

Legally, any property with a finished basement must have at least one egress fire escape in case of fire. If your property has a basement, we strongly recommend researching your local guidelines for basement fire escapes. Additionally, if your property has any bedrooms situated more than 20 feet off the ground, we recommend buying a portable fire escape ladder and placing it in the closet of each room. This way, if a fire prevents escape through the exit of the home, a guest can make an emergency escape through the window.


High-speed internet

It is hard to overstate the importance of providing high-speed internet access at your rental property. In fact, internet access has quickly become one of the most highly demanded and expected amenities. To determine what speed of internet your property needs, assess the number of bedrooms, the likely demographic of guests that will stay there, and the number of devices in the home. For instance, a three-bedroom property with multiple televisions will require a more robust Wi-Fi than a studio apartment with no TV. For more information about the best providers, speeds, and even more tips, please read this article (hyperlink: set-up-vacation-home-internet-in-a-rental-property/).
Also, be sure to consider adding internet extenders if needed. Wi-Fi extenders or boosters can offer faster speeds, support multiple devices, and eliminate “dead areas” or areas in the home with limited internet access.

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is an excellent investment for your vacation rental. Not only can you monitor and control your rental property remotely, but these devices can be easier and more convenient for guests to operate. Before purchasing a smart thermostat, be sure that it will be compatible with the heating and cooling systems currently installed in your home. Smart thermostats allow hosts the convenience of automation, such as activating shortly before your guests arrive for check-in. Some of the best smart thermostats we recommend are Google Nest, Amazon Ecobee, and Honeywell. The cost of installing a smart thermostat is relatively inexpensive for giving you the ability to minimize utility bills and keep your expenses low.



It is always helpful to have a few extra batteries on hand for your guests. Consider which batteries are required for various devices in the home (remotes, flashlights, etc.) and stash a few extras away in a drawer. Your guests will be thankful for this thoughtful touch and will be more inclined to give a positive review or book another stay.

Extra light bulbs

Be sure to routinely check if light bulbs need to be replaced. Consider adding this to the cleaning checklist after or before every new guest. Although guests should not be responsible for changing light bulbs, it may be helpful and convenient to have a few extras on property.

Labels (when necessary)

Here is a good rule of thumb for using labels in your vacation rental: use labels strategically and where they will be helpful. If a guest walks into your home and sees labels everywhere, they will eventually find them unhelpful and start ignoring them. Instead, give simple, clear directions in areas of the property where a guest might have a hard time interacting with a feature. For example, if you have a light switch that is not intuitively placed, label it with clear instructions for its function. In short, consider adding a label where guests could easily be confused or mistaken.


Of course, your property should undergo routine cleaning between guests (hyperlink:, leaving it fresh and sanitary for the next occupants. Also, be sure to use this maintenance checklist (hyperlink: to avoid major cleaning disasters before they happen. Of course, small messes or accidents are bound to happen throughout your guests’ stay. By providing basic cleaning essentials, guests will be encouraged and empowered to keep your property clean and tidy throughout their vacation.

All-purpose cleaner

An all-purpose, multi-surface cleaner is an essential cleaning basic to store at your property. You can include a number of clean rags or cloths for guests to use to wipe up spills or clean surfaces. Similarly, you may wish to place disinfecting wipes in each bathroom and cleaning cabinets. These can be used for small cleaning jobs on just about any surface and they are strong enough to control the spread of germs.

Vacuum, broom, and dustpan

Vacuum, broom, and dustpan

A basic broom and dustpan are necessary amenities for any vacation rental. Although not essential, a vacuum can also be a real plus for your guests. By providing a vacuum, you increase the odds that guests will help keep your property clean and tidy throughout their stay, which minimizes the need for deep cleaning between guests. There are many new designs for cordless, handless vacuum cleaners that provide a sleek alternative to the bulky vacuums that used to be necessary for effective cleaning. If you decide a Dyson product or similar high-quality vacuum is too big a splurge for your wallet, even a basic, budget-friendly vacuum is a huge bonus for guests.

Dish cleaning supplies

We recommend leaving a dish scrubbing brush instead of sponges for guests to use when cleaning dishes. Sponges gather bacteria and wear out quickly, requiring them to be replaced far more frequently than brushes. You should also provide a small, 2-4 ounce bottle of dish soap at your kitchen sink. To cut down on waste and save money, you can buy dish soap in large quantities and refill the small bottle between guests. When the bottle looks worse for wear, simply throw it out and replace it.


A bottle of Windex or another reliable glass cleaner brand is an excellent way to encourage guests to clean windows, mirrors, or appliances during their stay.

Toilet cleaner, scrubber, and plunger

Although you should be cleaning toilets routinely between guests, accidents are bound to happen, and a guest may choose to take the cleanliness of your toilets into their own hands. We recommend keeping a toilet cleaner, scrubber, and plunger in each bathroom.


If you already provide rags and an all-purpose cleaner, a duster may not be necessary to include in your cleaning kit. However, a simple Swiffer duster can be an inexpensive addition that will help cut down on your need to deep clean between stays.

Laundry machines and detergent, bleach, stain remover, dryer sheets, etc.

Laundry machines and detergent, bleach, stain remover, dryer sheets, etc.

We understand why you may be hesitant to splurge on adding laundry machines to your rental property. However, although these are not an essential amenity, they can be a real game-changer for your guests and may be the reason for a prospective customer to book a stay with you. Not to mention, having laundry machines on-site can cut down on the hassle of hauling bedding and towels to another place for cleaning between guests. If you do provide laundry machines, you should also include a small amount of detergent for guests. Bleach, stain remover, fabric softener, and dryer balls or sheets are not essential, but certainly a thoughtful touch if you decide to include them.

Pest control products

If your property has consistent problems with pests, you may consider looking into this article on how to prevent and treat various pests in your vacation rental (hyperlink: If you wish to ward off the stray ant or pest, consider setting insect traps inconspicuously around key areas of the property.

This is especially important in the fall when pests are likely to move indoors to escape the dropping temperatures outside.


Keyless entry or lockbox with extra keys

Keyless entry offers a number of benefits to both you and your guests. There are a great variety of “smart locks” with different technology, from locks controlled by mobile apps to digital keypads. With a keyless entry, you offer your guests the convenience of a speedy check-in and check-out and reduce your own staffing needs and resources. For an in-depth guide to using a smart lock at your rental property, see this article (hyperlink: smart-lock-for-airbnb/) and others like it on our Rental Trader blog.

Outdoor signs

A simple outdoor welcome sign can reduce the chances of guests knocking on the neighbors’ door. No one wants to undergo that uncomfortable experience! An outdoor sign is especially important if the entry is difficult to locate or see from the street. Even if this is not the case and if you have clearly communicated the check-in instructions to guests, it may be a warm and welcoming touch to be greeted by a cheery sign or one that displays the creative and unique name of your property.

Welcome letter

Welcome letter

The welcome letter is an indispensable part of your vacation rental, it is kind of a must-have item to become a great vacation rental owner. As a host, you can extend a cordial welcome and display your hospitality to your guests through a simple welcome and explanation of any pertinent information your guests should know. If you are feeling daunted by such an important task, consult our simple guide to crafting the perfect welcome letter (hyperlink: Do you wish to go the extra mile and include a welcome basket for your guests? Welcome baskets do not need to be expensive or elaborate and they are an extremely thoughtful touch that can go a long way. Here are some helpful ideas for what to include in your welcome basket (hyperlink: rental-property-to-leave-a-lasting-impression/).

Entry seating and décor

When your guests arrive, they are likely tired and ready to sit down, kick off their shoes, and make themselves comfortable. You can encourage them to do just that by providing a bench, seat, or stool and beautiful décor. The first impression you make in your entry can go a long way, so be intentional with the style choices you make here.


Entries can often see the heaviest foot traffic of the entire home and are notorious for tracking in mud, dirt, and germs. Doormats trap outdoor debris and can provide a touch a style to your entryway. You may consider adding an outdoor and indoor doormat on either side of your door. The choice is up to you!

Coat rack and shoe rack

If the property does not have a mud room or built-in coat closet, a basic coat and shoe rack can go a long way to lend practicality and utility to your entry. Not to mention, a shoe rack will encourage guests to leave shoes at the door rather than tracking dirt and germs into the home.



Mattress and bed frame

With so many options to choose from, selecting a mattress can be a daunting task. You are in luck, however, as we have provided an extensive guide to choosing the ideal mattress for your rental property (hyperlink: When it comes to selecting a bed frame, we recommend those made with durable materials like wood or metal. Although upholstered bed frames are on-trend right now, we recommend steering away from these as they can present a risk of bedbugs. Instead, opt for a sturdy and timeless bed frame that will last for years and never go out of style. For more information on selecting the best furniture for every room, see this article from Rental Trader (hyperlink:


The quality and type of bedding you select can make it or break it when it comes to your guests’ comfort. Essentially, quality bedding leads to quality sleep. Quality does not always have to come with a steep price tag, however. Once you determine your budget for bedding, check out these articles to hear our recommendations for selecting a comforter (hyperlink:, pillows (hyperlink:, and high quality sheets ( We recommend providing four pillows, one full set of extra bedding, and one or two extra blankets for each bed in your property. This extra bedding can be stored in a linen closet, hutch, or cabinet where guests can easily access it if they require a change of bedding during their stay. Additionally, a waterproof mattress cover is an essential for each bed. These will extend the longevity and cleanliness of your mattress for years to come. If you wish to go the extra mile, adding a few decorative pillows or a throw blanket can go a long way to make the bed look luxurious and inviting to your guests.



When decorating and furnishing a room, it is essential to remember its function in the home. Of course, the primary function of a bedroom is to create a relaxing and peaceful environment for guests to sleep. This means that bedroom windows should be outfitted appropriately to allow for minimal daylight to disrupt your guests’ sleep. Curtains, blinds, and blackout curtains are all excellent options for ensuring that guests are able to get the sleep they need to have a wonderful stay at your property. We recommend visiting your property at night, turning off all bedroom lights and seeing for yourself if your window treatments are blocking any light from street lamps, patio lights or passing cars.


Each bed should have a nearby surface for guests to set their book, phone, or glasses before drifting off to sleep. There are a great variety of nightstands, bedside tables, and shelves available to fit this practical need. You are sure to find one that perfectly suits the style and layout of your space. Depending on the size of the bed and room, you may or may not decide to add a nightstand on each side of the bed. For example, it may be appropriate to have two identical tables on either side of a king-sized bed in a master bedroom. However, a floating shelf installed by a daybed may be quite sufficient for a small studio apartment.


Consider the lighting in each bedroom. Whether the room has overhead lighting or not, it is always a good idea to provide alternative lighting in strategic places around the room. For example, a bedside lamp or sconce can provide light for reading or relaxing before sleep. A small night light in an outlet near the door can be a helpful indication for where to walk if a guest needs to get up in the middle of the night.

Shelves, drawers, or closet

Shelves, drawers, or closet

Guests are divided when it comes to the issue of unpacking on vacation. Some travelers are adamant that unpacking helps them to feel organized, at home, and in control of their environment. Although some feel that unpacking is an unnecessary inconvenience, we recommend including some kind of clothing storage for guests who disagree with that sentiment. If a room does not have a closet, be sure to add some kind of furniture with drawers or shelves. If the room has a closet, be sure to leave a few hangers for your guests.

Bench, chair, or luggage stand

Whether or not a guest decides to unpack while traveling, seating is always a welcome addition to a bedroom. Not only is it helpful to sit while putting on socks or shoes, but guests may wish to place their luggage or other items on a surface other than the floor. For optimal comfort and seating options, consider adding an ottoman or footrest so guests can kick up their feet and read or work on their laptop.

Laundry basket

A laundry basket is an excellent addition to a bedroom as it allows a guest to keep their bedroom clean and tidy. This is especially helpful if your property offers the amenity of laundry machines.

Full-length mirror

Everyone appreciates full-length mirrors while getting ready in the morning. If you do not have adequate space on a wall, consider purchasing a mirror that can be installed on the back of a door. Not only is a mirror incredibly practical, but it can also make a room look larger than it actually is.

Computer desk

Although not an essential, a computer desk can provide a wonderful space for guests to work while traveling. This may be especially attractive for guests traveling on business or those who work remotely.


By including a safe in your vacation rental, your guests can rest assured that any valuable items they brought will be kept securely throughout their stay. You can purchase a simple safe for a reasonable price. Whatever the locking mechanism, be sure to have an extra key or override code in case it gets locked between guests. Be sure to include clear instructions in a visible place near the safe.



Many people sleep with a fan on solely because of the white noise it provides. Of course, during hotter months of the year, a fan also helps regulate the temperature in a room and provide extra airflow. If the bedrooms in your property do not have ceiling fans installed, consider installing one or purchasing a floor fan for each room. For the most part, a fan in each bedroom will benefit guests far more than a fan in a common space. However, if the location of your property is situated in a hotter climate, you may consider adding other fans throughout the home.

Space heater or AC unit

If your property does not have central heating or cooling, consider adding a space heater or AC unit. Providing a temperature-controlled space to your guests can be a real perk and may boost your reviews!


In today’s digital age, most guests will appreciate having an outlet near their bed to charge their cell phone and other devices. If the outlets in a bedroom are situated far away from the bed, consider adding extension cords for easier accessibility. There are many sleek, inconspicuous options of extension cords.

Digital clock

Whether guest are waking up or getting ready for a night out on the town, they will need a clock to help them stay on time while on their trip. We recommend placing a simple digital clock on a nightstand or shelf. If the clock has alarm capabilities, this is an excellent bonus.


When it comes to decorations, the sky is the limit. Depending on your budget, ideal guest, and the overall design and style of your property, the décor you use in the bedrooms can vary drastically. Regardless of these factors, however, you should include some decorative touches to give each room that extra something. Attention to detail shows your guests that you care about their experience and will provide a beautiful space for them to enjoy. Décor can come from practical aspects of the room as well. The curtains, comforter, lamps, and furniture you select can all add beauty and style to the room.

Tissues, earplugs, and other optional touches

If you wish to go the extra step and give your guests a five-star experience, consider adding a few sundry items to each bedroom. A small welcome basket with tissues, earplugs, water bottles, slippers, and other helpful items can be a thoughtful addition to provide your guests.



Keep in mind that many guests book stays at a vacation rental for the express purpose of having access to a kitchen throughout their stay. But do not be intimidated! There is no need to rush to your local superstore and purchase every kitchen gadget on the shelves. We have assembled a list of the basic staples you should include in your vacation rental.

Large appliances

The following are some standard, large appliances that guests will expect to be included in a vacation rental that advertises a complete cooking experience.

o Stove
o Oven
o Dishwasher (and detergent) o Refrigerator with freezer) o Microwave


When considering how many dishes to purchase, we recommend this simple rule of thumb. Whatever your vacation rental’s maximum capacity, you should have twice the number of each of the following.

  • Large plates
  • Small plates
  • Cups
  • Mugs
  • Cutlery (forks, spoons, and knives)
    If you hope to house families with children, also consider including a few sets of plastic dinnerware or sippy cups.

Pots and pans

The crowning jewel of every kitchen is its pots and pans. We recommend nonstick skillets and pots in small, medium, and large sizes. Also be sure to include matching lids for each size. Providing different sized pots and pans is essential to enabling guests to select the ideal tool for cooking an egg, a stir fry, or any other dish!

Cooking Utensils

Any kitchen would be incomplete without a set of handy kitchen utensils. Although there are many utensils that guests will find useful, here are the basic ones you should include:

o Spoon
o Slotted spoon o Spatula
o Ladle
o Whisk
o Tongs

Small appliances

Once you have purchased your large appliances, there are several small appliances you should consider adding for a well-rounded kitchen experience.

o Blender
o Toaster
o Coffee maker (and other coffee supplies) o Hot water kettle (and some tea bags)

Essential tools

Essential tools

Aside from utensils, there are several essential cooking tools you should include in your vacation rental:

o Measuring cups and spoons
o Liquid measuring cup
o Can opener
o Bottle opener (with corkscrew) o Grater

o Strainer
o Mixing bowl
o Kitchen shears

o Sharp knives and cutting board

o Oven mitts and pot holders

Cleaning supplies

Providing cleaning supplies is not only helpful for guests, but can actually save you money (and a headache). When guests are equipped with adequate cleaning supplies throughout their stay, they are less likely to leave a massive mess for you or your housekeepers to clean.

o Trash can and bags
o Dish drying rack
o Scrubber, sponge, and dish soap
o Kitchen sink garbage disposal
o Hand towels, paper towels, and napkins


Ensure your kitchen has adequate storage for groceries, kitchen supplies, and leftovers. Here are a few of the key storage elements to include in your kitchen:

o Drawer organizers
o Racks and hooks to clear up counter space
o Grocery storage nook or pantry
o Food storage supplies (Tupperware, Ziploc bags, etc.)

o Plastic wrap and aluminum foil

Spices and basic supplies

Although certainly not essential, spices and basic supplies are an optional addition to put your rental kitchen above the competition.

o Salt and pepper
o Sugar
o Olive oil and vinegar

o Spices

Water filtration

If your kitchen does not come equipped with a water filtration system, we recommend including a filtration pitcher. This way, guests do not have to purchase water bottles or gallons of drinking water during their stay.

Extra kitchen tools

If you followed this guide so far, your rental kitchen should be very well-stocked! However, there are a few extra touches you can add to give you guests a special, five-star experience.

o Peeler
o Cookie sheets and baking pans o Hand mixer
o Pizza cutter
o Juicer
o Meat thermometer
o Baster
o Fine mesh strainer
o Ice cream scooper
o Frying skimmer
o Garlic press
o Spoon holder
o Coasters
o Serving bowls and platters




There are few things a guest will appreciate more than a clean, fluffy, and warm towel after a nice shower or bath. Typically, you will want to provide several towels for each guest. You may need to increase this number if there is no washer and dryer available on your property. If you want to add a luxurious touch, consider purchasing jumbo or oversized bath sheets or a towel warmer. You can also try out these top-quality vacation rental towels to enhance your guest experience.

o Bath towels
o Hand towels
o Facial cloths or washcloths
o Towel rack or wall hooks for drying


A mirror with good lighting is a non-negotiable for any bathroom. Better yet, think about adding a full-length mirror in the bathroom so guests can check their outfits before leaving for their adventures.

Floor and bathtub mats

Since most bathrooms are not carpeted (for obvious reasons), it is thoughtful to include a few plush and absorbent mats for guests to stand on. One mat in front of each sink and toilet should cover it. We also highly recommend installing a non-slip bathtub mat. This has become almost standard practice for many rental property owners and hotels. If your shower or bathtub already has slip-resistant flooring, this may be unnecessary. If not, this is an important safety feature that should be considered before guests stay in your property.

Updated shower fixtures

Many of us have experienced the disappointment of taking a shower with low water pressure. Or perhaps we have experienced the opposite problem: a showerhead that acts more like a pressure washer. This is why it is helpful to put yourself in your guest’s shoes. Test out the shower faucets in your property. If you do not want to take a full shower, just run a hand under the water for a moment and see if the pressure, temperature, and stream is comfortable.

Hair dryer

For many years, hotels have provided guests with hair dryers in each room. Because of this, many travelers have come to view blow dryers as a necessity, often taking it for granted that hosts will provide them. For this reason, we recommend including this amenity.

Trash can with trash bags

Trash can with trash bags

When shopping for this amenity, we recommend hosts look for lidded trash cans. Not only do they reduce odors, but they also reduce unsightly mess in the bathroom.

  • Shampoo, body wash, or soap (or 3-in-1) Hand soap Hand lotion
  • TP
  • Bathroom storage
  • Plunger
  • Travel-sized toothpaste and disposable toothbrush Air freshener
  • Feminine products
  • Makeup wipes

Living Rooms


Whether you decide to go with a sofa, sectional, or several roomy arm chairs, no living room is complete without a comfortable place to sit or lounge. Your living room should have ample seating for your maximum occupancy to gather around and enjoy quality time, a game, or movie. We recommend investing in high-quality and durable furniture for the living room in your vacation rental. Living rooms are high traffic areas in the home, so avoid fabrics that easily stain, rip, or show wear. Your living room seating needs to be durable enough to withstand years of bookings and all the guests, snacks, and pets that come with your many bookings!


Although many living rooms have light fixtures already installed, it may be beneficial to add extra lighting throughout the room. Table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces give a lovely ambiance to the room. Not only that, but secondary lighting adds enormous functionality by providing light for guests to read or work by.


Many interior designers would agree that a good living room is not complete without a table– or two! Ideally, every seat should be within arm’s length from a coffee or side table. You can add style to your tables with lamps and decorative items. Also, consider adding coasters on each table to avoid damaging them with water rings from beverages. 

TV & Wifi

For many vacation rental hosts, providing a TV has become a commonplace practice. Many guests will appreciate having access to streaming services, cable, or even a DVD player and small selection of movies. If a TV is too big for your space, too expensive for your budget, or clashing with your style, we still recommend investing in good Wifi for your vacation rental. This way, many guests will still be able to stream movies from their laptops or other personal devices. Clearly indicating the Wifi name and password in the living room and other ey areas will prevent frustrated guests from hunting around for the login information.

Pillows and blankets

Pillows and blankets

You have selected the perfect seating for your living room, but something is missing. Look no further, we have the answer for you! Throw pillows and blankets lend the finishing touch to your living room seating and allow guests to fully relax and enjoy your vacation rental property. After purchasing a few high-quality down throw pillow inserts, you will be able to exchange pillow covers whenever they become outdated or worn. Do not forget to toss the living room blankets in the wash from time to time as well.


When guests want to unwind from a long day, they will head to the living room to relax and be entertained. You can give them a leg up by tucking a few games and books onto a shelf or cubby.

Decor and finishing touches

As with any room in your vacation rental, the decoration and finishing touches can go a long way towards making your guests feel at home. Windows almost always look better with curtains or some other form of window treatment. Add splashes of color and life with plants, paintings, sculptures, or a rug. A stereo or Bluetooth speaker can fill the room with music on command.

The sky is the limit

We hope that this guide helps you fill your vacation rental with all the amenities and essentials guests expect. And don’t forget to list your rental on our site,! Although this list is extensive, it is not comprehensive. Allow your creativity to run wild. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal travelers and include any amenities you think they might find helpful, practical, and enjoyable so you’ll get that coveted five-start rating.

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