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Ultimate Guide to Vacation Rental Security Device Policy

Vacation Rental Security Device Policy

Stories about hidden vacation rental security cameras send shivers down the spines of people traveling around the world. This makes them rethink how safe they are while renting any property and their privacy rights.

Installing surveillance devices and cameras within the home is generally illegal especially if you are renting it out to travelers. However, you can include monitoring devices in a way that you do not violate the privacy rights of the renters. You need to provide them the freedom that they seek while they are on a vacation and shouldn’t create an environment where they feel insecure.

It is always best to check local laws and comply with them to stay far from legal problems. You can use surveillance systems for securing your property but make sure that you are not violating the privacy of the guests in any manner. Do not install recording systems anywhere inside the home but you can typically have them in external common areas if the local laws allow.

Having a comprehensive understanding of monitoring devices is crucial to know what is acceptable for installing in your rental and what is not. No matter what you choose to do, you should always prioritize the comfort of your guests since making an incorrect move can impact your feedback and ratings. 

If you quickly want to know why you should have a surveillance policy, below slides give a fair ideas:

Latest Vacation Rental Security Device Policy

Here are some devices that you might consider:

Security Systems

You can use a remote security system so that if there is an intruder, the system can alert the police and prevent any major mishap. A security system will include door and window sensors, motion sensors, sirens, mobile remote controls, and more depending on the system that you choose.

surveillance systems

Having an appropriate security system in place will also usually provide a discount on insurance for your vacation rental. Most insurance companies provide an average of a 10 percent discount on a policy if you are installing security systems in your property. You will have to spend $250-$1,500 plus a monthly service fee as well.

Security Camera and Other Surveillance Systems

It is illegal to put cameras inside your vacation property. This is because it violates the rights of the people renting your place. However, you can use surveillance cameras outside your home such as on your front door.

The main reason for using a vacation rental security camera should be to monitor whoever is entering and exiting your property. This will enable you to catch break-ins and also know when your guests arrive. You can easily keep tabs on suspicious activity with such systems. Such systems also make the renters feel secure.

All property owners should notify their guests if they are using a surveillance system or cameras anywhere on their property

Noise Monitors

With an increase in vacation rental bookings, some property owners and management companies are turning to noise monitoring systems. These tools assist property owners in monitoring the noise level around the area, allow them to promptly address any property neighbor complaints, and ensure that guests are not causing a nuisance with loud music or by throwing parties.

Using noise monitoring devices enable you to record the sound levels since they are able to detect any unusual or high levels of noise activity. The system also helps notify your of the presence of unwanted visitors or intruders when you haven’t rented out your property.

Noise Monitors

Lighting Control

Using automated lighting when you haven’t rented out your space will hinder burglars from targeting your property and can enable you to remotely turn on the interior lights before guests arrive. With smart lighting systems, you can automatically turn the lights on/off or set a specific lighting schedule for your vacation rental property which also helps save energy on electricity bills.

AC and Heat Control

Energy usage can be one of the biggest expenses that a vacation rental owner incurs. It can be quite challenging to control usage when you are not on-site and your renters may forget to turn off the AC or the heating unit when they check out.

Using remote-controlled thermostats offer you the freedom to control AC and heating systems through a tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the internet. Setting up a remote-controlled thermostat is a great way of pre-cooling or pre-heating the property before the guests arrive which will Improve Guest Experience.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

From a legal perspective, it is highly recommended to install both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so that guests will be alerted immediately if there are any possible issues. Additionally, remote notification detectors alert you as the owner if there is an emergency. These detectors are easy to install and will send a notification if there are any issues. Top manufactures include, Kidde, Nest, SimpliSafe, and First Alert. You can also consider investing in a multiuse unit that comes with secure alarm, surveillance cameras, doorbell camera, keyless lock, temperature control, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors integrated into one cohesive system.

Smoke Detector

Rules for Hosts

Reliable platforms such as have their own set of rules for both hosts and guests. The primary goal is to respect each other’s privacy. The hosts need to disclose all the vacation rental security cameras, recording devices, and any other systems that they have installed on their property in the listing.

The use of recording devices and security cameras are prohibited from use in areas where they violate the privacy of the guests or local laws. These should not be set up inside the home under any circumstances.

Compliance with the Policy

If a manager or property owner violates the policy, then they will be required to either refund the traveler’s stay or face other consequences. In certain jurisdictions, placing surveillance systems such as a vacation rental security camera inside properties that are being used as a vacation rental violates the laws. It can attract legal hassles for such owners. Hence, make sure to maintain physical and digital privacy and adhere to the local laws. Some properties may have cameras installed at the entrance for safety purposes. The main aim of placing such cameras is to check how many individuals are entering and exiting the property.


Rentaltrader is a reliable platform for placing vacation rental listings. Placing the listing on the platform will ensure that both the hosts and the guests are protected. It has an appropriate policy for using surveillance devices for monitoring a property. The owners can list their property on the platform with a simple signup process. If you have any questions, please see our FAQ or contact our team.

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