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How to Improve Guest Experience in Vacation Rental?

Improve Guest Experience in Vacation Rental

There’s so much more to a guest’s experience at your rental property than location and decor. The small touches and efforts you put in as the property owner can make the difference between a good stay and a phenomenal one! Read on to learn about five simple ways to improve guest experience in vacation rental (and earn some great reviews in the process).

Also, you can follow our vacation rental tips for owners to improve guest experience in your vacation rental.

5 Ways to Improve Guest Experience in Vacation Rental

It is important for any vacation rental to improve guest experience. If you can improve their experience, you will get positive feedback and returning customers. Find below how to improve guest experience in vacation rental following simple 5 ways.

1. Communicate clearly and efficiently

Good communication with your guests starts with your listing. The ideal listing answers potential guests’ questions before they even ask them. Here are a few of the most common questions that you can answer within your listing:


    • Is there public transportation in the area? How far is the property from bus stops, train stations, and airports?

    • Are there any grocery stores nearby where guests can go to buy the essentials?

    • Are pets allowed at your property? If so, is there a pet fee, and do you have any specific rules regarding pets?

    • What size are the beds, and are there any sleeper couches or other suitable places to sleep?

    • Can guests have friends over or throw a party at your vacation rental? Are there any house rules for this type of situation (such as watching noise levels or limiting the number of people allowed at the property)?

You should also steer clear of making your listing sound too formal. You can be professional without being academic; try to write in the way you talk, editing lightly for grammar and making it Search Engine friendly. (Learn more about optimizing vacation rental listing.)

Aside from your listing, do your best to be responsive to guests and potential guests! Travelers are much more likely to book a listing when the owner responds to all messages promptly. This assures them that if anything goes awry while they’re staying at your property, they’ll be able to get in contact with you quickly and easily.

2. Appeal to all five senses

Appeal to all five senses to improve guest experience in vacation rental

Take a walk through your vacation rental and consider what small tweaks and additions you could make that would appeal to your guests’ five senses. Consider the type of mood or ambiance you want your property to have, and then choose details that make it come alive!


The colors and decorations you select for the space all contribute to the overall feel of the property. Don’t shy away from using a bit of color psychology to really play up each room! For example, blue is associated with relaxation and is a great choice for bedrooms. Meanwhile, green has a connection to nature, red stimulates the appetite, and yellow promotes happiness. You can also choose your lighting with mood in mind.


While sound isn’t as simple to appeal to as sight is in a rental property, one option is to use a white noise machine and choose sounds that fit the environment. You could also use a music streaming service for a playlist that coincides with the type of vibe you want your vacation rental to have.


For a fresh-smelling vacation rental property, make sure to keep up with regular cleaning in between guests. Freshly laundered linens always have a lovely smell as well. You could even add some air fresheners for a light aroma.


Having the kitchen stocked with essentials is a perfect way to appeal to your guests’ sense of taste. A few varieties of tea, coffee, and snacks are sure to be much appreciated. If you want to be especially fancy, you could even put a mint on each of your guests’ pillows!


Choose soft, high-quality blankets and towels for your rental property to appeal to your guests‘ sense of touch. Comfortable seating also goes a long way!

3. Provide ample amenities

Another simple way to improve guest experience in vacation rental is to provide various vacation rental amenities for them to use and enjoy. A few of the most commonly searched-for amenities include a coffee maker, heat/air conditioning, free parking, a set of wine glasses, WiFi, access to a washer and dryer, and a TV with streaming services.

You could also include DVDs and books, a deck of cards, board games, and puzzles for your guests to enjoy. A game console with various games will also be a big hit, especially for families and younger guests. Spare chargers and electrical adapters are wise to include as they’re often forgotten when packing.

Provide ample amenities

In the kitchen, providing basic cookware is a good choice since it allows your guests to cook a meal if they wish, rather than going out every night. A complimentary breakfast and a well-stocked fridge will also go a long way!

The bathroom is another area where you can really go above and beyond with amenities. Although many people expect to receive travel-size soaps and shampoos when they stay in a hotel, a vacation rental that provides them is often a welcome surprise! You could also provide hair conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, a hairdryer, and even a few grooming or beauty items. Not only guest experience but also increase the value of your vacation rental.

4. Keep a clean and well-maintained property

Cleanliness is a huge factor to improve the guest experience in vacation rentals. Even the most beautiful rental property in an ideal location will fall flat if it hasn’t been cleaned properly. It’s often wise to hire a cleaning service to ensure the property is cleaned and maintained professionally; this way, you don’t have to arrange your schedule around cleaning in between guests. Also, it is recommended to main a vacation rental checklist

If you choose to clean your property yourself, here’s a quick guide to help you optimize the process.

Step 1: Get the laundry started

Your first move should always be to throw all the towels in the wash! As the wash cycle continues, you can begin cleaning the property, and when it’s time to switch the towels to the dryer, you can put blankets and bedding in the washer. Simply repeat the process until all of the laundry is complete.

Step 2: Clean and sanitize the bathroom

Once you’ve gotten the laundry going, it’s time to conquer the most difficult room of the house. This can be different depending on your specific property, but often, the room that requires the most attention is the bathroom. This is because even one stray hair or unidentifiable stain can be seriously off-putting to your guests!

Clean and sanitize the bathroom

Start at the top of the room and clean any fans or vents, then work your way down, wiping all surfaces and spot-cleaning the walls before scrubbing the shower or bath and the floor. Provide plenty of clean towels and washcloths, and replace any other amenities used by the previous guests.

Step 3: Clean and sanitize the kitchen

Follow the same top-to-bottom cleaning pattern in the kitchen, and be sure to clean all dishes and cookware. Dispose of any food that’s past its best-by date, and restock the kitchen with the basics.

Step 4: Clean the bedrooms and living spaces

Stick with the top-to-bottom cleaning method in the bedrooms, living room, and any other living spaces as well. Be sure to dust thoroughly, make the beds neatly, and clean the floors well. Adding some air freshener is also a lovely touch that keeps everything smelling nice and clean.

Step 5: Maintain the outdoors

If your vacation rental property has a yard, pool, or other outdoor areas, be sure to keep them well-maintained! Mow the lawn regularly, ensure the pool has the correct balance of chemicals, and overall, keep the outside of the property looking well taken care of.

5. Put together a welcome binder, letter, or gift for your guests

A final way to improve the guest experience in a vacation rental is to put together a welcome binder for them to peruse when they first enter the property. You can also add a personalized welcome letter or even a personalized welcome gift basket for vacation rental guests if you really want to blow them away! Here are several things to include in your welcome binder:


    • A genuine welcome message (ideally customized to the guest)

    • Any house rules and guidelines, such as check-in and check-out procedures

    • Parking and public transportation information

    • Access codes, WiFi password, and logins to streaming services (if applicable)

    • Your contact information

    • Your property’s full address

    • Helpful emergency contacts, such as the nearest hospital, fire department, etc.

    • Simple instructions for the thermostat, washer/dryer, coffee machine, and other devices

    • Guide to fun activities and places to explore in the area

    • Restaurant and bar recommendations

    • List of nearby locations such as grocery stores, 24-hour convenience stores, gas stations, ATMs, pharmacies, and places of worship

Put together a welcome binder, letter, or gift for your guests

A welcome binder can make a huge difference in your guests’ experience! Remember, travelers are unlikely to be familiar with the area, so the welcome binder can help them feel much more oriented and at home. Plus, it shows just how much you care about your guests!

Main Takeaways

If you’re looking to improve guest experience in vacation rental property up a notch, follow these basic guidelines.


    1. Communicate clearly and effectively; write up a detailed, easy-to-understand listing and respond to guests promptly.

    1. Decorate your property and add special touches to appeal to each of the five senses.

    1. Provide plenty of amenities, such as kitchen staples and bathroom supplies.

    1. Keep your property clean and well-maintained at all times.

    1. Compile a welcome binder for your guests, and take it to another level by adding a customized letter or gift.

Also, you should check how to surprise guests by offering a unique guest experience.

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