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Guide on Vacation Rental Property Energy Cost Savings

Vacation Rental Property Energy Cost Savings

If you’re looking to save on costs associated with your vacation rental property, it might be worth it to target your energy costs. There are many different strategies you can employ to lower your energy consumption and, in turn, your utility bills. Some of these strategies are completely free and simply require a little effort on your part, but others need a larger investment upfront to generate long-term savings. Check out our suggestions for energy cost savings below, and try utilizing multiple strategies for the best results!

Swap out incandescent light bulbs

One of the easiest things you can do to decrease your vacation rental energy costs is to swap out your light bulbs. If you have any incandescent light bulbs, replace them with more energy-efficient types. Look for light bulbs that are Energy Star-certified. LED lights are the best for lowering energy consumption and the cost that comes with it.

Install light sensors

Another method of saving on your energy costs at your vacation rental property is installing light sensors that automatically turn off the lights when there is no one in the room. Although many people have a habit of turning off lights when they leave the room in their own homes, this habit doesn’t always cross over to vacation rentals. Thinking about the owner’s energy costs isn’t always a priority when you’re on vacation! So, home automation features such as light sensors can help ensure energy efficiency even when guests may not prioritize energy conservation during their stay.

Cut back on pool filtering time

If you have a pool, look into cutting back on your pool filtering time. Many pools are set to filter for 12 hours every day, and they really only need to be filtering for about seven to eight hours. As you can imagine, this cuts back on energy costs quite a bit because you’re reducing filtering time by at least a third.

Insulate your vacation rental property

Insulate your vacation rental property

Another way to save on energy costs is to insulate your vacation rental property. Good insulation will keep heat and air conditioning from escaping and cause them to run less. Although this option will come with some costs and work upfront, it’s sure to pay off long-term.

Install double-pane windows

If you’re interested in cutting back on your rental property energy costs, you should consider installing double-pane windows (if you currently have single panes). Single-pane windows let more heat and air conditioning escape, and the systems have to run more to make up for it. Meanwhile, windows with double panes are much more insulating and don’t let your treated air escape as easily.

Choose a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat can also enable you to save on energy costs at your vacation rental property. You can require a passcode to change the temperature, which you can share with guests during their stay. Alternatively, you can continue to maintain control of the temperature at all times if you wish. One option is to allow guests to change the temperature during their stay and then adjust the temperature for maximum energy savings between guests.

Look for Energy Star-certified appliances

Although it may require a big investment, investing in Energy Star-certified appliances is sure to save you on energy costs. Energy Star is a government-backed symbol that stands for energy efficiency. Energy-efficient appliances can save ten to 50% of their own energy costs each year over their lifetime of 10 to 20 years, resulting in huge savings over time. One potential method is to take the opportunity to replace an appliance whenever one breaks down, rather than continuing to fix less energy-efficient models.

Change air filters twice a year

Change air filters twice a year

A simple way to decrease your energy costs at your vacation rental property is to change your air filters every six months. Not only does this provide cleaner, fresher, healthier air for you and your guests, but it also allows air to move through the filter without being impeded. When you have dirty air filters, the air can’t move through as easily, so this forces your heat or air conditioning to work harder. Of course, when your heat and air conditioning are working harder, your energy bills are higher. Air filters are typically inexpensive and easy to change yourself, so this is a worthwhile strategy for lower energy costs.

Clean refrigerator coils regularly

Another simple way to reduce energy costs is to clean the refrigerator coils on a regular basis. Well-maintained refrigerator coils can make the refrigerator about 30% more efficient, saving you money on utilities. If you have a cleaning service, you can add this to their list of tasks to complete every six months or each year.

Choose LED TVs over plasma

When selecting a television for your vacation rental, it’s better to choose an LED TV over a plasma TV. LED TVs typically use about one-third to one-half of the power that plasma TVs use.

Install a low-flow showerhead and low-flow toilets

The bathroom of your vacation rental property is an area where you can save a lot on energy costs. If you have older toilets that use multiple gallons of water each time they flush, it’s wise to replace them with a low-flush or low-flow toilet. This can cut back the amount of water used by about half!

Meanwhile, low-flow showers cut back on water consumption by 40%. While this conserves water and cuts down your water bill, it also saves energy because energy is needed to heat the water in the shower. As you cut down on water usage, you’re also cutting back on energy usage.

Put alarms on doors that are often left open

Are there any doors on your property that guests frequently leave open? Maybe a sliding glass door that leads out to the pool, for instance? You might want to put an alarm on these doors that goes off whenever they are left open for a certain amount of time. Guests are sure to close the door if leaving it open results in a loud, annoying alarm going off. This way, you aren’t paying to essentially heat or air condition the outdoors thanks to the door being left open.

Encourage guests to save energy

Encourage guests to save energy

Something simple you can do to cut back on energy costs at your rental property is to encourage your guests to save energy. You could leave friendly reminders around the house to encourage them to switch off lights and appliances when not in use. You can also include this information when you write welcome letter for your guest. Guests who are interested in sustainability will be sure to appreciate this.

Clean out the dryer vent

Another way to reduce energy costs is to clean out your dryer vent regularly. When your dryer vent is clogged, it eats up electricity, leaves you with wet laundry, and can even be a fire hazard to your vacation rental property. It’s a great idea to clean it out in between guest stays.

Say goodbye to cable and home phones

Yet another simple way of cutting back on energy costs is to nix the cable and choose streaming services instead. Streaming services tend to cost less than cable and require zero maintenance. In addition, there’s no need for you to provide a home phone and pay the fees associated with it since the vast majority of travelers have cell phones nowadays. If you are hosting international guests at vacation rental, you can come up with other solutions for them, like offering a prepaid SIM card as an upsell.

Keep up with maintenance

Overall, keeping up with maintenance throughout the entire house is sure to save you on energy costs. When you keep up with maintenance, you can identify and resolve issues before they become major problems that require expensive repairs. Regular maintenance will help you find any holes, gaps, or leaks in the home that lead to heat or air conditioning loss. You’ve probably heard it said before that prevention is better than treatment, and this applies to the maintenance of your vacation rental property as well.

Install solar panels

Install solar panels

Installing solar panels comes with a large investment upfront, but it can save you a lot on energy costs over time. Solar panels are practical, reliable, eco-friendly, and have a long lifespan. Installing solar panels is also an effective way of appealing to guests who are interested in sustainable traveling.

Unplug electronics between guests

Another way to save on energy costs is to ask your cleaning service to unplug electronics in between guests. This is a simple, low-effort way to add to your energy savings.

Run a professional energy audit

Finally, it’s a good idea to get a professional energy audit done if you’re interested in lowering energy costs and can’t seem to make much headway on your own. A professional can go through every inch of your property and determine exactly where energy is being wasted. They’ll also offer solutions to address the problem areas of your vacation rental property.

Main Takeaways

Here’s a quick overview of ways to save on vacation rental property energy costs:

  • Swap out incandescent light bulbs.
  • Install light sensors
  • Cut back on pool filtering time.
  • Insulate your vacation rental property.
  • Install double-pane windows.
  • Choose a smart thermostat.
  • Look for Energy Star-certified appliances.
  • Change air filters twice a year.
  • Clean refrigerator coils regularly.
  • Choose LED TVs over plasma.
  • Install a low-flow showerhead and low-flow toilets.
  • Put alarms on doors that are often left open.
  • Encourage guests to save energy.
  • Clean out the dryer vent.
  • Say goodbye to cable and home phones.
  • Keep up with maintenance.
  • Install solar panels.
  • Unplug electronics between guests.
  • Run a professional energy audit.
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