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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Furniture for Airbnb (2023)

One of the most essential components of your Airbnb rental is the furniture. The best furniture for Airbnb vacation rentals have pieces that are functional, comfortable, and cohesive. If your vacation rental is in need of furniture and you’re not sure where to start, look no further! This guide to the best vacation rental Airbnb furniture will tell you everything you need to know.

How to Choose the Best Furniture for Airbnb: Factors to Consider

When furnishing their short-term rental properties, there are several things for hosts to keep in mind.

Ideal Guests

Hosts should first consider what their ideal guests would like best. For instance, guests who stay at a luxury property are more likely to expect lavish materials and upscale pieces. Meanwhile, those who stay at a pet-friendly or family-friendly vacation rental are more likely to want comfortable, durable furniture that spills and messes can’t easily ruin.

Theme & Aesthetic

Of course, the overall theme or aesthetic of the vacation rental is essential when considering furniture choices. Most successful Airbnbs have a cohesive theme with a specific color scheme that ties the interior design together. Read our blog for some vacation rental interior design secrets to make your listing stand out and attract more guests!


Comfort is key when selecting furniture for a vacation rental property. Guests stay at vacation rentals for a getaway, and uncomfortable pieces can ruin their hopes for relaxation. It’s especially important to choose comfortable mattresses and sofas.


Looks and comfort aren’t everything when choosing the best furniture for Airbnb; hosts also need to opt for furniture that’s meant to be used. Some pieces look amazing, but aren’t meant to be a functional part of the interior design. Often, online reviews will let hosts know whether a piece of furniture can truly be utilized for its intended purpose.


Safety is especially important to consider for hosts that welcome children and pets to their vacation rental properties. Sharp corners and toxic materials and coatings can potentially cause injuries and other issues.

Cost & Value

Cost & Value

Not only is the price of a piece of furniture important, but the value for the cost is also crucial to consider. Some pieces may be expensive, but absolutely worth it, because they’re so high-quality and durable. Meanwhile, other pieces might be heavily discounted but low-quality, so they may not end up being worth the buy.


When shopping for vacation rental furniture, durability is hugely important. Guests at vacation rentals tend to treat the furniture with less respect than they would treat their own, and the furniture is likely to experience a lot of traffic over time. It’s usually better to purchase a more durable piece than one that is cheap but won’t last as long.

Vacation Rental Furniture Essentials

What furniture do hosts need to purchase for their vacation rental? Learn about the most essential pieces that make up the best furniture for Airbnb below.


A comfortable couch or sofa is a true vacation rental staple. The best sofa for Airbnb fits both the size and style of the room. Selecting a pull-out couch can be a great choice to increase the number of guests who can stay at the Airbnb. To choose the best sofa bed for Airbnb, hosts should be sure to check out reviews regarding the comfort level of the piece both as a sofa and as a bed.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are simple yet essential. They provide a place to display decor, set down drinks, and play cards or board games. Many coffee tables also feature additional storage, which is a nice touch and makes the piece even more multifunctional.


Guests tend to travel with lots of baggage, and it’s always nice for them to have adequate space to store their belongings. This is particularly true if guests will be staying for more than a couple of days, since no one really enjoys living out of their suitcases. Bedside tables with drawers, dressers or garment racks, and additional storage options all make wonderful additions to vacation rental properties.



Lighting has a huge role in the ambiance of the space, and lamps are an easy way to make the vacation rental feel cozy and welcoming. Lamps on bedside tables and by the couch are great choices when selecting the best furniture for Airbnb.


The right bed and quality mattresses are crucial for a vacation rental property’s success. While a good night’s sleep can result in five-star reviews, tossing and turning all night on an uncomfortable mattress can ruin the guests’ entire experience. A high-quality memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, or latex mattress with a good box spring and solid bed frame ensures maximum comfort.

The correct bedding and pillows are also important for guests to sleep comfortably. It’s best to provide at least two pillows per guest, one softer and one firmer, so that they can select the one they like best. Depending on the climate in the area where the vacation rental is located, hosts might opt for a comfortable comforter or duvets of different materials so guests will be warm and cozy but not overheated. Extra pillows and blankets are always appreciated by guests as well.

Dining Table

Many guests stay at vacation rentals with their families to focus on spending time together and enjoying shared experiences. A dining set large enough for guests to sit and have a meal as a group is an excellent addition to any vacation rental. However, it’s best to select a dining table that fits the space, rather than simply thinking that bigger is always better. Depending on the local climate, an outdoor dining set is also a lovely touch. The best furniture for Airbnb is a good match for the space and remains cohesive with the rest of the pieces in the vacation rental.


The decor at a vacation rental property is what pulls everything together. Hosts may have chosen the perfect pieces of furniture, but without those small decorative touches, the vacation rental won’t feel totally complete. It’s not necessary to spend thousands on decor, either–small, inexpensive pieces like vases, fake plants, and art prints can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the space.


The key is to stick with the overall theme or aesthetic of the vacation rental, rather than selecting multiple mismatched pieces that don’t really go together. Decor gives a vacation rental property personality and character, so hosts should take their time and choose items that evoke the ambiance they want their guests to experience during their stay.

Appliances & Electronics

While appliances and electronics aren’t exactly furniture, they’re also essentials for vacation rental properties. The main kitchen appliances hosts should have are a stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. Additional kitchen items like a coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster, and blender are also great to have. Meanwhile, electronics such as alarm clocks, smart thermostats, and smart locks make staying at a vacation rental property more convenient.

Where to Purchase Furniture for Airbnb

Hosts looking to buy the best furniture for Airbnb may not know the best place to start. Luckily, there are plenty of options available. From furniture rental services like CasaOne to affordable options like IKEA, plus local stores and online marketplaces, there are multiple choices for vacation rental owners wondering where to buy the ideal furniture for their properties.


CasaOne is an excellent choice for vacation rental owners because it allows shoppers to either purchase or rent furniture at a low price. It’s possible to find amazing designer pieces at a small portion of the usual cost, and CasaOne even has various plans that can allow for seasonal furniture changes and upgrades. This also means hosts can keep up with the trends and update their furniture as they please, rather than sticking with outdated pieces that they spent thousands on in the past.

Another great thing about CasaOne is that it includes delivery and assembly, so vacation rental hosts won’t have to worry about putting furniture together themselves. CasaOne makes it simple and hassle-free to obtain the pieces hosts need to make their vacation rental property look amazing and perfectly styled.



IKEA has long been the go-to Airbnb furniture store for people searching for functional pieces at affordable prices. However, it’s best for hosts not to choose only pieces from this store, as this can make their vacation rentals look a bit like an IKEA showroom. It’s often ideal to have a mix of affordable and higher-end pieces throughout the vacation rental in order to have the best furniture for Airbnb. Still, IKEA has some fantastic pieces of furniture that provide functionality and durability.

Local Furniture Stores

Another option for buying Airbnb furniture is to shop at local furniture stores. Many vacation rental hosts want their interior design to reflect the surrounding area, and local furniture stores often have distinctive and unique pieces that showcase the local culture.

Craigslist & Online Marketplaces

When shopping for vacation rental furniture, a final option is to check out Craigslist and other second hand online marketplaces. While not everything listed on these sites is worth the purchase, there are often many items that are in good or like-new condition that can fill out a vacation rental property. The best thing about these types of marketplaces is that they often have quality pieces at very low prices. Hosts who are interested in taking lower-quality pieces and fixing them up to perfectly match the interior design of their vacation rental should also check out Craigslist. Even though many of the items for sale aren’t in perfect condition, many are sturdy and durable pieces that can look amazing with a little DIY handiwork.

List Your Vacation Rental on RentalTrader

Once you’ve gotten your vacation rental furnished and decorated, it’s time to list it and welcome your first guests! RentalTrader is a great place to start. It’s easy and free to sign up and list your property, and the fees are among the lowest in the industry at only 4.5% per booking. List your vacation rental on RentalTrader today!


If you are still searching for the best furniture for your Airbnb, please watch out this video.

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