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Your Guide to the Best Mattress for Airbnb 2023 (Plus Specific Recommendations)

Your Guide to the Best Mattress for Airbnb 2021

Choosing the best mattress for Airbnb and vacation rental properties can be a challenge. With so many types of mattresses available and such varying preferences on factors like firmness and contouring, how can Airbnb hosts know which mattress will make the best bed? This article will cover various mattress types and factors to consider, plus tips for mattress care and recommendations for the best Airbnb mattress.

What Are the Best Mattress Types for Airbnb Vacation Rentals?

There are many types of mattresses to choose from, but this article will cover the four that are best suited for vacation rentals and Airbnb properties.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses have enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years, mainly thanks to the comfort they provide. Memory foam conforms to the body and takes pressure off the spine while evenly distributing body weight. It’s also hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant, which is perfect for those who are prone to allergies. Memory foam mattresses require very little maintenance and often have long-term warranties that can last as long as 25 years, which is excellent when looking for the best mattress for Airbnb.

There are a few drawbacks to consider with memory foam as well. First, this type of mattress can be very heavy and difficult to move. The dense foam can also retain body heat in some cases, although new mattress models typically have open cell and gel technology to keep sleepers cool throughout the night.


Innerspring mattresses are generally what the average person thinks of as the traditional mattress type. They have a support frame made up of a metal wire and spring system with cushioning on top for extra support. Innerspring mattresses are often preferred by back sleepers, as opposed to side sleepers, who generally appreciate the way memory foam conforms to and supports their bodies. Those who find it hard to move around on memory foam mattresses often feel that innerspring mattresses are a better choice.


Overall, innerspring mattresses are firmer and provide consistent support across the entire bed. They’re available at varying price points as well. One thing to consider when thinking about purchasing an innerspring mattress is that the springs can fail over time. Generally, they use lower-quality material overall, although this isn’t true for all innerspring mattresses.


Hybrid mattresses combine aspects of innerspring and memory foam mattresses, making them a great choice when it comes to the best mattress for Airbnb. This type of mattress provides excellent support for sleepers’ backs and joints. Hybrids offer a balance between softness and firmness that make them a great choice for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike. They also provide relief for pressure points and often have cooling technology that keeps sleepers from overheating throughout the night.

Potential downsides of hybrid mattresses are that they can sometimes retain heat and aren’t ideal for those who prefer the support of firm mattresses.


The final mattress type to consider for vacation rentals is latex. Latex is a natural material that provides superior comfort. It promotes natural spine alignment and pain relief. Latex mattresses are allergen-free and also have a natural resistance to mold and dust mites. They provide great air circulation and tend to last longer than most other types of mattresses.

The drawbacks of latex mattresses are that they’re extremely heavy and not as affordable as some of the other mattress types.

Components to Consider When Choosing the Best Bed for Airbnb

What should hosts keep in mind when choosing the best mattress for their Airbnb rental properties? Read on to find out!


Price is always a factor when making decisions for rental property items. It’s wise to set a realistic budget first, and then figure out the options available at that price point. However, it’s not recommended to simply choose the cheapest mattress possible. This will often result in a lack of comfort for guests and a need to replace mattresses more often. Instead, it’s wise to choose a mattress that is affordable, yet still comfortable and durable.



Size is a huge component when it comes to the best mattress for vacation rentals. Hosts should always measure their space to determine which size bed (twin, full, queen, or king) would fit most comfortably.


Preferences when it comes to firmness can vary quite a bit. A rule of thumb for Airbnb vacation rental hosts is to opt for mattresses that aren’t too soft or too firm. It’s ideal to aim for a happy medium that will satisfy the majority of guests if you want the best mattress for Airbnb vacation rentals.


Contouring refers to the way a mattress conforms to a person’s body shape. Some people love the feel of contouring, and others don’t like it at all. Similar to firmness, it’s best for vacation rental hosts to opt for mattresses that have a moderate amount of contouring.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is important for vacation rentals where couples will be sleeping. When one person moves around during the night, good motion isolation will prevent the other person from being jostled around in the bed.

Edge Support

Edge support is simply the amount of support and resistance a mattress has around the edges. A mattress with poor edge support will result in sagging and sleepers tending to fall toward the edge of the bed.


Mattress durability is a huge component of the best mattress for Airbnb. Because many different people will be using the mattress on a regular basis, it’s essential for it to be durable and long-lasting while retaining its original quality.

Cleaning and Care

Another thing to consider when searching for the best mattress for vacation rentals is maintenance. Hosts will want to look into the cleaning and care necessary for the mattress of their choice.


A final factor to note when choosing the best mattress for Airbnb vacation rentals is the warranty. Most mattresses come with a warranty of some sort, but it’s best to select a mattress that has a long-term warranty. This way, hosts can get their money back or receive a replacement if anything goes wrong with their mattress purchase.

How to Care for Rental Property Mattresses

How to Care for Rental Property Mattresses

Regularly flipping and rotating rental property mattresses is a great way to extend their lifespan. It’s also smart to purchase a mattress protector to keep the surface of the mattress from becoming stained and damaged. The best mattress protector for Airbnb is waterproof and protects the bedding from being infested with bed bugs.

Regular spot cleaning of any stains and discoloration that occur is also wise. Often, mattresses will come with guidelines for proper maintenance and care. Following these directions should be very helpful for hosts who want to retain the quality of their mattresses for as long as possible.

It’s also key to invest in a sturdy, high-quality bed frame and potentially a box spring as well. A shoddy bed frame can take years off the life of even the best mattress.

4 Best Mattresses for Vacation Rentals

Below, there are four recommendations for the best mattress for Airbnb. There’s one of each of the types discussed earlier in the article: memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and latex.

1.   Inofia Ergonomic Resilience Foam Mattress

According to user reviews that scored it an average of 4.8 out of five stars, this memory foam mattress from Inofia provides medium firmness and plenty of pressure relief. It contours to the body without making it difficult for sleepers to move around as needed. It also provides extra support under the head, back, and legs, as well as additional cushioning for the shoulders and hips. This mattress comes in a box and takes about 72 hours to fully inflate. There is also a 100-night risk-free trial. Reviews describe this product from Inofia as a mattress with a firm base and a plush top, and many reviewers raved about how comfortable it was.

2.   Jenna Innerspring Mattress

This innerspring mattress from Jenna features individually wrapped pocket coils and has an average rating of 4.6 stars. The description boasts isolated motion, a fire-resistant polyester barrier, and a ten-year warranty. This mattress arrives in a box and requires 24 hours to fully expand. It consists of coils topped with a felt liner, egg-crate foam, responsive foam, and a quilted polyester tight-top cover. Reviewers reported this mattress wasn’t too soft nor too firm, and they loved the support it provided. The Jenna Innerspring Mattress, along with our other product recommendations, is a true contender for the title of the best mattress for Airbnb!

3.   Sweetnight 12” Hybrid Mattress

3. Sweetnight 12” Hybrid Mattress

Scoring an average rating of 4.9 stars, this hybrid mattress from Sweetnight has durable edge support, temperature regulating features, and a ten-year warranty. It’s made up of individually wrapped coils topped with memory foam, allowing it to provide bounciness and support while also contouring to the body. This hybrid mattress is recommended for all sleep positions. It ships in a small box and takes about 72 hours to expand. Reviewers thought the value was amazing for the price, and many liked that it kept them feeling cool and supported all night long.

4.   Rucas Latex Foam Mattress

This latex foam mattress from Rucas earned an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars. It features wrapped coils topped with high-density foam, memory foam, and a luxury latex layer. Similar to the other mattress recommendations, this latex mattress is shipped in a box and needs one to three days to expand completely before use. Reviewers loved how comfortable this mattress is and said it reduced the amount of tossing and turning they do at night.

Best Mattress for Airbnb Comparison Table

Price (for queen size, as of November 2021)$426.86$389.25$518.87$520.99
SizeTwin, Twin XL, Full, and QueenNarrow Twin, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California KingTwin, Full, Queen, KingFull, Queen, King
TypeMemory FoamInnerspringHybridLatex
FirmnessMediumFirmMediumMedium Firm
Warranty100-night trial10 years10 years10 years

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best type of mattress for vacation rentals?

Generally, a hybrid is the best mattress for Airbnb because its combination of innerspring and memory foam appeals to the largest number of people. It strikes a happy medium between softness and firmness that tends to be more universally appreciated than other types of mattresses.

Are mattress toppers necessary?

Are mattress toppers necessary?

Mattress toppers aren’t necessary, but they are a great way to add comfort to a mattress that isn’t quite as nice as it once was, or a mattress that guests generally consider too firm. They can also protect mattresses from damage. High-quality sheets and bedding are other wonderful additions to a comfortable mattress that are sure to earn you great reviews.

How often do mattresses need to be replaced?

The average mattress lasts for about seven to 10 years. However, in busy vacation rental properties, the mattress lifespan is often shortened to about five years.

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