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The Best Pillows for Airbnb (5 Perfect Product Recommendations)

The Best Pillows for Airbnb 2021

The best pillows for Airbnb are an essential part of vacation rental bedding. Choosing the best Airbnb pillows can be a tough decision, however, because everyone has different preferences when it comes to filling material and firmness. This article will inform Airbnb hosts of the various options available and provide some helpful recommendations and tips to help them make an educated choice when purchasing the best pillows possible for their guests.

The Best Pillow Filling Materials

This section will cover the main filling materials that can be seen on the market today, from well-known options like memory foam to lesser-known selections like microbeads.

Polyester Fiberfill

Often called poly-fil or down alternative, this material is made up of small man-made polyester fibers. Polyester fiberfill mimics soft and lightweight down, and it’s one of the most affordable filling materials for pillows. Pillows filled with poly-fil are ideal for people who are allergic to true down. Still, there are some drawbacks. Poly-fil isn’t the most durable filling material, and it clumps relatively easily. It can also retain heat.

Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows may be constructed with a solid block of memory foam or shredded memory foam, and they’re often thought of as some of the best pillows for Airbnb. The average memory foam pillow is very supportive and conforms to the sleeper’s head. It’s not as prone to clumps as poly-fil, but memory foam can come with a chemical smell. It’s also less affordable than poly-fil.


Cotton pillow filling is comfortable, breathable, and soft, as well as naturally hypoallergenic. It tends to be firmer than poly-fil and comes at a reasonable price point. Cotton pillows are generally considered universally comfortable, but one downside is that the cotton fibers can clump together with regular use.


Latex pillow filling is long-lasting, flame-resistant, and biodegradable. It has a natural resistance to insects, mold, and mildew. Although latex pillows tend to be more expensive than other types, they provide a cushioned yet firm and supportive surface that makes them one of the most preferred options.



Microbead filling material is similar to the filling of a beanbag chair, but with much smaller beads. These tiny beads conform to the sleeper’s neck and head, providing optimal support while maintaining firmness. This makes them some of the best pillows for Airbnb.

Microbead pillows are known for their good airflow, but one issue is that if they break open, the user will be left with thousands of tiny beads to clean up. If this happens in the washing machine, it can clog plumbing as well. Because of the choking hazard they can present, microbead pillows aren’t recommended for homes with children and pets. A few potential drawbacks are a slight chemical odor, less durability than other pillow types, and the chance that some will find the microbeads too firm for their liking.

Pillow-Related Lessons and Advice for Airbnb Hosts

For the best pillow experience, keep these tips in mind.

Steer Clear from True Down

Although true down pillows are considered luxurious, some people are allergic to them, so it’s best to avoid them. They also have a tendency to shed that may require extra cleanup.

Stock Up on Plenty of Pillows

At some point in your Airbnb hosting career, it’s likely that a guest will take a pillow or two home with them. For this reason, it’s always wise to keep a few extra pillows in storage. This is also smart because it enables hosts to quickly and easily replace any old or damaged pillows.

Use Pillows for Decoration

While this article focuses on sleeping pillows, decorative pillows also make an excellent addition to vacation rentals. A few decorative pillows added to a bed or couch can make a big difference in the room’s overall appearance. Hosts may find that decorative pillows are some of the best pillows for Airbnb because they positively impact the interior design of the property. Plus, guests can use these extra pillows as needed to customize their sleeping experience and experience maximum comfort during their stay.

Repurpose Old Sleeping Pillows

Repurpose Old Sleeping Pillows

Just because a pillow is no longer suitable for sleeping doesn’t mean it’s completely useless. A nice pillow cover can turn an old sleeping pillow into a lovely decorative touch.

Pillow Precautions

For hosts looking to extend the lifetime of their pillows, these precautions can have a significant impact.

Choose Machine-Washable Pillows

It’s inevitable that pillows will become dirty or stained with regular guest use. Opting for pillows that are machine-washable makes maintenance simple. Hosts and their cleaning crews will not want to hand-wash pillows every few months; throwing them in the washing machine is much simpler and less of a hassle.

Look for Hypoallergenic Options

Some guests have allergies that can be exacerbated by certain pillow types, so when shopping, hypoallergenic options are typically the best pillows for Airbnb. Still, even hypoallergenic pillows should be washed every few months to remove any buildup of dust mites and dead skin cells.

Invest in Covers and Protectors

Pillow covers and pillow protectors can do wonders in extending the lifespan of the average pillow. They also help prevent stains and discoloration. The best pillow protectors create a barrier against stains, moisture, and general wear and tear.

Keep Track of Inventory

Just like all items in an Airbnb, pillow inventory should be regularly recorded so hosts can quickly and easily determine whether any pillows are missing or damaged.

5 Best Pillows for Airbnb: Product Recommendations

Downlite Hotel Style Hypoallergenic Pillow Set

This pillow set from Downlite comes with a total of ten pillows and is a great choice for hosts who want to stock up. Each pillow is hypoallergenic, filled with poly-fil, and has a soft cotton cover. The soft/medium density is great for both back and stomach sleepers, and these pillows can also be used as sham stuffers. The set received an average rating of 4.5 stars, and one review called them “the most comfortable pillows we could find.” Many users even said they provided a hotel-quality sleeping experience!

Celeep Hotel Quality Pillows

Celeep Hotel Quality Pillows

Scoring an average of 4.6 stars, this two-pillow set from Celeep features 100% polyester microfiber filling for a soft and supportive sleeping experience. The microfiber conforms to the sleeper’s head and neck and has a no-shift design to keep the filling in place all night long. Designed for back, stomach, and side sleepers, many reviewers commented that these pillows alleviated neck pain and had the perfect degree of firmness. The Celeep Hotel Quality Pillows are absolutely some of the best pillows for Airbnb.

Viewstar Memory Foam Pillows

This two-pillow set from Viewstar earned an average rating of 4.6 stars. Each pillow is filled with shredded memory foam and features a cooling and comfortable bamboo rayon cover. These memory foam pillows were designed for back, stomach, and side sleepers and are meant to have the support of memory foam with the softness of down. The amount of memory foam can be adjusted for maximum comfort; hosts will want to provide a bag for foam storage. Reviewers loved the softness of these pillows, as well as the ability to adjust the memory foam for customized comfort.

OVX Hypoallergenic Gel Hotel Pillows

These fluffy, hypoallergenic pillows feature poly-fil with a gel feel and a 100% cotton cover. The set of two is rated an average of 4.5 stars. They were crafted according to the “ergonomic golden ratio” for maximum comfort, and they provide medium support. Reviewers reported that these OVX pillows provided great head and neck support, and they loved how comfortable and lightweight they were.

Casper Sleep Pillow

This Casper pillow has an innovative pillow-in-pillow design, with a supportive and adaptive inner pillow and a soft and fluffy outer pillow. It earned an average rating of 4.4 stars and is resistant to clumping, making it one of the best pillows for Airbnb. It features great airflow to keep sleepers cool throughout the night, and the support promotes a healthy neck alignment. Reviewers called this pillow “perfection,” and some even said it helped reduce their migraines.

Pillow Comparison Chart

PillowFillingCoveringMachine WashableSizes AvailableQuantity IncludedPrice per Queen Size Pillow (as of November 2021)Rating
CeleepMicrofiberPolyesterQueen, Oversize Queen, King2$134.6/5
ViewstarMemory FoamBamboo RayonQueen, King2$22.504.6/5
OVXPoly-filCottonStandard, Queen, King2$16.504.5/5
CasperMicrofiberCottonStandard, King1$654.4/5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many pillows should Airbnb hosts provide?

How many pillows should Airbnb hosts provide?

It’s best to provide at least two pillows per person. Ideally, one pillow should be softer and the other firmer. This allows guests to choose the pillow with the amount of firmness they prefer, or they can stack the best pillows for Airbnb as they please for maximum comfort.

How often should vacation rental pillows be replaced?

The general recommendation for pillow replacement is every one to two years. However, hosts will want to replace the pillows in their short-term rental anytime they have damage or stains that cannot be removed. Another indicator that it’s time for new pillows is when the current ones no longer fluff up to at least 60% of their original size.

How can hosts extend the lifespan of their pillows?

Using pillow covers and pillow protectors is an excellent way to keep pillows in great condition for as long as possible. Washing pillows every few months on a gentle setting with mild detergent is also recommended, since up to 10% of a pillow’s weight can be made up of dead skin cells and dust mites. Washing two pillows at once is best so that the washing machine remains balanced and cleans each pillow equally.

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