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Top 12 Vacation Rental Interior Design Trends 2023

Vacation Rental Interior Design

Your vacation rental interior design choices can have a considerable impact on the guest experience at your vacation rental property. The way a space is decorated–from the furniture to the lighting to the decor to the use of space–influences the feel of the room and the mood of the people in it.

Think about your current interior design. Is it conducive to the kinds of experiences you want your guests to have there? Keeping up with the current interior design trends can be a way to appeal to more potential guests and get more bookings for your vacation rental.

Below, you’ll find 12 current trends. Some of them are more stereotypically trendy, while others are timeless. There are also a few that are temporary and easy to switch up as trends shift and change.

1.  Multipurpose Spaces

After the pandemic, spaces became much more multifunctional. The kitchen was no longer just a kitchen; it was also an office and a space for the kids to do their homework. The living room became a home gym and meditation area.

Many people are still working remotely, and some have become “workationers,” who travel and stay in vacation rentals while working remotely. Because of this, one big vacation rental interior design trend is multipurpose spaces where people can spend time both together and apart engaging in a variety of activities.

2.  Touchless Items

Another takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic, touchless items can reduce the spread of germs. They can also add a luxurious feel to your vacation rental property. There are tons of different touchless items on the market, such as trash systems, faucets, light switches, toilets, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, cabinets and drawers, and soap dispensers.

Mentioning these products in your listing, along with noting your cleaning and sanitizing protocols, can put guests’ minds at ease and result in more bookings for your vacation rental property. Check out your local appliance store or shop online for these touchless items.

3.  Durable, Comfortable, High-Quality Pieces

Durable, Comfortable, High-Quality Pieces for vacation rental design

These are always a staple in vacation rentals, and that will likely never change. It’s always wise to choose furniture that is high-quality, durable, and comfortable. Think about how many guests will be using your furniture in a single year.

With low-quality items, wear and tear, or even a complete breakdown of the furniture, is pretty much inevitable. The big-ticket items you should invest in the most are mattresses and couches. A lumpy, dented mattress or an uncomfortable couch can hurt the overall guest experience, so much so that you could even get bad reviews as a result.

Therefore, opt for high-quality mattresses and couches so you can ensure your guests get a great night’s sleep and can lounge on the couch in comfort.

4.  Mix & Match Furniture Sets

There was a time when identical furniture and matching sets were preferred for interior design, but now the trend has shifted. A mixture of high-end statement furniture pieces and one-of-a-kind second-hand pieces create plenty of visual interest and personality.

Non-matching pieces with complementary designs and colors are now preferred over perfectly matched sets. Part of the reason for this is that when everything matches, there can be a lack of character in the design.

What makes a vacation rental memorable in many cases is the unique feel evoked by the environment created by the interior design.

5.  Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential–we’ve all seen the difference between our reflections in harsh lighting and flattering lighting. But what constitutes good lighting, exactly?

Generally, light coming from multiple sources, such as overhead, task, and accent lights, is much preferred over a single light source. Placing a mirror near a window can also help to bring more natural light in.

A couple of ideas for good lighting are to place frosted-glass or shaded table lamps at eye level. You could also use a torchère, which is a special type of floor lamp. It shines a light toward the ceiling in the same way the sun shines upward as it sets. Since people tend to look best in sunset lighting, a torchère is a great way to replicate that indoors.

Good Lighting facilities in vacation rental

If your vacation rental has overhead lighting, you can improve it by choosing angled fixtures that cause light to bounce off the walls. The light then hits people at a side angle, which tends to be more flattering than direct lighting.

The most flattering light bulbs measure around 2700 kelvins, and they’re often referred to as soft white or warm white light bulbs. If you have a luxury vacation rental property, lighting is especially important and can make for a truly luxe addition to the space.

6.  Indoor Greenery

Plants add a fresh, nature-inspired touch to your interior design, but selecting real plants for your vacation rental isn’t always the best choice. After all, you can’t expect your guests to care for your plants the same way you would at home.

However, a pop of green and natural accents can positively affect a room as a whole, and fake indoor greenery is a great option. Silk plants are typically the best because they can easily be manipulated and shaped to accurately imitate the look of real plants.

One garden design expert shared that her favorite fake indoor plants include artificial succulents, hanging plants, topiaries, palms, and ficus trees. Adding these to your vacation rental will make it seem fresh and clean.

7.  Wellness Kitchen

Healthy lifestyles are all the rage right now, and a wellness kitchen is an excellent way to embrace this trend. The point of a wellness kitchen is to provide an area that’s perfectly conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Inside a wellness kitchen, you’ll find tons of natural lighting, plus open shelving to make the kitchen feel larger and more spacious. Large produce drawers in the refrigerator, plus herbs on display, can inspire lots of healthy cooking.

Multiple food prep areas where guests can season meat and cut vegetables complete the wellness kitchen.

8.  Stripes and Checks

Stripes and Checks design for your rental property

Living rooms and bedrooms can be enhanced with the trend of mixing stripes and checks. These two might seem like they don’t go together, but you’d be surprised by how well they can complement each other!

You can really dive into this trend by mixing and matching patterns with seasonal colors. You don’t have to choose bright, loud shades–muted tones work just as well for an understated interior design statement.

9.  Wall Mural

vacation rental interior decoration wallpaper

A mural makes for a truly unique accent wall that is sure to improve vacation rental curb appeal it will also grab guest’s attention If you’re particularly creative, you can even paint it yourself! Otherwise, you can commission a professional artist to paint a mural for you. Murals that embody the feel of the surrounding nature in that area are an especially nice touch, although you could also go more abstract or even choose a floral design.

10.  Rustic Vogue Style

The rustic vogue style is very trendy right now, and it’s similar to cottage-core, but with a more sophisticated touch. It’s essentially a modern style but with more character.

This style is tied together with reclaimed wood that shows plenty of grain and texture, rather than being perfectly finished. Rustic vogue typically involves mixing old and new pieces.

It works exceptionally well in homes that have features like paneled walls, original floorboards, and exposed beams.

Rustic Vogue Style Interior Design

11.  Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Want a more low-commitment way to upgrade your living space? Peel-and-stick wallpaper is the way to go. It’s easy to remove and change, so it can be a temporary change to your vacation rental.

There are so many options to choose from, with selections that can match every type of interior design. There are floral, geometric, abstract, artwork, stripes, checks, and so many more options!

Plus, peel-and-stick wallpaper is a quick and easy DIY project that can completely evolve the look of your vacation rental.

Peel and stick wallpaper

12.  Ceramic Backsplash

Ceramic Backsplash design for vacation rental

If your kitchen needs some more visual interest, then a ceramic backsplash is an excellent choice. It’s relatively cheap compared to other types of tile, ranging from only $0.50 up to $35 per square foot.

There are many different designs that come at varying prices, perfect for every style and budget. You could also add some ceramic tiles to your bathroom to step up the space.

Main Takeaways

Here are 12 of the vacation rental interior design trends:

  1. Multipurpose spaces where people can spend time together or apart doing various activities
  2. Touchless items such as soap dispensers, faucets, and light switches
  3. Durable, comfortable, high-quality pieces of furniture, especially mattresses, and couches
  4. Mix & match furniture sets, rather than sets that match perfectly
  5. Flattering lighting that combines multiple light sources
  6. Indoor greenery, especially fake silk plants like ficus trees and succulents
  7. A wellness kitchen with open shelving and multiple areas for food prep
  8. Wall murals for a unique touch and plenty of visual interest
  9. A mixture of stripes and checks in seasonal colors
  10. Rustic vogue style tied together with reclaimed wood
  11. Peel-and-stick wallpaper in any design
  12. A ceramic backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom for an inexpensive yet impactful touch


With up-to-date vacation rental interior design owners can get an extra edge over others. These exceptional design ideas will make your property will look unique and stylish. This could really impress your guests and it will encourage them to make their home like the rental. Make sure to check our rental service  Rental Traders for accommodation. 

This detailed article can help you in this perspective as it can give you a complete overview of how to decorate your rental. With proper maintenance, you can build a perfect rental as well. 



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