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How to Attract Remote Working Guests to Your Vacation Rental: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Attract Remote Working Guests to Your Vacation Rental

The number of remote workers worldwide has been increasing for a while now, but especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there’s been a huge trend of more and more people working from home. We’re seeing that trend extend into the vacation rental market, with many guests wanting to work remotely from a vacation rental. These “workationers” are in search of a change of scenery and an escape from home. They want to find the perfect location to spread out, relax, reset, and improve their productivity. As more and more workers prefer the concept of working remotely from a vacation rental, rental property owners have a unique opportunity to grab this growing business. In this comprehensive guide, we explore strategies to attract remote working guests to your vacation rental, enhancing its appeal and providing a seamless blend of work and leisure.

Why Should You Attract Remote Working Guests to Your Vacation Rental?

Attract Remote Working Guests to Your Vacation Rental

There are so many people currently working from home, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these people are interested in working from a new location, and your vacation rental property could be perfect for them! All you need to do is make a few changes and add some improved guest amenities to market your vacation rental toward these remote workers.

But first, you need a better understanding of the average workationer. They’re often traveling with their family members and pets, and they’re in search of a vacation experience with the comforts of home. They love convenience, so an easy check-in and check-out process is imperative. And they’re likely to book longer stays, so you can easily appeal to them by offering long-term stay discounts.

Why People Want to Work Remotely From a Vacation Rental?

People Want to Work Remotely From a Vacation Rental
  • Working remotely from a vacation rental allows a refreshing change of scenery. Trade the four walls of a cubicle for the beauty of nature, the stunning view of the ocean, or the calmness of a mountain retreat.
  • Imagine taking a break from your tasks to soak in the sun by the pool, embark on a hiking trail during your lunch hour, or indulge in local cuisine without the constraints of a tight schedule. This amazing balance between professional responsibilities and personal enjoyment is a trademark of the remote work lifestyle from a vacation rental.
  • Remote work eliminates the need for a daily commute and offers a flexible schedule. It basically empowers individuals to structure their workday according to their timetable.
  • Surrounded by natural beauty and away from the distractions of office politics, individuals can channel their all focus and energy into tasks that require undivided attention.
  • For those seeking adventure and exploration, working remotely from a vacation rental aligns with the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • Whether it’s setting up a laptop on a balcony overlooking the sea, working by the warmth of a fireplace, or enjoying the luxury of a private office space, remote work from a vacation rental accommodates a range of individual work styles.

10 Ways to Attract Remote Working Guests to Your Vacation Rental: Appeal Remote Workers

Now that you have a better idea of what remote workers are looking for, let’s get into some tips to attract remote working guests to your vacation rental:

1. Create Multiple Workspaces

Offer multiple places for guests to sit down and be productive. You might have various tables and desks spread throughout your vacation rental; be sure to supply plenty of adjustable chairs with back support as well. Near each workspace, there should be either an outlet or a power strip so that remote workers can easily charge their electronics and plug in their laptops.

Create multiple workspaces in your rental

Lumbar pillows and footrests make these workspaces even better since feeling uncomfortable can quickly lead to distraction. Choosing sturdy furniture is sure to pay off for you, and double-check that all surfaces are flat and even. A wobbly desk gets annoying very quickly and can be enough to make a remote worker leave a bad review!

If your rental property has an outdoor area, it’s a great idea to enhance the space so that it can function as an outdoor office. This can be as simple as setting up a seating area with a large umbrella to provide shade. Another way to create additional workspaces is to provide TV trays and lap desks for people who prefer to sit on the couch and work, rather than working at a table or desk.

Interested in going above and beyond to cater to workationers? Provide a monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and extra chargers for your guests to use. If they’re tired of using their laptop and want a more ergonomic setup, these amenities will make a huge difference.

Another enticing addition for workationers is to put up a large whiteboard near the main workspace. Creative types often enjoy mapping out their thoughts visually, and a whiteboard allows them to do just that.

2. Ensure Your Internet Connection is Fast and Reliable

Of course, one of the most essential components of a remote work vacation rental (even if it’s not targeted toward remote workers) is a reliable internet connection. It’s not enough to just have an internet connection; it must be fast and consistently reliable. Your guests expect to get their work done from your rental property on a daily basis, so an unpredictable connection simply will not cut it. You’ll also need to ensure that the WiFi extends to your outdoor area so that guests can use their laptops outside without encountering any connection issues.

3. Offer Complimentary Office Supplies

Offer complimentary office supplies to remote workers

A bucket of complimentary office supplies is an inexpensive yet impressive gesture to workationers. There’s nothing like walking into a vacation rental and finding that not only does it have multiple workspaces, but it also has free supplies! This simple will improve the guest experience by a lot. One fun idea is to purchase customized pens with your rental’s name, logo, and website address on them. These can make a useful gift for guests while also functioning as a marketing tool.

Several supplies you may want to provide include pens, pencils, paper, paperclips, a stapler, a hole punch, scissors, and envelopes. A few stamps are a nice touch as well. These amenities show your guests how invested you are in their experience. It signifies that you care about their productivity and their ability to get work done while at your vacation rental property.

4. Provide Coffee and Tea

Many people who work remotely tend to enjoy caffeinated beverages throughout the day. Stocking the kitchen with a few different kinds of coffee and tea, plus a working coffee maker and tea kettle, is sure to delight and impress your guests. Plus, coffee and tea tend to be pretty inexpensive, especially if you buy them in bulk.

5. Welcome Kids and Pets

As mentioned earlier in the article, many workationers travel with their family and their pets. By welcoming children and animals to your rental property, you’re opening up your business to a whole new set of guests. You can take advantage of it by making it pet-friendly and family-friendly, as this can help you create a good reputation among those who travel with family and pets.

6. Showcase Your Remote Work-friendly Amenities in Your Listing

Of course, you want workationers to see all that your vacation rental has to offer for them! Showcase the different workspaces in your rental and detail any additional amenities that may be valuable to remote workers in your description. Overall, make sure that your vacation rental photos and your listing both reflect the fact that your property is remote work-friendly.

7. Pay Attention to the Lighting

Pay attention to the lighting of your vacation rental

Light fixtures that make an annoying buzzing sound, as well as lights that are extremely bright, should be replaced with quiet, flexible lighting choices. Lamps are always a wise selection. Each workspace should have sufficient lighting, and it’s even better if they have access to natural light. Positioning workspaces near windows, especially if there’s a lovely view outside, will always be preferred over staring at a wall.

8. Recommend Local Libraries and Coffee Shops

Another tip to attract remote working guests to your vacation rental is to provide plenty of suggestions for nearby places to work: libraries, coffee shops, cafes, and shared workspaces. If you can also provide suggestions for places to print documents and ship packages, that’s sure to come in handy for your guests as well. You can also outline scenic walking routes for your guests to enjoy during a lunchtime stroll around the area.

9. Enable Self-check-in with a Smart Lock

Workationers love convenience, and self-check-in is pretty much synonymous with convenience. This is especially true since remote workers often book longer stays, which means they’ll be going in and out of your vacation rental to run errands or to go out to eat. A smart lock or keypad means your guests won’t have to worry about keeping track of a key; all they need to do is memorize a code instead.

10. Maintain a Light and Bright Interior Design Scheme

Maintain a light and bright interior design in vacation rental

Create an intentional and cohesive decoration for your entire vacation rental property. A light and bright design creates an airy, peaceful environment that promotes productivity much more than a cluttered, dark space. Decorate with inspiring touches such as nature-inspired wall art. This can also help to enhance creativity as your guests sit at their workspace!

Ending Note

The trend of remote work is loved by many and is here to stay. The vacation rental owners have a unique opportunity to take over to this growing market. By providing essential needs and creating a proper workspace that caters to remote work needs, you can position your rental property as an unavoidable destination for remote working guests. No matter what is their purpose whether they seek productivity or relaxation, you have to be ready to meet their expectation.

Remember, the key is to understand the unique requirements of remote workers and tailor your vacation rental accordingly. With the right amenities and marketing strategy, you can attract remote working guests to your vacation rental property, ultimately boosting your property’s occupancy rates and revenue.

Main Takeaways

Many remote workers work remotely from a vacation rental for a change of scenery and increased productivity. Here are our suggestions to attract remote working guests to your vacation rental:

  • Create multiple workspaces near windows and power outlets so that your guests can move around throughout the day and maximize their productivity. An additional outdoor workspace is also hugely appealing to workationers!
  • Ensure your internet connection is fast and reliable and that it extends to any outdoor area of your property.
  • Offer complimentary office supplies like branded pens, pencils, paper, staplers, scissors, and envelopes.
  • Provide coffee and tea in a few different flavors, and make sure you have a working coffee maker and tea kettle.
  • Welcome kids and pets since many workationers travel with their family members and furry friends.
  • Showcase your remote work-friendly amenities in your listing to appeal to your ideal guest.
  • Pay attention to the lighting; have plenty of lamps, adjustable lights, and access to natural light whenever possible.
  • Recommend local libraries and coffee shops, so guests have other options when it comes to workspaces.
  • Enable self-check-in with a smart lock or keypad for added convenience and ease of access.
  • Maintain a light and bright interior design scheme to promote creativity and productivity for your guests.
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