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Best Vacation Rental Property Decluttering & Organizing Tips

How to Declutter Your Vacation Rental Property

Decluttering is very important for your vacation rental because the average guest is in search of a slightly homier hotel-type experience. They don’t want to feel like they’re staying in someone else’s home, with their family photos and knick-knacks on display in every room. Stick till the end to uncover the secrets to crafting a clean, inviting environment that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. We’ve organized it by room to make it as easy to implement as possible in this Vacation Rental property decluttering guide. Both you and your guests are sure to enjoy the clean, open environment that is created by decluttering the space.

Vacation Rental Property Decluttering Tips For The Kitchen

The kitchen is an area where it’s very easy for clutter to build up. Here are a few tips to keep it mess-free:

Reduce Counter Clutter

In our own homes, counter space often becomes a catch-all for random items, papers, and small appliances. But in your vacation rental property, be sure to keep your counter clutter to a minimum. Utilize all of your cupboards and drawers, and try to store utensils in the most intuitive spaces so that they’re easy for your guests to find. Look for alternatives for items that typically sit on the counter, like knife blocks. You can purchase magnetic strips that stick to the wall to store the knives instead.

Check Expiration Dates

If you provide any condiments, spices, or snacks for your guests, check their expiration dates between each stay. If there is any half-eaten food in the refrigerator, dispose of it. Guests don’t want to discover a previous guest’s leftovers hanging out in the fridge!

Utilize Cupboards and Drawers

Do your best to store each item intuitively. Think of it this way: If you were a guest in search of a corkscrew, for example, where would the most logical place for it be? Installing hooks along the wall in the kitchen for pots, pans, and other essentials is also a great way to utilize the space without filling it with clutter.

Add Floating Shelves

Vacation Rental Property Decluttering Tips: Add Floating Shelves

If you need more storage space in the kitchen, adding floating shelves to the sides of your cabinets is an easy DIY project that allows you to be even more organized. Plus, it makes everything visible and easily accessible for guests while keeping your counter space clear and open for meal prep and other tasks.

Create a Coffee Station

If you provide coffee and tea for your guests, a dedicated coffee or caffeine station is the perfect way to display these awesome amenities while still keeping your kitchen organized. A large tray can hold your coffee maker, tea kettle, mugs, sugar, creamer, and any other essentials.

Consider Making Labels

A label maker can be extremely helpful when organizing the kitchen. You can create labels to stick on the inside of kitchen cupboards and drawers so that guests can easily figure out where each item goes. All too often, guests remove items from cupboards to cook and then can’t remember how everything was arranged. Labeling the inside of the cabinets with “Plates,” “Bowls,” and other clear indicators helps you and your guests keep the vacation rental looking clean and organized.

Vacation Rental Property Decluttering Tips For The Bedroom

The bedroom of your vacation rental property should be reminiscent of a hotel room, but a little bit homier. All the bedroom really needs is a bed and nightstands. Unless it’s a particularly large space, there’s no need to cram extra furniture into the room. Be sure to keep the nightstands as clear as possible, rather than loading them up with knick-knacks. Lamps for the bedside tables are functional and can also act as decor.

Vacation Rental Property Decluttering Tips For Bathroom

The bathroom is another space that’s particularly prone to clutter. The suggestions below should help you keep it looking open and clutter-free!

Keep the Counter Clear

The number-one tip for ensuring your bathroom looks inviting is to keep the counter clear. It’s easy for various toiletries to build up and take over-the-counter space, but while that’s a relatively normal habit at home, the same should not apply to your vacation rental property. Instead, keep your bathroom organized. Follow the age-old saying: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Just remember that the place for any bathroom item should not be on the counter in plain sight!

Use Open Shelving

Vacation Rental Property Decluttering Tips: Use Open Shelving

Consider using open shelving inside the bathroom cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. This way, guests can easily see everything inside and won’t have to dig through various items to find what they need. Plus, you can create an aesthetically pleasing toiletry display with your open shelving that’s sure to impress your guests.

Don’t Over-Decorate

The bathroom doesn’t need several wall hangings, plus decor sitting on the countertop and the back of the toilet. Simplicity is key throughout your entire vacation rental property, but especially in the bathroom! The bathroom should be a relaxing oasis-like space, and when it’s filled with too many decorations, it becomes a bit too cluttered and hectic to have that relaxing ambiance.

Vacation Rental Property Decluttering For The Storage Areas

Yet another space where clutter tends to build up is in storage areas throughout the rental property. If you have a personal storage area in your vacation rental, go through it on a regular basis to see if you can get rid of or relocate anything. Be sure to leave plenty of space for your guests’ items as well; don’t fill up all of the closets and drawers, leaving them without any areas to store their belongings.

Vacation Rental Property Decluttering For The Décor

Another aspect of your vacation rental in which you can likely do some decluttering is the décor. Let’s start off with furniture: Always choose pieces that fit the room, and avoid simply cramming as much furniture as possible into the space.

When it comes to decorations, remember this: Guests should never feel uncomfortable or like they’re intruding in your personal space. For this reason, remove all personal effects and decor that indicate the property belongs to you.

For décor, it’s always best to stick to one clear theme. Then, go through the vacation rental and eliminate any items that don’t fit with that theme. In addition, any items that are fragile or irreplaceable should be removed. If you’d be sad to see it broken, it doesn’t belong in your vacation rental property. Find out more on décor in our in-depth guide on decorating tips to increase your vacation rental bookings.

Other Vacation Rental Property Decluttering Tips

Vacation Rental Property Decluttering Tips: Other Decluttering Tips

Here are a few more miscellaneous decluttering tips to keep your vacation rental looking spacious, airy, and open!

  • Opt for paperless billing so that mail doesn’t pile up at your vacation rental property. Stacks of envelopes are not only unsightly, but guests may not know what to do with your mail. It’s a better choice to stick with paperless billing and to forward all other mail to a PO box or other location so that your guests don’t have to deal with it.
  • Utilize basket organization. Large baskets in the living room and bedroom can do wonders for overall organization and cleanliness. You can stack blankets and towels, store various amenities, and play up the design scheme by choosing a basket that meshes with your theme.
  • Ensure every item in your vacation rental has a home. If there’s not a place for it to go, then it doesn’t belong in your vacation rental property. The easiest way to keep things tidy is to specify a location for each and every item.
  • Remember what not to do. When decluttering, don’t try to go through the entire vacation rental property in one go. This is sure to be stressful and exhausting. It’s better to go room by room, setting aside time on separate days until you complete the entire project. You also don’t want to go about decluttering with an emotional mindset. This will keep you from eliminating clutter because you’ll be focused on your attachment to various items. But even if you remove an item from your vacation rental, you don’t have to get rid of it altogether.

Main Takeaways Of Vacation Rental Property Decluttering

Decluttering your vacation rental property is an easy way to improve the guest experience by allowing your guests to feel at ease in the space. Removing personal effects and extra decor prevents them from feeling like they’re intruding. Instead, a clutter-free property means guests have room to make it their own throughout the duration of their stay. Here are our top tips for decluttering each area of your vacation rental property.

The Kitchen

  • Reduce counter clutter
  • Check expiration dates
  • Utilize cupboards and drawers
  • Add floating shelves
  • Create a coffee station
  • Consider making labels

The Bedroom

  • Use as little furniture as possible
  • Keep nightstands clear of decorations

The Bathroom

  • Keep the counter clear
  • Use open shelving
  • Don’t over-decorate

The Storage Areas

  • Limit personal storage
  • Leave room for guests’ belongings

The Decor

  • Choose furniture that fits the room
  • Stick with a clear theme
  • Remove all personal effects


In a clutter-free space, dreams thrive. At Rental Trader, we believe in affordable travel and unforgettable experiences. Hope you have enjoyed the Vacation Rental Property Decluttering And Organizing Tips shared today. Embark on a journey with us, transforming your rental space into a haven for unforgettable guest experiences. Together, let’s craft lasting memories.


Q: What is the 20-20-20 rule for decluttering?

A: Dedicate 20 minutes a day, focus on 20 items, and repeat for 20 days to gradually declutter your space.

Q: What should I remove first when decluttering?

A: Start with duplicates, expired items, and things you haven’t used in a year—create space for essentials.

Q: What is the 12-12-12 challenge?

A: Find 12 items to throw away, 12 to donate, and 12 to return to their proper place.

Q: What is the magic power of decluttering?

A: Decluttering reduces stress, enhances focus, and cultivates a serene environment, positively impacting well-being.

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