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Fun Cheap Things to Do in Twin Falls, Idaho

Fun cheap things to do in Idaho

There are plenty of options available when it comes to fun cheap things to do in Twin Falls in Idaho. Also referred to as the gateway to the Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls is a mesmerizing city in Idaho. Founded in 1904, it has become a popular tourist destination. The charming city promises mesmerizing views of nature and is one of the most scenic canyon cities in the US. If you are planning a solo trip, Twin Falls is one of the best tourist destinations that you should definitely visit.

People from all over the world visit Twin Falls for exploring the Snake River Canyon and the Shoshone Falls. However, there is much more to do while you are in and around the city. There are plenty of fun, budget friendly things you can be a part of such as zip-lining, trails, hiking, nature parks, and of course the panoramic views from the bridges.

Before you read through, get a quick summary of all the inexpensive things from the slides below:

Budget Vacation in Idaho: Fun & Inexpensive Things to do… from Rental Trader Inc

Enjoy Scenery of Shoshone Falls: The Niagara of the West

Soshone Falls

Visiting Twin Falls and not seeing Shoshone Falls is nearly a sin. It is one of the most dramatic features on the Snake River and plunges 212 feet creating a spectacular display. There are multiple viewpoints in the region including a constructed platform that extends over the water.

Shoshone Falls—known by some as “the Niagra of the West”— is most impressive between April and July when the river is at its fullest. There is a surrounding lawn where you can enjoy the scenery over a picnic lunch. But read on for attractions that are impressive year-round.

Experience Majestic Views of Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

If you want to experience majestic views of the Snake River and the stunning surrounding environment, then you need to take the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail. This trail consists of 10 miles of pedestrian trails along the south canyon of the Snake River. The region offers magnificent views and stunning landscapes.

A great place to start is at the Twin Falls Visitors Center. There you will find more information and a paved trail to get you started. Along the way you can get a close view of the Perrine Memorial Bridge. As you proceed further, you will get to enjoy mesmerizing views of the canyon.

The trail will also take you to the Twin Falls Love Lock Fence and Evel Knievel Jump Site. This scenic trail ends at the Centennial Waterfront Park. You will have a great time hiking along this panoramic trail and it would barely cost you anything.

Spend Quality Time at Rock Creek

Rock Creek

This county park used to be a junkyard. It has now been transformed into a beautiful county park. The water corridor is lined with picnic pavilions, walking trails, and playground equipment.

The park is also home to a professional 18-hole disc golf course and stretches throughout the 12-acre park. The elevated vantage points let you enjoy the lush surroundings. Pull-through sites are available in the southeast end of the park where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

Sawtooth National Forest

This national forest encompasses two million acres of land and can be reached in a two-hour drive from Twin Falls. This national forest is a place of natural beauty with Salmon River carving its way through sharp peaks. Every season adds a new palette of color to the landscape.

This magical place offers numerous recreational opportunities throughout the year including mountain biking, backpacking, and camping. You can stay at one of the eighty campgrounds during the summer months. The forest hosts four winter sports during winter including snowboarding and skiing. You can participate in downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

Swim In Dierkes Lake

Dierkes Lake: top interesting and fun activities

This lake is accessible from the same entrance road as the Shoshone Falls Park. It is a popular recreation spot for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying a scenic environment. There is abundant greenery around and an unpaved trail that takes you around the lake. This region is popular for lawn activities, nature walks and picnicking.

The lake is also popular as a beginner’s fishing hole. If you have a thing for fishing, then you can fish trout, bass, and bluegill from the large dock. Those who love adventurous activities can try scuba diving and rock climbing in the surrounding lakeside cliffs.

Set Camp at Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve

Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve

You can reach this monument in less than a three-hour drive from Twin Falls. This volcanic-strewn environment features lava tubes and is one of the best camping sites in Idaho. You need to secure a permit for caving within the tubes from the Ranger Station.

You need to undergo pre-screening which is mandatory for protecting the resident bat population from white-nose syndrome. There are plenty of hiking trails throughout the region. Some routes traverse through 40,000 acres of wilderness.

The Lava Flow Campground in the monument is the most unique in the region. Small recreation vehicles and tent campers are allowed to spend a night among the lava rocks.

Driving or walking across the Perrine Bridge

The Perrine Bridge has become an immensely popular spot for BASE jumping. This region also serves as a main connector between Twin Falls and Boise, ID. This spot is frequented by tourists and is a great place to start a vacation rental business if you own any property here. You can use our platform, Rental Trader to display your property to of thousands of travelers from all over USA.

As soon as you drive across the bridge, you will get to see the remodeled Visitor Center. You can park your vehicle there and head to Snake River Canyon Rim Trail. It will offer you one of the best views of the canyon.

Kayak underneath BASE jumpers

Kayak underneath BASE jumpers: Interesting Idaho Experiences

You can check out kayaks at the rental stand and paddle down the base of the Perrine Bridge. As mentioned above Twin Falls is a major hub for BASE jumpers. The jumpers leap here from an astounding height of 486 feet. Safely watch from below, but steer clear of landing zones and view from a safe distance to help ensure safety for all involved.

Mountain biking at Auger Falls

Mountain biking at Auger Falls: Top Idaho Adventure

The trail spanning 10 miles is managed by the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation Department. Do not miss the spring cascading beautifully from the cliffs above. The Eagle Trails and the moderate Homestead take you across the rocks to offer a remarkable view of Auger Falls. You can further take the Haunted Forest Trail for an additional five-mile roundtrip tour.

Enjoy breakfast at Buffalo Café

Traditional Idaho Breakfast ne Soshone Falls

You can head over to the Buffalo café if you want to indulge in traditional Idaho breakfast. This place has friendly staff and serves mouth-watering dishes. This café also serves vegetarian-friendly options. You can enjoy fresh homemade jams from apricot, strawberry, and berry. This café is a fantastic place to enjoy American comfort food. The café can be crowded at times because of the number of visitors to the Shoshone Falls and the nearby attractions, however the food served will be worth the wait.

Relax in hot spring

Idaho is home to several usable hot springs in the continental United States. There are numerous spots in Twin Falls where you can relax in the hot springs. Miracle Hot Springs, Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs & Campground, and Canyon Springs Golf Course are some great options.

Zipline along the Snake River

Zipline along the Snake River: Fun with family

You can zipline along the Snake River over a four-line course. This zipline is operated by the AWOL Adventure Sports and the activity is available 7 days a week whole year ‘round. You will have a great time swinging over the water. The crew ensures that everything is perfect and everyone is safe during the activity, and the final line is 1,750 feet long—longer than the Perrine Bridge!

The entire tour takes between one and two hours, depending on the size of the group. The scenic backdrop offers mesmerizing views of the Snake River Canyon. September is the most comfortable time of year as the weather is delightful.

Wrapping Up

Make sure to book a property before coming here. You can choose from numerous properties listed on Rental Trader to find one that will suit your needs. Also, if you have any property in the surrounding region, then you can list it on our site after completing a simple signup process. You can also fill out the webform to get in touch with our team or call us for more info.

Now that you are aware that the trip might not burn a hole in your pocket, check out our comprehensive itinerary on best Idaho road trip destinations and plan your trip now!

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