Pocket-Friendly Trips: Best, Free & Cheap Things to Do in Indiana

Cheap things to do in Indiana

Indiana is perhaps most well-known as the home of the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, or more commonly the Indy 500. There is so much more to this diverse state! Indiana has all kinds of cultural and historical attractions including entertainment venues, drive-in theatres, museums, monuments, and more. Read on if you are keen on exploring the city and want to learn more about the cheap things to do in Indiana.

However, glance through the slides below if you are in a rush to explore Indy on a budget!

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Conner Prairie Interactive History Park

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, Indiana's Best Attractions For Kids

Conner Prairie is the top most attraction on our sampling of cheap things to do in Indiana. This park offers you a feel of what life used to be in the early 1800s. The town features a general store, a one-room schoolhouse, and various other historic buildings. You can find chickens, horses, and other farm animals throughout the town center. Children of all ages can learn historical games and even watch a blacksmith in action. The guests also have the option to fly over 400 feet in a balloon voyage. The 1863 Civil War journey covers some important lessons of history. The Lenape Indian Camp has put Native American life on display. An amazing day awaits the discerning traveler

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum: Vintage Cars & More

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum: Vintage Cars & More

This museum is an ideal destination for classic car fanatics. It is home to some noteworthy vehicles from the 1890s to the 21st century. The prime focus of this museum is the achievements made by the Auburn Automobile Company. The museum tells the tale of cars from the past and the transition to the present times over the years.

Over 120 vehicles have been loaned to this museum by individuals and companies. It also contains archives that consist of some useful information about the developments in the automobile industry. Special programs and events are held at this museum all through the year.

Indiana University Art Museum: Claude Monet & Pablo Picasso

The museum houses an impressive collection of artworks from all over the globe. There are over 45,000 objects in the museum from some of the world’s greatest artists including Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso. You will also come across unique pieces, African masks and gold jewelry which form the permanent collection.

Works of some modern artists have also been displayed throughout the museum. The visitors can enjoy the colorful, large installations housed within the spacious building. The interpretative and informative representations make it easier for visitors to learn more about the artifacts.

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo: Best Fauna In Indiana

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo: Best Fauna In Indiana

This zoo is home to animals from all over the world. It has separate sections such as the African Journey, Australian Adventure, and more. The African section includes the most fascinating animals including lions, monkeys, ostriches, vultures, wildebeest, and zebras. The Australian section consists of a reef with interesting fish and colorful corals. It also houses Australian birds, dingoes, and kangaroos. The Indonesian Rain Forest section is comprised of Sumatran tigers, gibbon monkeys, frogs, turtles, birds, snakes, and more. The zoo hosts educational programs and special events throughout the year.

Explore Marengo Cave: Indiana Best, Fun & Cheap Things To Do

Explore Marengo Cave: Indiana Best, Fun & Cheap Things To Do

This cave was discovered by two young children in 1883. They entered the grotto by candlelight. This cave is located below Marengo town and quickly became an exciting attraction for both the visitors and the locals. Although it was originally located on private land, a cave company was established in 1900 for preserving this unique site. A new entrance was carved so that the visitors could skip the 160-step staircase at the original entrance. This place is now frequented by tour groups and individuals. It has a fascinating ecosystem and interesting formations. This is one of the popular cheap things to do in Indiana & also one of the top Indiana Road trip destinations, making it the state’s most visited national landmark.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum: Most Popular Attractions Of Indiana

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum: Most Popular Attractions Of Indiana

If you have a thing for exploring the history of car driving, then you need to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. Indianapolis is hailed as the Racing Capital of the World. Several major racing events are hosted at the Speedway and can be. Non-racing events are held at the track throughout the year. The museum organizes on-track experiences where the visitors get the opportunity to drive an Indy 500 race car.

Indiana State Capitol: Vintage Architecture & More

This regal building was established in 1888 and houses the executive branch offices. This four-story building was originally made from limestone. It underwent a series of renovation in 1988. However, it still retains its original construction even after 100 years. The renovation that lasted over two years cost around $10 million. The interior of this building features marble columns, ornate-stained glass dome, an array of trees, plants, and several artworks. This building is accessible to tour groups all over the years.

Grissom Air Museum: Unique Indiana

Grissom Air Museum: Unique Indiana

Indiana has something or the other for people who have a thing for automobiles. The Grissom Air Museum houses a variety of unique aircraft including modern jets, bombers, and classic fighter planes. This museum has been named after Lieutenant Colonel Virgil I. Grissom who was an Indiana native and an astronaut killed during a spacecraft fire in 1967.

Before being converted into an educational site, this museum served as an air force base between 1968 and 1994. After deactivation, it served as a refueling site. Later, unique aircraft were added to the collection and put on display.

Lucas Oil Stadium: Indianapolis Colts Home Stadium

If you are in Indiana, you should not miss exploring this museum. This state-of-the-art event center features a retractable roof and houses impressive amenities. It can hold 70,000 fans at a time and serves as the home stadium for Indianapolis Colts. It was opened in 2008 and is one of the prominent attractions in the city. It is also used for hosting competitions, conventions, trade shows, concerts, and basketball tournaments.

Bluespring Caverns: Unique Aquatic Creatures & Amphibians

Bluespring Caverns: Unique Aquatic Creatures & Amphibians

This 21-mile long cave system is home to unique aquatic creatures and amphibians. It was discovered in the 19th century. There are wide limestone caves in the region that stretch for miles beneath the ground and serve as a canopy for the river running along the floor. The river rippling through the cavers is the longest-know Underground River in the US. The constant darkness and the humid environment create an ideal habitat for albino and blind species. You can take a boat for an underground tour of the river. This is undoubtedly one of the best cheap things to do in Indiana.

City Market Catacombs – AKA Tomlinson Hall Basement

City Market Catacombs – AKA Tomlinson Hall Basement

This hidden network of subterranean passageways beneath the bustling City Market will certainly fascinate you. The City Market was once a historic destination and has now turned into a popular lunch point. It has several delis and cafes throughout. The history of the market dates back to the 1880s when the catacombs were actually built.

Beneath the brick archways and limestone, the catacombs were used to store and transport meat. This was before refrigeration systems were feasible. The 20,000 sq. ft. subterranean area remained cooler than the streets above and helped preserved food overnight. Most of the parts of the catacomb remain intact even today, although some have fallen into disrepair.

There are dozens of catacomb sites in America but not all of them are easy to access. There are a few entry points that you need to keep an eye on while visiting. You have to schedule an appointment if you want to explore the labyrinthine basement. You can also participate in the tours and schedules if you want to know what’s in there.

Wrapping Up Cheap Things To Do In Indiana

Indiana is a delightful place for travelers. It has numerous places of interest and fun activities to participate in. It is no wonder that the tourism scene in the city is so vibrant. If you are a traveler, you can easily choose between numerous luxury vacation rental property listed on our platform Rental Trader. Also, if you own any property here that you aren’t using, then you can turn it into a vacation rental and list it on Rental Trader to monetize it by renting it to the travelers. The process of listing is quite simple and you can also fill a form or call the team to learn more.

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