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Top Ohio Road Trip Destinations to Visit At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Ohio Road Trip Destinations

When you’re trying to plan a road trip anywhere in the United States, Ohio would probably not be among your top destination choices. However, the Buckeye State has so many scenic byways and attractions that can be mapped out on one of the best driving tours you can take in your lifetime. We hope you love our sampling of Ohio road trip destinations.

Go ahead and plan your Ohio road trip using this guide and find out which places you need to visit while you’re up for an epic adventure across the state. From picturesque getaways to quirky museums and antiques, Ohio has something in store for everyone. Further, if you have a shoe-string budget, have a look at our comprehensive guide of pocket-friendly things to do in Ohio.

11 Top Ohio Road Trip Destinations

In this blog, we have listed 11 top Ohio road trip destinations. Map out some of the best driving tours you can take in your lifetime. Experience the Buckeye state for yourself!

Hocking Hills – Outdoor Adventure & More!

This is one of the most-visited Ohio road trip destinations. The Hocking Hills State Park can give you an all-out adventure that lets you enjoy the great outdoors. You can do rock climbing, trail hiking, and rappelling, among the many other activities you can do. There’s a horse camp, a day-use bridle area, and a fire tower at the Hocking State Forest, providing a full schedule for you whenever you’re in the area. 

Pay a visit to the Old Man’s Cave, where the Grandma Gatewood Trail will take you to three state park areas via a six-mile course. It’s also worth seeing Cedar Falls, which is the greatest in volume among several falls around the area. You can stay at a cozy cabin or pitch a tent at Hocking Hills and get a feel of what it’s like to wake up in the morning and see the refreshing view before you. 

The Mohicans Treehouses – Secluded But Magical!

The Mohicans Treehouses - Secluded But Magical

There’s something romantic about The Mohicans Treehouses in Glenmont, Ohio, and it’s a road trip worth taking if you want to get closer to nature. It’s a dirt road from the town of Loudonville, but the drive to the property is as magical as the venue. There are different Treehouse models, so you can pick one to settle in and bask in the stillness of nature. There’s no cell service, which makes for a more intimate time with your loved one, family, or friends. 

There’s more than enough reason to book a Treehouse, but it’s the perfect way to get some privacy and shelter while outdoors. The houses come with amenities like running water and electricity, so it’s still a comfortable stay despite temporarily losing connection with people and social media. 

Put-in-Bay – 352 Foot High Observation Deck

Put-in-Bay is an Island resort community in Ohio, which is the ultimate destination for a weekend road trip. You can take a leisurely visit of the area, exploring the island at your own pace, whether it’s checking out the local delicacies or going on a boating tour. You can also visit Perry’s Victory and International Memorial, where you can climb up the 352-foot monument’s observation deck and see the bird’s eye view of the island. 

There’s no shortage of laid-back vibes on this little island, and the sunsets are spellbinding. Although you need to leave your car and take a ferry to get to the other side, the cool breeze on the way will help you relax and bask in the view before you. 

Marblehead Lighthouse – Oldest Working Lighthouse In The US

Marblehead Lighthouse - Oldest Working Lighthouse In The US

The towering lighthouse in Marblehead, Ohio, is the oldest in the United States that’s in continuous operation today. There are many lighthouses within the state, but this one deserves a particular spot 

in your itinerary. The Marblehead Lighthouse has been an aid-to-navigation since 1822, which you can learn more about when you tour it for a small fee with a museum right at the keeper’s house. 

When you make this one of the stops for your Ohio road trip, remember to pack a picnic so you and your friends can share a meal or snack right by the water. This local landmark will mesmerize the adventurer in you. 

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Music & History Buffs’ Paradise

The popular Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is perfect for music lovers who want to brush up on a little history, plus some fantastic drive by Lake Erie. This museum exhibits the evolution of rock music and displays notable figures who contributed to its growth, such as artists, engineers, and producers. Cleveland has been chosen as the permanent home for a precious memorabilia collection like John Lennon’s guitar and Jam Master Jay’s gold chains. 

Rock Hall holds outdoor concert series and special concert events like music fests throughout the year. Also, worth noting is the concert to celebrate an artist’s induction to the Hall of Fame, which happens every other year. 

If you love music, you have to have this on your itinerary of Ohio road trip Destinations.

Amish Country – Enjoy The Peaceful Countryside

No Ohio driving tour is complete without experiencing the Amish life at least once in your lifetime. Get a feel for the peaceful countryside when you get to the winding back roads across east-central Ohio, where you’ll find residents performing mundane tasks like any other day. It’s easy to drive through the towns of Walnut Creek, Charm, Berlin, and Millersburg in just one visit since they are all located proximally to each other. 

Many counties across the area offer charming bed-and-breakfast accommodations if you want to stay the night. You should also visit Walnut Creek Cheese while you’re in Amish Country—this grocery store offers incredible prices for baking supplies and cheese blocks that provide distinct tastes to your dish. 

The Wilds – Diverse Fauna & More!

Cumberland, Ohio, features an open-range habitat that will remind you of the African safari. This 9,000-acre land is home to diverse fauna, including hundreds of giraffes, rhinos, buffalos, and several endangered species. This entertaining and educating conservation facility will renew your love for the great outdoors. 

The Wilds offers private tours and open-air jeep rides, and a zip line excursion that could be one of the best-kept memories in the future. It’s the best road trip destination for families who love a romantic adventure, especially when you book a stay at the Nomad Ridge, where a private yurt overlooks the grounds. 

Ravenwood Castle – Medieval Style Castle Near Hocking Hill

Ravenwood Castle - Medieval Style Castle Near Hocking Hill

If you love a fairytale, exploring the Ravenwood Castle in New Plymouth is one of the unique stops you can make on your Ohio road trip. This medieval-style castle is nestled within the Hocking Hills region. It’s a 12th– and 13th-century castle replica that is surrounded by a charming medieval-themed village with quaint cottages around. 

If you want to de-stress, the Ravenwood Castle is the perfect attraction to stay the night after a day out exploring Hocking Hills. You’ll be enjoying the royal treatment as you dine at the Great Hall or sipping a drink at the Roost Pub. There are plenty of reasons to stay in! 

Kelleys Island – Therapeutic Waterscape, Picnic Spots & More!

Kelleys Island is both a village and an island that occupies the splendid Lake Erie. It’s on the northern edge of the state and is accessible by a ferry ride. The therapeutic waterscape allows for various activities like fishing, boating, and swimming. You can also snorkel in the lake to get a peek of the area’s wildlife. You can also lounge by the shore and share picnics while gazing into the scene in front of you. 

The island has a couple of restaurants and pubs where you can try some of the local specialties. It also has a miniature golf course for the sporty tourist and some gift shops where you can score a keepsake to remind you of your time on the island. 

National Museum of the US Air Force – Top Spot For Aviation Buffs

National Museum of the US Air Force - Top Spot For Aviation Buffs

One of the best stops to take on your Ohio road trip would have to be the spectacular National Museum of the US Air Force. It’s located in Dayton at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, boasting over 360 aerospace items on exhibition. It’s like taking a time travel to the history of aviation when the Wright brothers Wilbur and Orville first invented the successful aircraft. It’s filled with artifacts of military aviation, space travel, and today’s stealth technology, which you’ll surely enjoy whether or not you’re an aviation fan. 

The museum also boasts the Presidential Gallery, which displays preserved aircraft used by past Presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Truman. There are outdoor and indoor exhibits to witness, so giving it a day’s worth of road trip and exploration is enough time to discover it all! 

Cedar Point – 17 World-class Roller Coasters & More!

Ground travel to the Cedar Point Amusement Park is a delight since you can see the picturesque Lake Erie along the way. It’s located near Sandusky and boasts 72 rides (a certified world record), live entertainment, and a whole lot of kid’s areas in the 364-acre lot. It’s reportedly the second-oldest amusement park still in operation today, with its first run recorded in the late 1800s. 

Its colorful history is reinforced with modern facilities that are guaranteed safe to experience. There are seventeen world-class roller coaster rides, the second-most after Six Flags Magic Mountain and among the best across the world. It’s typically open from May to September on Labor Day, but you can visit the park on the weekends of October. 

Not only do travelers love Cedar Point for the rides, but it also features the Cedar Point Shores Water Park, where you can enjoy a lazy river, wave pool, and an astounding aqua-drop water slide. There’s only fun to be had on this road trip! 

Wrapping Up Ohio Road Trip Spots

Experience the Buckeye State for yourself by taking a drive at these scenic attractions that provide a diverse range of activities, whether outdoor or indoor. Be sure to bring a reliable car and pack your necessities because Ohio has so many surprises for you!

Hope our sampling of Ohio road trip destinations helps you plan an amazing vacation. To have the experience of a lifetime, book your vacation rentals at If you need any more information, fill our web form or give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you.

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