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Traveling With Luxury as a Group of Family and Friends

Traveling With Luxury as a Group

A fun way to create a more affordable travel experience is to travel with a group of family members or friends. Solo travel is generally more expensive than group travel, since promotional discounts often only apply to groups. As a general rule, the larger the group, the lower the per person cost will be. In this article, we’re excited to share some of our favorite travel tips and activities on traveling with luxury as a group of family and friends, so we can assist you in creating the most memorable trip of your lifetime!

Below slides give you a few quick ideas of what all is possible when you travel in a group:

Planning Tips for a Luxury Group Vacation

Planning a group vacation can bring with it loads of additional stressors and considerations. With so many different preferences, styles, and personalities to consider, it can be hard to decide what to prioritize.

To help out, here are some of our favorite reminders for those entering into the planning stage:

Take note of everyone’s travel expectations

Once you’ve gathered a group of friends or family who are interested in luxury traveling and chosen a destination for your group vacation experience, now what? We recommend asking everyone to share their travel expectations, such as overall cost, things to do, places to eat, etc. Having these conversations will help everyone to get on the same page before arrival. While it’s not always possible to cater to every request on a group trip, it’s possible to meet in the middle and allow everyone to have a positive trip experience.

Make a plan before you leave

Have you ever been on a group vacation that wasn’t planned out beforehand? Upon arrival, endless talks of where to eat and what to do result in frustration and a loss of otherwise enjoyable vacationing time. Don’t make this same mistake we’ve made! Before embarking on your vacation, we highly recommend creating a loose plan for each day that includes things to do and places to eat. Let everyone in the group look over and agree upon these ideas before departing. While you don’t have to religiously follow this list of ideas (sometimes an unplanned lazy afternoon is very needed), having a pre-agreed upon list of options can create a tremendously more enjoyable group experience.

Focus on the details

Planning Tips for a Luxury Group Vacation

There are a lot of details to consider when traveling as a group, including booking confirmations, fees, meals, what to pack, creating an itinerary, contact person, route, etc. We recommend creating a list of tasks so you don’t miss any last minute details as your trip approaches. It can also help to spread out the pre-trip planning throughout the group so that the burden doesn’t primarily fall upon one specific person.

Practice good communication

We recommend choosing a messenger app or starting a group chat where everyone can communicate in one central location. This can come in handy when creating an itinerary and also in boosting excitement beforehand. Aside from a group chat, file sharing is also important and gives everyone easy access to booking confirmations, maps, lists of contacts, the itinerary, and important reminders for the whole group.

Things You Can Do When Traveling With Luxury as a Group

With these simple reminders to get you started planning your group adventure, you should have no problem looking through this list below of exciting, fun group travel ideas.

Charter a private jet

Flying in a group can be a bit stressful. One option to lessen the hassle and worry is to travel by private jet. While this is a more pricey option, with a larger group to split the costs, it can be a luxury enhancement that’s worth adding to your travel experience. Traveling on a private jet also comes with a variety of high-end amenities and we recommend it if you’re traveling with luxury as a group. From the entertainment, bars, lounges, delicious food, and comfortable sleeping areas, you’ll begin to unwind before even arriving at your destination. Aside from these inclusions, you won’t have to worry about ridgid schedules, baggage limits, extra fees, and security. Especially if you’re traveling with someone who’s nervous about flying, this can be the relief they need. On the other hand, if your group is more of the spontaneous and adventurous type, you can never go wrong with a private jet. It can take you to any place you want, even remote locations, as long as there is a runway for a safe touchdown.

Charter a luxury yacht

Traveling With Luxury as a Group - Charter a Luxury Yacht

This may seem like an expensive travel idea, but if you’re with the right sized group, it might become more realistic once the cost is evenly split. Renting a yacht comes with many perks and amenities. For one, you will receive the same quality comfort as when staying in a 5-star hotel. You won’t need to worry about the food since yachts provide high quality meals at an all inclusive rate. For the avid chefs in the group, you can also choose to cook your own meals since every yacht is equipped with a full kitchen. Aside from these amenities, charting a yacht is a great option for those who love water activities such as fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and whale watching. You will never run out of activities to try as you enjoy your trip at sea. It is great for traveling with luxury as a group of diverse ages, as there is a wide variety of amenities for everyone to enjoy. If the group is a smaller one you can also choose to rent a boat.

Vacation by cruise

If you’re looking for a cheaper option for an ocean vacation, we recommend traveling by cruise. Though the whole place may not be entirely dedicated to your group, you’ll get to meet other people as well and have access to a wide variety of amenities perfect for all interests and ages. This is a great option if you are traveling with parents or grandparents who prefer a more laid-back experience or for groups with kids, as there are playgrounds and arcades aboard the ship. Cruise ships also offer delicious buffets of food and drinks. If you want to mingle with other travelers, especially if you find yourself vacationing with a smaller group of friends or colleagues, you have the option to do so. Remember, the more, the merrier! You’ll never get bored when you’re on a cruise ship with the people you love.

Rent a luxury RV

Traveling With Luxury as a Group - Rent a Luxury RV

Renting out an RV is a great option if you wish to visit multiple destinations together with your family, friends, or workmates. While riding in an RV, you can do lots of fun, indoor activities, snack, or simply kick back and relax until you reach your destination. Nowadays, luxury RVs come fit with amenities such as home theater systems, refrigerators, top-notch speakers, washer and dryer units, and luxury mattresses. If no one from your group is experienced driving a large vehicle, you can opt to hire a professional driver. This would also allow everyone to enjoy the ride and create a road-trip bonding experience for every member of the group.

Stay on an island or a private resort

You can’t go wrong with staying on an island or at a private resort. You’ll never run out of things to do, for all ages involved! You can enjoy the sandy beach and ocean waves, spend the day at the spa, enjoy luxurious amenities and fancy pools, play a game in the clubhouse, or even do nothing at all. Aside from the amenities and attractions offered in such a fancy setting, you will also be surrounded by extravagant dining options. For the duration of your stay, you will enjoy feast after feast together with your loved ones, often for a discounted rate when dining with a large group.

Visit a ranch

If you prefer to spend your vacation closer to nature, why not visit a ranch? Similar to resorts, you will find a wide selection of activities to experience together with your family or friends. You can try horseback riding, yoga, hiking, animal watching, fly fishing, skeet shooting, and more! If you’re hoping for a longer stay, we recommend booking a ranch with cabins or lodges to make the most of your travel experience.

Rent a vacation home

Traveling With Luxury as a Group - Rent a Vacation Home

If the sole purpose of your trip is to gather the people you love in a more intimate space, renting a vacation home is a great option. There are many luxurious homes available for rent that would be perfect for family reunions, team building weekends, retreats, or even a beach-front getaway.

For the greatest deals, you can check out our platform Rental Trader. There are lots of vacation home rentals you can choose from all over the US. You can choose what type of house, the size, and location to help you plan out your vacation as a group.

Send us your inquiry by filling out the webform or calling us so we can help you find the right venue for your vacation. With all these great ideas, you’ll be sure to have a great time traveling with your group with style, luxury, and comfort.

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