10 Epic California Bachelorette Party Destinations for You

Where you spend your California bachelorette party is vital because it will be the place that holds one of your fondest memories before getting married. Having one for the books is what every bachelorette wants, and California has plenty of venues to pick.

Have a great time bonding with your closest, most favorite people, and enjoy the best food, scenic views, and an unforgettable night in one of these destinations.

Planning your bachelorette on a short notice? Find out the best party destinations in the below slides:

1. San Francisco

As the state’s fourth-largest city, San Francisco is home to popular landmarks like the AT&T Park and the Golden Gate Bridge and is filled with unique bars that make any bachelorette party special. These high-end night clubs will help you organize themed parties or a simple get-together full of music, dance, and laughter.

During the day, you can take the adventure up a notch by taking the Alcatraz Cruises to the infamous prison or leap out into the air at the Bay Area Skydiving. When you are ready to raise a toast to your upcoming nuptials, head to the Embarcadero or Fisherman’s Wharf where there are plenty of options and quality drinks to while the night away.

2. Napa Valley

Drive the scenic route to Napa Valley and arrive at one of the most picturesque destinations on the planet. You can take a sip of the finest wines in circulation and discover some of the unique flavors that you cannot find anywhere else. The countless vineyards in the area can be a fitting venue for a California bachelorette party that will carve the prettiest memories in your mind.

Aside from the best wines, you can also ride a hot air balloon and see the bird’s eye view of Napa Valley at the Balloons Above the Valley. Start or end your day with a decadent brunch and a lovely glass of champagne to suit your taste.

3. Palm Springs

Palm Springs is California’s resort city in Riverside County. It is the perfect venue for a bachelorette party and friends who love the outdoors. It has plenty of areas for golf, tennis, biking, and swimming, along with other activities to fill your itinerary. You and your group can take the Adventure Hummer Tours and explore the Joshua National Tree Park through the back roads.

You can stay a weekend at Palm Springs and enjoy early morning yoga and a wonderful lounge on the pool. You can also enjoy a cocktail or two to cap your bachelorette party night and experience a glam time of your life.

4. Catalina Island

Bask in the relaxing paradise of Catalina Island and have a lot of outdoorsy fun with your California bachelorette party. The location is an hour away from Long Beach and holds several opportunities to explore the marine wildlife and expansive natural beauty of the island.

You can explore the undersea biota of Catalina Island by taking guided tours or avail yourself of scuba diving lessons for a more immersive experience. If you want an aerial view, Parasail Catalina offers small flights that go over the seascapes and landscapes within the island. You can also take your friends and family to the Zip Line Eco Tour that features five ziplines leading to the city of Avalon. Cap the night off at the After Hours found at the Avalon Grille with drinks and dancing!

5. Santa Rosa

The wine culture of Santa Rosa, a city north of San Francisco, is exquisitely diverse and lends itself to opportunities for some wine tasting fun. The Comfort Wine Tours will take you to several wineries within the area, whether by limousine or bus. For high-quality craft beers, the On Tap Beer Tours will introduce you to the best local brews in Santa Rosa.

The Graton Resort and Casino is where you can spend the evening partying, playing, and watching live performances. One thing is certain, you will have a night to remember!

6. San Diego

The performers at the Lips Drag Queens of San Diego will give you one of the funniest California bachelorette party you could ever have. You will also be treated to an amazing selection of food and cocktails to complete a rowdy night. They have tricks up their sleeve to make the bride-to-be feel extra special.

Another unique idea would be to take a crash course on cooking at Hipcooks in San Diego. It is the fitting choice for the bride-to-be who aspires to be a great cook—you will be learning tips and tricks from experts and discover a new recipe by the end of the session.

If you want to learn something different, Fun Pole Fitness features a Girls Night Out party that will have the bride wearing a tiara and tank top while learning pole dancing. It is an exciting way to cap off your last day of being single!

7. South Lake Tahoe

The picturesque Lake Tahoe will be greeting your vision when you choose to spend your bachelorette celebrations here. It is the largest alpine lake on the continent and boasts a view like no other. It is the perfect spot to host large parties because there are so many things to do.

Among the activities you can choose from here include swimming and boating in the summer. It is also a great destination for water rafting and canoeing, or hire a luxury yacht on the Tahoe Bleu Wave and explore the lake. Aside from recreational activities, you can also find many opportunities to bond over food and drinks in restaurants throughout the area.

8. Sacramento

If your idea of fun includes burlesque dancing, the Sizzling Sirens Burlesque Academy offers highly entertaining performances that have a fresh production each time. They include satire, sketch, and a theme to their neo-burlesque shows, which makes every performance special. You will be witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime show that will bring fond memories in the years to come!

If one place is not enough to suit your needs, then look no further than Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ Trolley & Party Bus Service. Bringing the party to you or bringing you to the party, nothing beats a party on wheels.

9. Malibu

Any California wedding will incorporate some surf and sand on the itinerary and there is no better place to experience all that other than Malibu. You can witness the most popular surf break in the world at Surfrider Beach and get some surfing lessons from the Malibu Surf Shack. It is a very exciting experience to share with your group and will make for some fun anecdotes in the future.

Aside from the beautiful California coast, you can also experience it by trying a hand at the water activities offered in Malibu such as kayaking and paddle boarding. There are plenty of guided tours for you to join so you can see what nature has to offer up close. Extend the fun until evening by hopping into the club scene and share cocktails with the girls.

10. Los Angeles

It is a little overwhelming to think of the many options for a California bachelorette party in Los Angeles, but there are truly notable venues where you and your bridal party can have the best time of your life. You can take a tour to the Universal Studio and get a cinematic experience of your favorite film. If you want a rowdy crowd, head to the Conga Room located on West Olympic Boulevard and sway your hips to some Latin music.

If you are an artistic soul, you can have a memorable time drawing a live model at Artworks and it is extra fun with your closest friends for company. You also get complimentary champagne to make the art class even more chic!

Tips for an unforgettable California Bachelorette Party

  • Make it personal. It is essential to plan a party that has all the activities you want to happen with your favorite people. There is no rule that says a bachelorette party has to be exclusively booze and dance. You have many options, and it makes sense to explore which one fits your preferences best.
  • Have a backup. Sometimes, our plans do not go the way we want them to, which is why you need to have backup choices at hand. You want to swim but there is a thunderstorm ahead? Prepare food and items that you can easily transfer indoors in case that happens.
  • Do not overschedule. The purpose of a bachelorette party is to hang out and just have fun, but that does not mean you have to cramp your schedule with all sorts of activities. Remember, you have to take in the time it takes to get ready, travel, and do errands, so give some breathing space in between your itinerary.
  • Think about costs. You might want to go all-out with the celebration, but there is no reason to go overboard with a budget while still managing to have the time of your life. It is better to put some leeway on your costs rather than underestimating to ensure that you can accommodate every price point and not be surprised by unexpected expenses.

Even the most organized person in the world needs help, so do not be afraid to ask if you are having trouble choosing or deciding details for the party. When selecting alternative accommodations, Rental Trader will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. You can choose between numerous properties listed on our platform to book the best one of your choice.

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