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10 Best Vacation Destinations For Family Retreats

vacation destinations for your family retreats

The holiday season is typically a flurry of activities and parties, but there are several vacation destinations for family retreats that will give you more relaxation and less hassle. Who says annual festivities should be loud and over-the-top? You can opt for rejuvenating getaways that combine nature and amenities designed to give the entire family stress-free bonding moments.

Here are restorative retreats that will bring a different type of holiday experience for you and the whole family. Choose a perfect destination from the best family vacations in the US. These destinations ensure that you come back to your daily life fully recharged and refreshed!

For a quick invigorating doze of restorative destinations, browse the slides below:

What makes a getaway restorative?

A break from the usual will help you recover, but there are times when vacations fail to give the supercharge you need to get back on your feet. What is a restorative retreat? Here are some of the qualities of a great vacation that brings productivity and energy.


Experts believe that detachment is a crucial element in any restorative retreat. It does not only apply to the physical separation between you and your current lifestyle but also psychologically detaching to those things that usually bring stress into your life. For instance, taking a vacation before you complete a big project will get you physically away from your task but will not be fully relaxing, as the deadline approaches without making progress. It is crucial to have both physical and psychological separation to fully detach from the source of the stress, and then begin to reap the benefits of a restorative vacation.

Detachment works not only for adults but kids as well. When you go on vacation, especially during the family retreat holidays, it is important to highlight fun and entertainment for your young ones. They also deserve breaks from studying and a restorative retreat is key to alleviate stress from school. It also helps them gain real-world knowledge outside of the classroom. There are some best places to travel with kids in the USA.


family retreat vacations to relax

Vacations should help you relax, but there are several definitions of relaxation that you need to consider to achieve the type that works for you and your family. If you think of it as a time to unwind and take a break from doing any task, an indoor getaway with opportunities to talk and play games with the family is the likely choice for you.

However, you can also feel relaxed when doing physical activities, which is fine, too. Any vacation should be a time to do what you cannot normally do on weekends. If running or biking replenishes your energy, then by all means include it in your itinerary.


Psychologists are certain that mastering a hobby is an element of rejuvenating vacations. Engaging in activities that broaden your knowledge, from martial arts to painting or finally solving that Rubik’s Cube, will increase your chances of feeling restored after a good vacation. Mastery of something unrelated to your line of work can help you recover from fatigue and improve your ability to think creatively when faced with a dilemma.

Spending vacation doing a personal activity or hobby can have plenty of benefits to your well-being. Having your family with you will make it more meaningful, given that you are spending precious time with your loved ones.

Top 10 Best Family Retreat Vacations Destinations

1. Cleveland, New Mexico

family retreat vacation in cleveland

City living can be stressful especially if you are constantly bombarded with the noise, pollution, and everyday hassle that disturbs your Zen. You can get away from this scene and experience a more tranquil day at Cleveland, New Mexico, where you can stay at the 10-acre Hawk Hill Retreat House. It has ample space for a large family and has great recreational activities to offer and trails to explore.

This house is close to the 500-acre Hummingbird Ranch where you can camp, dine out, avail yourself of the meditation labyrinth, and fire circle, among other activities. The Pecos Wilderness Area is also a short drive away from the accommodation, which makes for great river excursions, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, and more.

2. The San Jacinto Mountains in California

Idyllwild Arts offers workshops that will help you and the family immerse in the arts. It is open to the public from June to August, providing different courses like jewelry-making, metalworks, and Cahuilla basketry, which is the pride of Native American arts. Classes are typically held in the mornings, while evenings consist of performances, lectures, or shows.

The community is great for people of all ages because it provides a creative avenue for everyone, giving you many opportunities to learn a different form of art. If you have little ones, you can take them to this restorative retreat because they also offer dance lessons for children as young as three years old.

3. Schloss Elmau, Germany

family retreat vacation destination schloss elmau, germany

As a traditional spa hotel, you might not think the Schloss Elmau in Germany is one of the best vacation destinations for family retreats. But, you will be surprised how family-friendly the venue is! It has a spa that can accommodate family-sized groups and ample space for hosting activities for children. While travelling with kids make sure you have all the gadgets you need.

The venue has a kids club where you can keep your children entertained while you try the adult-only Oriental Hamam and Badehaus Spa. It is a great restorative family getaway that will have you enjoying quality time with your loved ones. It will improve your well-being and energize you once you are back to normal.

4. St. Peter, Barbados

If you want to see the beauty of Port St. Charles right as you wake in the morning, the luxurious Elysium Villa will be the perfect spot to spend a meaningful vacation during the holidays. It is known for its grandeur and impressive space, with a mix of Balinese and Caribbean designs that make this place so picturesque.

The amazing 6-bedroom accommodation boasts luxe amenities that will keep the family comfortable during your stay. It has an infinity pool, gazebos, outdoor baths, and other facilities that make it a prestigious location for private family gatherings.

5. Amatara Wellness Resort, Thailand

If you are seeking a wellness program that is inclusive for the whole family, you can try the one offered by Amatara Wellness Resort in Phuket, Thailand. It is one of the best family retreat vacation destinations providing a three-night stay that highlights wellbeing. It promotes group activities that nurture the family’s relationships. This interactive program strengthens togetherness between parents and children, giving that much-needed break from daily routines.

Reconnecting with your loved ones is possible on this trip because it is designed specifically for families that want to get away from busy schedules. It will encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle and inspire you to make more sustainable choices.

6. Truckee, California

destinations for your family retreats truckee

There is a luxury family lodge tucked in the lush greenery of Truckee, California that your family will absolutely love. The décor is a mix of rustic and modern, giving it a unique twist that people of any age will appreciate.

The house is situated near the mountaintop and gives access to excellent skiing, biking, hiking, and horseback riding sites. If you and your family are adventurers at heart, this spot is one of the best family vacation destinations for you!

7. Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

For people wanting to explore the benefits of yoga that helps detoxify the body, Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman offers a well-curated itinerary that focuses on healing the mind. This restorative vacation will help improve your immune system and digestive system through detoxifying therapies, low-intensity training, and various wellness activities.

This venue has a family offer where children under 12 years old will be able to sleep and dine for free.

8. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The luxe villa in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, will give your family the quality vacation you can expect from a beachfront property. It is near a wildlife park that you can explore. But it is also possible that you may not want to go out because the amenities inside the villa are enough to make you stay during family reunion.

Villa Concha has a saltwater pool where you can enjoy a dip while witnessing one of the prettiest sunsets you will ever see. There is also a separate casita with impressive walk-in showers, giving you the luxury that relaxes and restores your energy.

9. Big Bend National Park

family retreat in big bend national park in west texas

The Big Bend National Park in West Texas is a restorative retreat for people who love nature. It has the peace and quiet you need if you want to get away from the busy city life. It features the South Rim Trail that spans 14 miles of desert flora giving way to cypress, fir, and the Chihuahua Desert of Mexico.

You can also take a float trip down the Santa Elena Canyon where you can see 1,500 feet of limestone walls bordering your sights. It is a wonderful piece of nature that will have you appreciating the unexpected beauty of the world.

10. Shanti Maurice, Mauritius

You and your family deserve a gentle break, and you can find that at Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa in Mauritius. It features luxe private villas that boast stunning views of the country, which will envelop you in a breathtaking calm you will not get anywhere else. The program aims to re-boot and de-stress you and give your family a restorative retreat that looks like heaven on earth.

Mauritius, a tiny island nation near Madagascar, is definitely one of the best family vacation destinations because it combines the relaxation only the finest beach can offer. It is where you can spend plenty of bonding moments with your family to enrich your togetherness. The villa is complete with a lap pool, steam bath, and recreational facilities that will keep you busy and entertained for days.

If you are planning a family retreat vacation soon, you can browse through Rental Trader to choose the amazing rental property that we have for you. You can also check our best family traveling destination in USA, if you don’t wanna go outside of the North America.

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