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Carry These Kids’ Travel Accessories for Hassle-free Travel

Kids Travel Accessories for Hassle-free Travel

Your family can make priceless memories and grow closer together on a family vacation. That is not to say, however, that traveling with children is always easy. You will need to plan ahead for the inevitable challenges posed by traveling with your young ones. Thankfully, there are some genius gadgets on the market that will make traveling with kids completely hassle-free and fun. We have compiled a list of products that you can bring along if you want to have a carefree and enjoyable trip with your kids.

The developers of these products have identified a need and creatively innovated a solution to serve your family. Indeed, you may be shocked to find a product for a problem that you had thought unresolvable. Have a look at the products below; we hope these tools allow you the peace of mind to book your next amazing family vacation!

The developers of these products have identified a need and creatively innovated a solution to serve your family. Indeed, you may be shocked to find a product for a problem that you had thought unresolvable. Have a look at the products below; we hope these tools allow you the peace of mind to book your next amazing family vacation around beautiful places!

Gadgets for Your Family Travel Gear to Make Long Flights Bearable

There is no getting around the fact that an international trip will require one or more long flights. Even on domestic trips, flights can be fairly long. As we all know, long flights can be unbearable for children and adults alike. Thankfully, there are some innovative gadgets that you can include in your family travel gear to turn this overwhelming hurdle into a fun experience.

1.  Roamwild’s Armrest Buddy

Travel pillows are one of the most essential items to include on every family trip. However, all of us know that those thick, round crescents are not always comfortable, especially for children with smaller heads and more delicate necks. It can prove even more challenging to put the kids to sleep when they hate their pillow so much. This is precisely why the Roamwild Armrest Buddy was created!

Roamwild’s Armrest Buddy is a three-in-one travel buddy for your little one. It slips onto the chair armrest for your child to rest their head on. This position is much more comfortable for children. Further, these have a playful animal stuffed toy exterior that makes your child love the pillow and want to sleep or play with it. Finally, it is also great as a blanket for very young children or newborn babies.

Roamwild’s Armrest Buddy

It is so light and easy to carry that you can simply put it in your carry-on baggage to ensure that your child is well-rested after a long flight or car ride.

2.  Etsy’s Busy Box

Although your child may sleep through a portion of the flight or transportation time, what will they do for the remainder of your travels? You may be tempted to bring along their favorite toys, activities, games, or other such gadgets. But do not underestimate the value of novelty when seeking to entertain your children during your travels. By giving your child a variety of new toys, crafts or games to interact with, you ensure entertainment for them and peaceful travels for you!

Instead of selecting and purchasing new entertainment devices piece by piece, you can work smarter, not harder. The work is done for you when you buy the Etsy Busy Box.

The box offers various activities from coloring a superhero mask to play dough to puzzles and educational card games. You kid will not realize how the time flew in the flight or a car journey. And the best part is that there is no upper age limit for these activities. Many adults have guiltily accepted enjoying these as much as children. So, maybe your children will not be the only ones entertained by this gadget!

3.  Go Happy Travel Tray

When you give your child the busy box, wouldn’t you expect them to play with the activities? As all parents know, there is a high chance that the child will drop a crayon, some playdough, or their favorite puzzle piece on the floor. That tiny bit, very close to your child’s heart, can roll under the chairs never to be found. You wouldn’t want your child to be sad because of such an unfortunate event, would you?

We have a perfect solution; try the Go Happy Travel Tray. It is a large, multipurpose tray that the child can place on the airplane tray table or their lap. This tray can minimize lost toys, reduce germ contamination, and help with meal time.  It is a perfect component of your family travel gear if you want to give your child the comfort and freedom of being able to play anywhere.

Gadgets for Your Family Travel Gear that Make Walking with Kids Easier

As we all know, traveling often involves a lot of walking as you explore and sightsee in a new location. However, little legs can tire quickly when keeping up with your long strides. Before you know it, your arms are aching from carrying your tired children from point A to point Z. Things get worse if you get your kids on a hike or in the backcountry. Thus, it is always suggested to choose kids-friendly hikes.

Not to mention, when you travel with children, you have to carry a heavier load with you. Children need many things on the go, so between carrying the kids and carrying their on-the-go luggage, your trip may become cumbersome. Although strollers can be helpful, they are not the all-in-one perfect solution. Find below some really fantastic additions to your family travel gear that will resolve this problem for you.

1.  diono Traverze Super Compact Stroller

The first item in this lineup is a simple but effective product; the diono Traverze Super Compact Stroller. More than a regular stroller, the remarkable thing about this product is that it is incredibly compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly. Also, it comes with a comfortable handle that allows you to steer and navigate the stroller with ease.

There is an easy-push brake feature for your child’s safety and big wheels to prevent the stroller from catching on uneven ground. On top of all the functionality aspects, the diono Traverze Super Compact Stroller also comes in 12 colors, so you can pick the color your kid loves and stroll him all over your vacation destination.

2.  Micro Kickboard Luggage Eazy

Micro Kickboard Luggage Eazy

The Micro Kickboard Luggage Eazy is a unique solution to the problem of tiresome walking while on vacation. As we mentioned, kids require on-the-go things and many strollers do not have enough storage space to accommodate this extra luggage. Also, this luggage might be too big to pass as the carry-on in flights. For such issues, you can include the Micro Kickboard Luggage Eazy in your family travel gear.

This is a specially designed “ride-on” suitcase with a seat for your child at the top. You can carry the child’s things in the suitcase while using the suitcase as a stroller. This way, your arms will not tire from holding the child in your arms and you will be able to store the child’s favorite things as you travel.

Also, this stroller is perfect for use in the airport when you have to walk for long distances to catch your flight; it could be too much for your child and make her cranky later. So, avoid all these troubles by simply using the ride-on suitcase.

Gadgets for Your Family Travel Gear for Your Child’s Safety

Traveling can be unsafe for many different reasons, but the risk can increase when traveling with children. More fragile and less independent than adults, children require constant supervision especially during travel. There are several safety gadgets that can form part of your family travel gear. The most important ones are mentioned below.

1.  Relay Tracking Device

Many parents feel they should not give their children a phone at a very young age for various reasons. However, you might want to rethink this decision while traveling. A phone offers the benefit of tracking your child if he is lost in an unknown place. However, if you still do not want to give your child a phone, you can try Relay.

Relay Tracking Device

Relay is a screen-free gadget that helps you stay connected with your child. It has real-time GPS tracking, SOS alerts, and Geofencing. These ensure that your child does not get lost; if he does, you can easily find him with Relay. Although it follows the principle of a walkie-talkie, this device uses wireless and cellular signals to extend the connection reach.

Further, you can also give these devices to very young kids without fearing that they will drop them and break them. The exterior is extremely durable, making it travel-friendly and appropriate for rough use. It is also handy for outdoor recreational activities such as camping in the woods.

2. SterilStay In-Flight Essentials Kit

In the post-COVID world, we have all become more aware of the presence of germs. However, while traveling, it is impossible to avoid unsanitary surfaces. So it is essential to clean the places we touch as we travel. The perfect tool that should take a permanent place in your family travel gear is a SterilStay In-Flight Essentials Kit.

Although it is specifically helpful during air travel, the kit is also very helpful for general travel needs. It contains 3 antibacterial wipes that you can use to clean the armrest, seat, and tray table in the flight. Further, it also has table tray and headrest covers. It considers all the surfaces that can expose you to germs and gives you the best protective solution.

3. Kids FlySafe CARES Safety Harness

To a child, the airplane seat is a huge space. Small children may be able to curl up and sleep or get their wiggles out. However, the same fun space can result in an injury when the plane experiences turbulence. Kids can get badly hurt; therefore, it is critical to carry the Kids FlySafe CARES Safety Harness in your family travel gear.

Kids FlySafe CARES Safety Harness

The harness can keep your child in place even when the seatbelt can’t, as it is tied like a life jacket along the shoulders. During any emergency, this harness will prevent your child from slipping and hurting himself. You can use it, especially on flights but also on road journeys. It is appropriate for children above one year of age.

Tech Gadgets for Your Family Travel Gear

We live in a world of technology, and almost everything we do has technology involved. While traveling, we can also enlist the help of technology. While traveling with children, some kid-specific gadgets will help them have a wonderful time if you include them in your family travel kit. However, there are some everyday tech gadgets too, that you should ensure having with you during any kind of travel, whether with children or without.

1. CozyPhones

Listening to music while traveling can be a huge relief from travel boredom. However, when you are traveling with family, you all might not always want to listen to music together. For such times, we know there are headphones; however, children have smaller heads, and headphones can easily slip off. You might think of earphones or pods, but they can harm your child’s hearing. So, there is a perfect solution that bypasses all these issues.

CozyPhones are bandana-like wearable headphones designed especially for children and their smaller heads. They fit neatly on the child’s head, allowing her to enjoy uninterrupted music. Further, the headphones come with a volume limiting feature so that it does not harm the child’s hearing. It is a perfect companion on long flights or road trips.

2. Quick Charging Powerbank

As we live in a world of technology, we tend to carry all our gadgets along. Naturally, when we are traveling with family, there will be a bag full of devices that will require charging from time to time. To successfully complete a family trip, one of the most essential inclusions to the family travel gear is a quick charging power bank.

Quick Charging Powerbank

New ones keep emerging from time to time, and our need for charging power also keeps evolving, so we should look for the latest one in the market around the time of our trip. Anything with a charging capacity of 20000 mAh or higher is desired for a family trip.

These are especially helpful while planning an outdoor recreation such as camping in the woods. Go for the one you can charge in your vehicle if you are on a road trip or charge it every night, so you have enough stored up for emergencies.

Wrapping Up the Essentials to a Family Travel Gear

We researched some fantastic additions to family travel gear and hope that these help you in having the perfect vacation you dreamed of. There are many more products that you can bring along, such as a lightweight, compact, yet safe car seat. Your needs will likely keep evolving, and so do the products; thereby, our list also keeps evolving and is never exhaustive. However, some of these products are unique and unheard-of, as they can bring up the level of your trip from ‘just fine’ to ‘absolutely amazing!’

Now that you are all set to pack your bags, check out some excellent and kid-friendly accommodations on our platform Rental Trader. We have a vast selection of vacation rentals, hotels, homestays, and more. If you want to know more about these accommodations, check out our website!

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