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Top Wisconsin Road Trip Destinations: 8 Spectacular Getaways

With Lake Superior and Lake Michigan bordering the state and a charm of beautiful forest landscape spanning its acreage, there’s an array of diversity up for grabs to anyone seeking a quiet romantic spot or abundant outdoors. Wisconsin has virtually anything you need for a remarkable getaway all year round. This means that Wisconsin Road Trip destinations are innumerable.

While those who have toured the state before believe that most of the fun activities are in Milwaukee or Madison, the truth is that some of the most exhilarating destinations are actually situated in certain regions of the state. 

Check out these particular fun spots and learn more about them in preparation for your upcoming Wisconsin road trip escapade. 

8 Great Wisconsin Road Trip Destinations

1. Big Manitou Falls: Most Scenic Photography Spot

The top most spot on our list of Wisconsin Road Trip Destinations is the Big Manitou Falls. If looking for a great spot for amazing sightseeing and capturing beautiful snapshots, this is the place to be. Big Manitou is well known for its attractive gorges, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes making it one of the most photographed places in the state of Wisconsin. 

Big Manitou Falls, Wisconsin’s highest waterfall dropping at more than 160 feet offers unique visuals perfect for capturing high definition pictures. When you first look at this waterfall, you’ll realize that its water has a somewhat brownish color instead of crystal blue. Well, that unique color is a result of the various minerals known as tannins dissolved in the water. 

Big Manitou Falls, Top Wisconsin Road Trip Destinations

Apart from Big Manitou Falls, you’ll also come across lots of thrilling hiking trails. Just be ready for lots of legwork here, so don’t forget to pack up some comfy shoes plus an HD camera. This is surely a beautiful sight for eyeballing as you’ll also be surrounded by stunning greenery anywhere you go. 

2. Oshkosh : Airplane Rides & Exciting Activities

Oshkosh is a small town found in Winnebago County along Lake Winnebago to the northwest side of Milwaukee. It’s certainly prominent for two things: airshows and kids’ line of clothing. 

This is where the largest aviators (EAA AirVenture Oshkosh) meeting on the planet is held each summer since as early as 1970. In the course of the event, the control towers of the town become very busy as over 15,000 airplanes of varying sizes and shapes land on the airport together with approximately half a million guests. Featured during this marvelous event are exciting aerobatic displays and flybys from contemporary and vintage military aircraft. 

Airshow at Oshkosh the most fun activity in Wisconsin

When you visit, you’ll also enjoy the beautiful views of nighttime flying aircraft, theatrical performances, movie shows, and educational workshops. If well equipped with a budget, you can also enjoy aircraft rides on varying planes including the enormous B-17 bomber. Another point of the highlight is the magnificent EAA AirVenture Museum which has a wide collection of over 200 aircraft. 

3. Devil’s Lake State Park: Enjoy Nature’s Wonders

If looking for a getaway destination with the family, then you might want to visit Devil’s Lake State Park, one of the largest Wisconsin parks you’ll ever come across. This destination is a favorite among outdoor adventure buffs as it boasts of a wide collection of fun activities, including boating, swimming, and fishing

Devil's Lake State Park, Natural getaway in WIsconsin

Devil’s Lake on its own is also a top must-see if looking for a fascinating natural feature, and offers one of the most stunning sites for capturing photos in the state. Devil’s Lake State Park is the top destination that you wouldn’t want to miss during your road trip escapade in Wisconsin. The good news is that it’s open throughout the year so you can visit anytime you feel ready for the escapade. 

4. Frank Lloyd Wright Country Home: Great Architect of Wisconsin 

Frank Lloyd Wright is among the top influential personalities who had Wisconsin as their home. Most of the designs by this great architect are still seen throughout the state, which is his birthplace and also where he spent much of his lifetime. 

Some of the designs can be seen on the Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee and the stunning Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center found on the lakeshores in Madison. The center was constructed long after the death of Wright but was based on his plans. 

Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, Wisconsin Road trip Spot

However, most people flock to Wright’s home located in Spring Green’s Taliesin East estate. The estate rests on 600 acres of spectacular rolling countryside. Wright’s home construction began in 1911 and continued until 1959 when Wright died. This is where Wright spent most of his time during summer, but later on in winter, he moved to Taliesin West, a top attraction found in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Wright’s home is available for public access through guided tours. The tours feature the home, studio, gallery, theater, and school. Among other places of interest is the informative visitor center equipped with a restaurant. 

5. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore: Camping, Romance, & Adventure 

If you seek an adventure thrill like no other, then you need to visit the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. This place features 21 islands located along a lakeshore making it an awe-inspiring spot loved by both locals and visitors. 

The lakeshore welcomes you to enjoy its stunning serenity where you can chill while listening to music, watching the beautiful scenic views or bird watching. It’s also a great romantic getaway for couples as it’s full of some of the most romance inspiring cabins in the state of Wisconsin. 

The true beauty of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore lies in the range of activities you can explore here. If thinking about venturing from one island to another, kayaks on rental are available. You can also opt to bring along your inflatable kayak to enjoy the adventure here. Most of the islands offer a variety of outdoor activities including fishing and scuba diving at very affordable rates. 

Activities at Apostle Islands national lakeshore, Wisconsin

To experience a truly authentic adventure, opt for camping options offered in one of the 19 islands. Each of the islands provides excellent campsites with great amenities. If you’re on a budget, remote campsites with minimal rates are also available. It is one of the most unique Wisconsin Road Trip Destinations, that you shouldn’t miss.

6. Wisconsin State Capitol Building: Madison Attractions

The capital city of Madison offers so many reasons for visitors to explore it, and most of its highlights are found downtown. Among the top spots that attract the interest of road trippers in this city is the State Capitol Building of Wisconsin State. 

The building with its 284-foot-high dome, which is just 3 feet shy of the Capitol Building of Washington, offers a magnificent view that attracts visitors from across the state and the country. 

Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison, Top Road Trip Destinations

Wisconsin State Capitol Building construction ended in 1917 and has been maintained through the years to be one of the top attractions in the state. 

The building is available for public tours lasting an hour every day where visitors get to explore the interior features such as the large murals, elegant rotunda, delicate marble works, and more. Also, the building features a museum on its 6th floor, which tells the history of the State Capitol. 

7. Elkhart Lake: Road America Race and More!

Elkhart Lake to the south of the state is a perfect getaway destination for lovebirds looking for a romantic spot to spend their time together. 

It’s also the home to the popular race Road America which dates back to the 1950s. Many races are hosted here each year and receive a high influx of viewers, especially during summer. With the races being international events, expect to come across people from virtually every corner of the country coming to enjoy the outdoor fun. 

Elkhart Lake and Broughton Park, Natural escapes in Wisconsin

The resorts at Elkhart Lake are well equipped to make them comfy and luxurious. There is also amazing live music and theater held at night alongside great tasty food and drinks. For an experience unique to its kind, consider checking out Victorian Village Resort equipped with excellent food, service, and beautiful swimming pools. It features an old classic theme making it an excellent choice for those seeking to relax their minds. 

Check out the Broughton Sheboygan Marsh Park for some elevated outdoor experience for the entire family. You might as well consider Fireman’s Park which provides a beautiful picnic area on a sandy beach. 

8. Harley Davidson Museum: Bike-lovers’ Paradise 

Finally, lets look at the most visited Wisconsin Road Trip Destinations. A Wisconsin road trip wouldn’t be considered complete without a visit to the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. This is perhaps a top spot for not only motorbike buffs but also anyone keen on the choice of stylish bikes. 

Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin is the proud home of “The Hog” and the place to be if you’d like an in-depth history about this famous Harley Davidson motorcycle. You’ll also get to see over 450 classic bikes at the museum. This attraction also features outstanding displays of Harley Davidson’s popular teardrop tanks plus insightful stories about the different places and people behind these machines. 

Harley Davidson Museum, Wisconsin Road Trip Destinations

Don’t forget to visit the exciting restaurant designed with a Harley-theme. If possible, you might consider planning your itinerary to coincide with a “bike night”, one of the busy night events showcasing Harley Davidson motorbike designs. 

Wrapping up the Wisconsin Road Trip Destinations

Wisconsin is a definite choice when it comes to picking a destination that offers a mixture of different fun activities. Despite most of the attractions mostly based in the 2 largest cities, the inner beauty of the state lies in certain concealed destinations that only an open-minded road tripper can discover. Whether a road trip veteran or newbie, these top destinations in Wisconsin will definitely make your road trip memorable, fun, and lively. Just include them in your itinerary and enjoy the fun.

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