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Best of Salt Lake City Nightlife: A Guide of Things to Do After Dark

Best of Salt Lake City Nightlife: A Guide of Things to Do After Dark

On your next road trip to Utah, reserve an itinerary spot for Salt Lake City. You can explore Utah’s natural history through its museum tours or visit the Red Butte Botanical Garden. However, when the sun sets, the city comes alive. You can’t miss out on some of the great Salt Lake City nightlife attractions. So be prepared to have the time of your life and enjoy some of the fantastic nightlife venues.

Best Salt Lake City Nightlife Attractions: Craft Beers, Live Music & International Cuisine

Salt Lake City nightlife is a great combination of culture and fun. You can enjoy an opera or jam out to some EDM music. With an incredible variety of wines, craft beers, and cocktails, SLC will blow your mind away. Further, the restaurants offering food from all parts of the world will give you the chance to have one of the most memorable meals of your lifetime. So check out our list below for some of the best places to go after the sun goes down.

1.    Live Music in Salt Lake City

Live music is one of the most sought-after nightlife activities, and Salt Lake City doesn’t disappoint. Utah has produced some incredibly talented musicians, a lot of them making their name through the many Live Music venues in SLC.

If you want to have a memorable experience, then try Liquid Joe’s. The place showcases the best local artists and holds some great open mic nights. The atmosphere is as entertaining as the performances. Further, they have ample food and drink options to go with your music experience. If you want to have a fun night with your friends, this is the place to be.

If you want to hear some big and renowned names, you must check out Kilby Court. Unlike many other venues, this place welcomes people of all ages. Although it hosts some of the big names such as The Head & The Heart, Macklemore, Diplo, Foster The People, and many more, it is set up in an intimate garage-style format. You can interact with the performers and give them your loudest cheer as you enjoy the music.

Live Music in Salt Lake City

Their calendar is always full, so make sure you check who is performing and book your tickets before they get sold out. You don’t want to miss out on a chance to see your favorite artist while here in SLC.

2.   Opera & Performing Arts in Salt Lake City

If you love shows and performances, Eccles Theater is the place you should definitely check out. This upscale auditorium hosts several of the best stage performances that you will have ever encountered. Along with that, they have a lovely terrace that gives the best possible view of the city.

From Broadway performances to epic dance ensembles, there is an array of quality options to choose from. Go check out their calendar to find the perfect show for you. Not only that, if you’re traveling as a family, it has many great family-friendly options.

Opera is a 400-year-old tradition and if you want to be a part of it, then check out the Capitol Theater’s performances. Some performances are shared between the Eccles Theater and the Capitol Theater, but the former doesn’t host opera and ballet events. Enjoy a performance from the awe-inspiring Utah Symphony. They even have shows such as the Magical Music of Harry Potter, with John Williams himself, the renowned composer, taking you through it. So don’t even think of missing out on experiencing a performance here.

3.   Best Bars in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City nightlife has a flourishing bar scene. If you love wine, there is only one place you should head to – BTG Wine Bar. The variety of wine selections is mind-blowing. They have about 75 different kinds, and on top of that, they serve great beers and cocktails. If you’re hungry, you can order anything off their bites and desserts menu because everything tastes heavenly, from Garlic Shrimp to Asparagus to Tiramisu. BTG Wine Bar is a haven for wine connoisseurs.

Best Bars in Salt Lake City

If you love craft beers, rotating seasonals, and beer on tap, then you must visit Desert Edge Pub & Brewery. From house brews to Utah pale ales to Irish red, they have everything you can think of when it comes to beer. On top of that, their wine selection is incredible, including whites, reds, Alamos, and so much more. They offer spirits as well. So no matter what your favorite drink is, they have got you covered.

The pub offers an expansive food and dessert menu, ensuring you won’t start drinking on an empty stomach. It includes salads, Mexican dishes, pasta, grilled sandwich combos, and more. So reserve a night to come here if you want to have the best wine and dine experience in SLC.

4.   Best Nightclubs & Dance Venues in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City nightlife offers some of the best dancing and nightclub experiences. Viernes De Locura is one of the best places to experience the dancing nightlife. It is one of the hottest Latin clubs in SLC.

Also known by its other name, Elevate, the venue is a multi-story nightclub that hosts regular events and hosts some of the best DJs on the block, including Dirty Dave, DJ Pipi, and many more. The venue has one of the best sound systems in SLC, so you can really get into the music.

Area 51 is another popular choice, hosting three separate dance floors full of people who can dance till they drop dead. From Wednesday to Saturday, the club is open till the wee hours. There are two floors that each host different DJs.

If you love alternative music, check out the bottom floor, and if you love the regular, go upstairs. From current hits to the ‘80s, they have everything here. Along with great music, they offer a full soda bar to satisfy all your beer and cocktail cravings. So if you have to pick one, this is the place.

5.   Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City

If you love a chef who goes against the norms of traditional food and instead makes recipes that are a delicious concoction of his own, then you’re in the right place. SLC wins the top spot on our list for being the home to many restaurants that will give you a unique food experience.

From roasted wild isles salmon to kurobuta pork shank, you won’t find similar variety and flavor anywhere else, be it in SLC or any other part of the world. Further, if you don’t want to experiment too much, just pick any one of the burgers, and you will understand why this place is worth the visit. They make the most ordinary thing extraordinary; now that’s what you call a craft.

If you want to try the tastiest Indian and Mughlai cuisine, head to Saffron Valley. From punjabi samosas to masala dosa, you can cover the breadth of the Indian Subcontinent through its food.

Try any of their authentic curries with rice or the delicious garlic naan, and you’ll see why it’s called comfort food. The starters, kebabs, and desserts will all melt in your mouth. Now, who wouldn’t want to have a meal like that? Salt lake city nightlife will make you hear sitar music right in the city itself.

Wrapping Up the Best Salt Lake City Nightlife Attractions

Salt Lake City nightlife brings everything you can imagine. From melting kebabs to 75 varieties of wine to craft beer on tap to opera and ballet. SLC nightlife is fun and classy at the same time. Whether you want to have a romantic dinner date with your partner or a blast with your bros, the city will offer something to everyone. So don’t hesitate even for a second and plan your trip to SLC now!

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