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Best of Providence Nightlife: A Guide of Things to Do After Dark

Best of Providence Nightlife: A Guide of Things to Do After Dark

On your next road trip to Rhode Island, make sure you have enough time to visit Providence. From its vineyard voyages through the Providence River to The Rose Maze in Roger Williams Park, the city has so much to experience during the day. But don’t worry, the night offers just as many exciting experiences as in the day.

Best Providence Nightlife Attractions: Patio Bars, Artistic Experiences, Opera & More!

The nightlife in Providence has an inviting atmosphere. The artistic flavors of the city make you feel welcomed as they share their city with you. More than just your typical pub crawls and nightclubs, instead it offers the ability to hop between art galleries and see stunning Broadway-style theatrical performances, opera, and orchestra. But don’t worry, if musical performances aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy the nightlife classics. Below is a list of some of our best picks so that you can have a great trip enjoying the nightlife in Providence.

1.   Artistic Nightlife Experiences

Providence nightlife is intellectual, artistic, and brimming with culture. Art is spun into the unique fabric of this city, where you can see internationally renowned theatrical performances and musicals. One of the most respected and award-winning theatres is Trinity Repertory Company. From “A Christmas Carol” to “The Show Goes On”, their renditions are heart-warming and awe inspiring. They also host several free events, such as the “America Too” series and “The Writer’s Room”. Come and enjoy an intimate, live theatre experience. Check out their website for other events and ticket prices.

If you love spending hours in art galleries, the best way to explore all of the galleries in Providence is to take an Art Trolley Bus Tour offered by RIPTA. It is a hop-on-hop-off experience that stops at various art galleries. From Yellow Peril Gallery to Chazan Gallery, you can get lost in all the art. It is an educational and unique experience.

2.   Unique Live Music Scene

Unique Live Music Scene

Providence nightlife offers fantastic locations for every classical music lover, most notably the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra. Most of their performances are held at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium and will leave you amazed at the quality and excellence of the performance.

If you want to be a part of a 400-year-old tradition, see a performance at Opera Providence. The unique art form combining music and theatre tells you a story and offers an unmatched experience that you don’t want to miss. They have a combination of free and paid concerts to choose from, so check out their concert & event calendar. The shows vary from “Italian Favorites” to the “Best of Broadway,” so pick what you like and book your tickets online.

However, Providence doesn’t only offer classical music performances; it offers every genre you can imagine. Check out The Met for all kinds of local, regional, and national music tours. One of the top tours it offers is the Boys of Summer Tour. It involves the world’s biggest social media influencers and artists and has been happening annually for seven years in a row. You can check out their calendar and plan your trip accordingly.

Live music is the soul of the city, and you should have at least one itinerary spot reserved for this nightlife activity to experience Providence truly.

3.   Bars & Nightclubs in Providence

Providence nightlife has a few signature ingredients – patio seating, colorful lights, cocktails, and craft beers. One of the best places to enjoy it all is The Avery. Open till midnight, and offering a great selection of local beers and crafted cocktails. This neighborhood bar is a lovely choice for a relaxing evening paired with some great drinks.

If you want a complete nightlife experience, head to The Parlour. It has everything, from food to entertainment, to live music to dancing. Their pizza and sliders go perfectly with the live music and events, such as Beatle Jazz to Battle of the Bands. Check their event calendar on their website to see ticket prices and what shows they are hosting. Most of their shows are max ten dollars while hosting free live music shows as well.

4.   Best Restaurants in Providence

Best Restaurants in Providence

Food is one of the essential ingredients of a memorable trip, and the nightlife in Providence is incredibly diverse when it comes to restaurants and culinary experiences. You can get food from all over the world in this one place.

One of the top places to check out is East Side Pockets, the perfect place to sink your teeth into some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. Their menu features falafel, gyros, wraps, salads, and other delicious options. It is open till late night from Monday to Saturday and till 10 pm on Sunday.

If you’re looking for an upscale restaurant, book a table at Gracie’s. This intimate and cozy spot is perfect for a dinner date with your loved one. Their locally sourced menu offers American cuisine, with options such as halibut, chicken, sausage, grilled octopus, and infamous creme brulee. The atmosphere, food,  and wine & cocktail menu will leave you wanting to come back.

Another great fine dining option with incredible waterfront seating is Café Nuevo. Their menu offers a fusion of American, European, Asian, and Island choices. So come and enjoy this elegant cafe as you have an incredible culinary experience paired with beautiful views of the city and gondolas that pass by on the water.

5.   Assorted Nightlife Fun in Providence

Providence nightlife offers some unique experiences, such as art-house movie screenings at the Avon Cinema. It showcases some of the best foreign, independent, and art-house movies. It is a retro movie experience as the décor has been kept the same since 1938, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

If you are a bit competitive and love some trivia or board games, check out WRIK Entertainment. They host many events such as music bingo, strolling trivia, feud time, and so many more. Further, you can sing your heart out at their Karaoke venue or get some funny photos at their photo booth. It is a lovely family destination to enjoy some games with the whole family!

 Wrapping Up the Best Providence Nightlife Attractions

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US with many more attractions to discover. Check out some of the most panoramic Rhode Island road trip destinations! Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island; Providence nightlife can be summarized in one word – artsy. However, there is so much more to it. You can come with your family and have a trivia night. You can check out the art galleries or some art-house movies. Or just relax with a drink, which Providence offers in style through patio bars and live music. So head to Providence and see for yourself what all the city has in store for you.

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