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Best Nightlife In Arizona: A Guide of Things to Do After Dark

Best Nightlife In Arizona: A Guide of Things to Do After Dark

On your next road trip to Arizona, make sure you cover all the major cities and experience something unique about their nightlife. To make it easier for you, we have closely curated a list of the best nightlife attractions in Arizona, including gambling, UFO tours, comedy, drive-in movies, and a lot more. So whether you are in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tuscan, Chandler, or Glendale, you can pick something from our list that will give you a great night out. If you are planning to spend another nightlife on your next trip, we suggest checking out our Gilbert Nightlife Guide that you must enjoy.

1.   Entertainment Venues & Activities in Arizona

If you want to enjoy the best nightlife in Arizona, make sure you have some nights reserved for live entertainment. Be it live music concerts, hilarious comedy, or stunning performances. Live entertainment has its own charm, and Arizona offers a lot of options for any and everyone.

1.   Comedy Clubs in Arizona:

No matter what city of Arizona you’re in, they promise to leave your belly aching from laughter with their stand-up comedy performances. Be it Laffs Comedy Café in Tuscan or Stand Up Live in Phoenix. Enjoy hilarious open mic and improv performances with your favorite comfort food and beer. If you want to have a fun night, pick comedy as your wingman.

2.   Performing Arts in Arizona:

If you love live performances, check out some of the outstanding performing arts centers spread across Arizona. You might end up attending a Sunday A’fair in Scottsdale with live concerts and fantastic artists performing each Sunday. If you are in Phoenix, go see one of the  performances at the Arizona Theater Company, they’ll blow your mind away.

3.  Kid-Friendly Drive-In Movies in Arizona:

There is nothing more unique and fun than a drive-in movie theatre. It is an entertaining and intimate experience for the whole family. Arizona offers full-fledged drive-in theaters in various cities. West Wind Glendale 9 is one of the most visited drive-in experiences. Apart from that, Scottsdale also offers many similar venues, one such being Drive-In Movie Night at the Princess.

You can watch current films or classics, so check out the schedule of the nearest drive-in. If you are on a road trip, this is the perfect option for an entertaining evening with the family. Make sure to get some popcorn and your favorite candy & drinks, and have a fun night under the stars.

2.  Gambling in Arizona

Gambling in Arizona

If you enjoy a night of gambling, Arizona has a lot of great options. From slots, table games, poker, sports betting, and high limit rooms for those that like something more high stakes and private. Arizona has an array of  premium gambling resorts such as Casino Del Sol in Tucson or Desert Diamond West Valley Casino in Glendale.

Gambling isn’t the only thing it has to offer here, which is why we have it on our list. You can also enjoy premium dining, nightclubs, and sports bars to make your night a memorable one. So if you are short on time, book a room in any of the casino resorts and have a complete nightlife experience under one roof. To find some great accommodations, check out our platform  Rental Trader.

3.   Recreation in Arizona

Next on our list of the best nightlife in Arizona, we have several recreational options for you. Arizona has fun recreational activities to enjoy with the whole family, from bowling to go-karts. Take your pick because all the options will leave the family begging to stay longer.

1.   Bowling & Arcade:

For a classic night of fun with your kids or friends, check out any of the AMF lanes. They can be found all across Arizona. Bowlero is another great option for those that are around Phoenix. Their stunning bowling lanes feature black lights and comfy lounge seats, so when you’re waiting for your turn, relax and watch sports or a family film on their HD video walls. You can even check out their deluxe arcade, which features all types of games, from old-school classics to the latest gaming sensations, including Mario Kart, Jurassic Park Arcade, and so much more.

2.  Car Racing

Another fun activity in Arizona to enjoy is go-karting. If you are in Scottsdale, you must head to Octane Raceway.Theyhave a 1/3 mile indoor and outdoor track for you to test your driving skills. Race against your friends or family and see who comes out on top as the victor. Further, the place also offers mini bowling, an arcade, and a restaurant. It is the perfect place to enjoy a night with family and friends, or even the entire day.

4.  Scenic Tours in Arizona

Scenic Tours in Arizona

Another key ingredient of the nightlife in Arizona is the varied tours it offers. Some cities offer Segway sunset tours, while some offer unique UFO tours. It is worth taking at least one such tour while you are in Arizona. It is a memorable experience. It could be romantic or exciting, depending upon the tour you pick.

1.   Segway, Walking & Biking Sunset Tour

Flagstaff is the best place to go for a Segway, walking, or biking tour. The town offers many historical attractions that give a perfect view of the San Francisco Peaks mountain range and the Grand Canyon.

You can also discover small-town charms while on your tour and browse some shops, but most importantly, don’t forget to take some pictures so you can create lasting memories. Choose from either a Segway or a bike, which comes along with a helmet and audio headset. It is a unique way of exploring Arizona and is offered in most of the big cities.

2.   UFO & Stargazing Tours

Whether you believe in them or not, UFOs are an intriguing subject across the globe. Whatever your thoughts are, the tour will lead to some interesting and exciting conversations. So while you are in Sedona, make sure you take one of the city’s UFO Tours.

These tours are led by some storytelling guides who have some wild stories to tell, such as claiming to be born of a star family or a contacted scientist who had seen 8 feet tall extra-terrestrial creatures live in front of him. Their goal is to convince even the harshest critic that UFOs’ exist. So grab your night vision goggles and head out searching for the friendly creatures from the planet nearby.

3.   Art Walk

If you are in Scottsdale on a Thursday night and are looking to do something unique, go for “America’s Original ArtWalk.” It is a self-guided tour that will take you through famous art galleries around the Marshall Way and Main Street in the Downtown area. You will get to see some towering statues and beautiful fountains. The best part is you can go at your own pace, so if you get hungry along the way, you can grab a bite to eat and join the tour again. You can even take a horse-driven carriage or a trolley ride from the various pickup and drop-off points. It is a 30-year old tradition and a great way to experience the city.

5. Best Brews, Wines & Food in Arizona

Best Brews, Wines & Food in Arizona

The best nightlife in Arizona can’t be complete on an empty stomach. If you’re looking for a real fine dining experience, then you have to reserve a table at Christopher’s in Phoenix. Named among ‘America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants’ by Wine Enthusiast in 2019, Christopher’s goal is to give a truly extraordinary dining experience. Their team of world-class mixologists give you the pick of some of the most intriguing craft beer and wine concoctions to go with your food. Come here to have a real journey that all your senses will enjoy.

Another place to try some tasty food is Beckett’s Table. From four bacon cheddar biscuits to sautéed seasonal veggies, the place welcomes people of all food preferences with its expansive vegan and vegetarian options along with the mouth-watering meat and seafood options. So when in Phoenix, reserve a night to come here with the whole family.

Wrapping Up the Best Nightlife in Arizona

Arizona offers something for everyone. Family travelers can check out the countless bowling and gaming options, and if you enjoy a night of gambling, Arizona meets Vegas standards. The wine and dine options give your tastebuds something to look forward to. Not to mention, the unique Segway and UFO tours will make this trip truly unforgettable.

If you are searching for some excellent accommodations near the best nightlife experiences in Arizona, check out our platform Rental Trader. We have a vast selection of vacation rentals, hotels, homestays, and more. If you want to know more about these accommodations, visit our website and contact us with any questions you may have.

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