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Top Delaware Road Trip Destinations – Amazing Attractions & More!

We all already know the antidote to cabin fever when it strikes; an adventurous road trip. Whether you’re just sick of the busy city life and would like a getaway, in the mood for a romantic getaway, or keen to make discoveries, Delaware State has just the exact type of adventure you seek after.  We have taken the onus of creating a comprehensive sampling of Delaware road trip destinations for your convenience. So check it out now!

It’s a small state, probably not as charming and perhaps empty for visitors. But those residing here already know why this state is a hidden treasure when it comes to road tripping. And the fact that it’s quite small is good because all you’re going to need is a day to discover and explore the best destinations the state has to offer. 

Check out some of the top destinations we’ve hand-picked to make your Delaware road trip fun-filled and remarkable. If you want to know about the affordable activities that you can take up while in Delaware, check out our dedicated sampling.

How about getting quickly aware of the cheap things to do in Delaware? Check out the slides below:

Zwaanendael Museum – Intricate Stone Work Architecture

This museum was built with a Dutch theme in honor of the earliest European settlement known as Zwaanendael started in 1631. The building’s intricate stonework and the stepped exterior have a resemblance to those buildings found in Amsterdam. And if you’ve been to this beautiful Dutch city, a glare of this museum will bring back those good old memories right away! 

Zwaanendael Museum has lots of amusing exhibits and charming stories that narrate how the early Europeans came to settle in the region. The museum also houses Fiji Merman, an odd creature with a monkey head, fish body, and clawed hands. The concept of this exhibit traces its origin from P.T. Barnum (a circus) who employed the technique of using oddly constructed creatures to draw people’s attention. 

Those with Dutch origins or perhaps would like to know a little bit of history about the settlers will find a trip to this museum very useful. It’s an interesting destination for anyone as well. 

The Cannonball House – Historic Site on the National Historic Register of Places. 

Located in Lewes, Cannonball House presents an interesting destination for history lovers to explore and appreciate the past during their road trip. Due to the role played by this house during the War of 1812, it’s listed as a historic place on the National Historic Register of Places. 

In 1813, a naval blockade held by the British near Lewes created a massive bombardment that caused a lot of damage through the city. Cannonball House to this day still has some of the scars from the damage – at the foundation of the building, a lodged cannonball is visible and has been like that for centuries. 

Today, the Cannonball House serves as Lewes Historical Society Maritime Museum. Plan a trip to this museum and discover more about the origin of Lewes and the War of 1812. 

The Coast from Lewes to Fenwick Island  – Cape Henlopen

If you choose to just drive straight, it’ll take you only half an hour. But remember, you’re after fun, not chasing the road! So, your starting point should be Cape Henlopen State Park from where you’ll drive to Rehoboth Beach and grab a meal at Egg which is famous for tastiest breakfast in town. 

From this spot, you can boardwalk and stroll around the beach before proceeding to Dewey. You wouldn’t want to miss the delicious crab cakes at Woody’s, head there and satisfy your taste buds. 

After, drive south towards Indian River Inlet. You’ll cross a beautiful bridge with a spooky history. Keep moving south till you pass Bethany Beach and enter Fenwick Island. 

You can spend some time at the beach or take a hike at the state park. After a trail walk, you can head back to Bethany Beach to grab some dinner. There isn’t a better way of ending your road trip than with a tasty meal in the most underrated epicurean town in Delaware! 

Nassau Valley Vineyards – Taste Local Cuisines & Wine

Nassau Valley Vineyards -Top Delaware road trip attractions

If you’re fond of tasting local cuisines and wine whenever road tripping to a wine-producing region, then you might want to add a little more adventure to your trip. Nassau Valley Vineyards will allow you to see the vineyards and learn a little bit about its history. 

This vineyard is the earliest commercial winery to ever exist in Delaware State. And its founder contributed a lot in changing the legislations of Delaware in legalizing farm wineries. If you’re a wine enthusiast or perhaps an aspiring sommelier, you’ll notice that the wine from this region hits differently compared to those from east coast wineries such as those in New York or Virginia. 

You’re also going to love the sweet-tasting Delaware White as it’s blended from grapes that boast of the state’s name (not so many people know of Delaware grapes). Other memorable tasty wines you’re going to love to include the Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Indian River Red. 

Delaware may certainly not be among the popular grape-growing states in the country, but don’t forget to include Nassau Valley Vineyards in your road trip to get some amazing wine samples. 

Air Mobility Command Museum – 30+ Aircrafts, Largest US Military Aircrafts Collection

Air Mobility Command Museum - Top Delaware attractions

If you’ve been to Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center or Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this road trip to the Air Mobility Command Museum found in Dover. 

Being situated at Dover Air Force Base, this museum boasts of more than 30 aircrafts on display, which makes it among the largest US military aircrafts collection in the United States. In addition to this, there are also fighter jets, helicopters, and a former presidential plane on display. 

If you’re raising an aspiring soldier or military aircraft enthusiast in the family, the best you can ever reward them is this road trip to the Air Mobility Command Museum. It will not only instill long-lasting memories in them but will also encourage them to chase after their passion. After all, that’s what we all want for our loved ones! 

Nanticoke Heritage Byway – Farmlands, Woodlands, Rural Towns

This route stretches 40 miles through a region that bursts with a history of economic and transportation interests of the state. At first, the western landscape of Sussex County may seem as quiet and composed of small rural areas, it surrounds most of the state’s key natural features and historic treasures. 

This route generally spans various areas such as farmlands, woodlands, and small rural towns thus portraying a mixture of landscape types. There’s plenty of fun-filled activities here that you and your family can indulge in, including bicycling, hiking, boating, and lots more. 

Brandywine Valley National Scenic Byway -12.25 Miles Of Awe-inspiring Nature

Brandywine Valley National Scenic Byway  - Top Delaware attractions

A drive on this 12.25 mile-long byway presents beautiful picturesque worth road-tripping for. The byway rests on the landmass between Wilmington and rural countryside, portraying a rich history dating back to 300 years in the course of the route. 

The road, holding an important significance in the industrial past of the area, holds three centuries worth of industrial history of America. The byway portrays an important relationship between various aspects of the region’s industrialization, including road construction, transportation, culture, and regional economy. Any road tripper cruising the byway will experience these distinctive historic elements and communities of Brandywine Valley. 

Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway consists of Route 52 (Kennett Pike Road) and Route 100 (Montchanin Road), and is subdivided into three main sections: Montchanin Road, Kennett Pike, and City of Wilmington. 

First State Heritage Park – Museums, Historic Buildings, Galleries

Popularly known as “park with no boundaries”, it’s an interesting destination for road trippers seeking to learn more about the early days of the United States. Those interested in knowing the role played by the state of Delaware in building the US to what it is today will find this road trip very useful, more like a learning escapade. You can choose to explore the park or be part of a guided tour. 

The park’s central area, nicknamed, “The Green” is where most of the attractions of the park are found, such as the Old State House and Golden Fleece Tavern. The latter served as the meeting place for a group of delegates that converged in 1787 to give the official signoff of a document that contained the framework that gave birth to the United States of America. 

Also, you’re going to love the many different attractions here, from museums, historic buildings, to galleries. And the family will love to learn how this great nation came to be. 

Red Clay Valley Byway – Mount Cuba & Auburn Heights Preserve

This byway displays beautiful views of scenic vistas and wooded hillsides, such as Mount Cuba, Auburn Heights Preserve, and Ashland Covered Bridge. 

The 27-mile-long Red Clay Valley Byway comprises 28 secondary roads located in northern Delaware and are closely attached to Red Clay Creek and surrounding watersheds. The road making up this byway dates back to the days of early settlement by the Europeans at the start of the 18th century. 

Delaware History Museum – African-Americans History from 1800s

Delaware History Museum - Top African-American History Spot

This museum holds a lot of history about the freedom of the enslaved African-Americans in the 1800s. the state assumed a critical role in the construction of National Underground Railroad Network, which was a hidden network of transportation routes and safe houses that facilitated the escape of the slaves to states in the north that had abolished slavery. 

Wilmington comprises of several locations that hold important history about the Underground Railroad, such as Jane and Littleton Mitchell Center for African American Heritage and 

Tubman-Garrett Park. There is also a permanent exhibit lying in Delaware History Museum, located adjacent to Old Courthouse, which was were abolitionists held many of their speeches. 

Wrapping Up Delaware Road Trip Destinations.

Delaware State’s rich history and role in the birth of the United States certainly makes it a destination worth planning a road trip to. Despite being small, it has plenty of attractions you wouldn’t want to miss visiting. 

Hope our sampling of Delaware road trip destinations helps you plan an amazing vacation. To have the experience of a lifetime, book your vacation rentals at If you need any more information, fill our web form or give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you.

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