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Pocket-Friendly Trips: Free and Cheap things to do in Maryland

Cheap things to do in Maryland

Before we share our list of cheap things to do in Maryland, we would like to give you a little glimpse into the state. 

The top cities to visit in Maryland are Baltimore and Annapolis. Maryland has a long shipping history and is also known for its blue crabs. It is surrounded by mountains and oceans. There are many unique attractions sprinkled everywhere.

Actually, there are so many places in Maryland you can travel that it can be messy, and without proper planning, it might get a bit expensive as well.  So we’ve put together a list of cheap things to do in Maryland. Let’s explore some inexpensive attractions of the state.

Be merry in Maryland, the place won’t burn a hole in your pocket if you check out the slides below for a quick summary of this article!

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Available Cheap Things to Do in Maryland

For every kind of traveler Maryland offers something unique and interesting, keeping in mind that things are cheap as well. So let’s get started:

Baltimore, Seafood, Events

Baltimore, Seafood, Events in Maryland - Best Budget Places

There are a lot of cheap things to do in Maryland and most of the attractions will be around the city of Baltimore. Check out our samples:

Maryland Crab Feast: Cruises, Food & More!

Seafood, especially Blue crabs is a local delicacy of Maryland. There are several feasts held in the state in the summer and early fall months around September. The ones held in Baltimore and Annapolis are the most celebrated ones.

The feast includes all-you-can-eat and drink combos. The ticket to the Annapolis event costs $65 for adults and $25 for kids.

Famous local delicacy, Maryland's Blue crabs

There is a Crab & Cruise event offered in the Chesapeake Bay Located in Crisfield, Maryland. This involves an all-you-can-eat crab meal, BBQ, meatballs, draft beer, and a 3-hour cruise on Hurricane Hazel on which you can enjoy picking crabs or the Crisfield sunset. The rates vary so please check their website for details.

Baltimore Book Festival: A Complete Fiesta

Baltimore Book Festival: An Inexpensive But Complete Fiesta

This is a 10-day event starting from November 1st every year. It has a variety of events such as book reading, author interactions, eminent speakers, and so on.

Apart from this, there are concerts and music performances, a lot of food, celebrated chefs, cooking demonstrations, light art at night, and many light programs.

Ticket prices vary from event to event, so check out their website if you are traveling during these dates.

Some events might be highly inexpensive so, depending on what interests you can check that out at the festival.

Charm City Cakes Bakery

If you thought it was just a piece of cake, then you are certainly mistaken. Ever heard about talking cakes or musical cakes or anything of the like?

Yes, you read it right, Duff Goldman’s cakes can be muppet characters or Sherlock and Watson, or Red Riding Hood, or anything you can imagine!

Not only do the cakes look like these characters, but there are also sound effects, music, and a full-fledged show around cake characters!

Charm City Cakes Bakery: Talking Cakes of Maryland

This bakery has been featured on Ace of Cakes, so you know how great an experience it can be!

You might want to take a class if you really love baking or just visit to grab a bite. And as you know, visiting a cake shop is always free, you only pay if you buy!

Food Trucks and Live Music: Canton Waterfront Park

Every year from May to September, every First Thursday Festivals are hosted by WTMD at the Canton Waterfront Park. You can enjoy live music all day with really good artists performing and taste the best food trucks.

From Blues to Reggae, you will find all kinds of music here and the best part is that admission and music are always free. You will spend on food and beverages of your choice.

Free Movies & Beach Fun: Maryland’s Full-Day Attractions

Free movies: Best cheap things to do in Maryland

During spring and summer, several cities in Maryland offer free movies. You can lie down on a grassy patch, spread a blanket, or sit in a lawn chair.

You can get your own snacks and enjoy the movie out in the open under the starry night sky.

One such place is North Beach. It is a perfect spot because you can enjoy the day at the beach, build sandcastles with your kids, and later at night grab a bite and enjoy a flick! What could be a cheaper activity than a free movie!

I hope you liked our selection of cheap things to do in Maryland. There is a lot more but these are the top activities to do.

Art, History, Museums, Science: Maryland’s Unique Attractions

Maryland has a diverse history, from the Navy to Railroads to Wheat Milling and whatnot! No matter which part of the state you visit, you will find some historic cheap opportunities.

Historic Ellicott City: The Milling History

This town shows how the Ellicott brothers changed the lives of the people here by setting up a revolutionary wheat milling industry from scratch. That is how this town becomes a top commercial city.

There are a lot of restaurants and shopping areas after you have checked out the milling history of the town.

US Naval Academy Museum

US Naval Academy Museum: Inexpensive Maryland

Annapolis has this utterly amazing museum that displays many ship models, firearms, swords, flags, and other related historic items belonging to the US Navy.

You can check out the museum on any day except a Sunday or a Holiday. The admission tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for children. It is an authentic and unique family experience.

B&O Railroad Museum: Railroad History of America

B&O Railroad Museum: Railroad History of America

This museum brings to life the historic journey of American Railroads. Visitors can take a train ride on the Mile One Express, the very first commercial track in America.

Do check out their calendar for the timings in the month of your trip. This ride will cost $10 for adults and $6 for children while the coach class travel costs only $3 and $2 respectively.

There is a museum here that showcases the railroad equipment and artifacts of all times.

Further, there is an outdoor G-scale model train layout, an indoor HO-scale layout, and a wooden model train only for kids to climb on. Admission to the museum will cost $ 20 for adults and $12 for children, there is a student discount too.

This is one of the many wonderful family activities available in Baltimore, Maryland.

Visiting Ship Tour

Since 1976, Sail Baltimore has been bringing tall wartime ships with unique and vintage features from all over the world to Baltimore. These are really educational and attractive pieces and tell a lot about the world’s shipping history.

You can check out their calendar for all the events throughout the year. Some events even have fireworks and air shows. It is a spectacular sight. Each event has its own tickets, so check out their calendar and ticket prices.

Maryland Science Center: Star Gazing

No matter which science attracts you, it is all here. They have exhibits related to Palaeontology, Astronomy, Biology, and obviously the famous Blue crab of Maryland.

On Fridays, you can even look at the night sky through the telescope and gaze at the stars. There is also a planetarium.

The admission charges are slightly on the higher side, but it is totally worth it considering all the science they offer. Adult admission is $25.95 and kids’ admission is $19.95, members get free access.

These were some history-oriented low-cost things to do. We hope you enjoy these on your visit.

Nature’s Expanse: Maryland’s Diverse Attractions

Nature’s Expanse: Maryland’s Diverse Attractions

Brookside Gardens: Flora, Butterflies & Lights!

This is one of the most beautiful attractions on a trip to Maryland. It has gardens of so many kinds that you may get tired before experiencing all the gardens it has to offer! There are rose gardens, Japanese-style gardens, butterfly gardens, Aquatic gardens and so much more.

The best part of the place is the Garden of Lights. Here, close to a million lights are arranged in a variety of shapes and are all lit up together. It is a spectacular sight, completely magical, that you just can’t miss. Kids and adults both can enjoy this beauty.

Although the rest of the gardens offer free admission, the Garden of Lights is chargeable between $25 and $30 per car. It is only available during the Christmas holiday, so you might not get a chance during other times of the year.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue

Maryland's Horse Rescue Park

If you love horses, check out the horse farm where they are taken care of until they are adopted by their new parents.

You can visit the farm during the visiting hours without any prior reservations. These tours are completely free.

You will get to know the stories of horses that are kept at the farm. It could be an interesting outing for animal lovers.

Salisbury Zoo: The Animal Planet

Salisbury Zoo: The Animal Planet, Maryland

Take your kids to see birds, mammals, or reptiles. The Zoo has almost all kinds of fauna here. There is a swing park too for a family picnic.

There is absolutely no admission fee. You can spend a whole day here, learn, explore, and have fun. 

Outdoor Adventure: Marylands Trails and Parks

If you love hiking and spectacular views, then Chimney Rock in Catoctin Mountain Park is the place for you.

You may even take the shorter hike to Cunningham Falls and engross yourself in the natural beauty. Admission is completely free.

A sought-after biking and jogging destination is the C&O Canal, which is nearly 185 miles long. C is for Chesapeake and O is for Ohio.

If you like, you can visit the Great Falls area, but that is chargeable. $10 for foot or bike travelers and higher for other vehicles.

Find out more about such Maryland Road Trip Destinations on our blog.

Wrapping Up Cheap Things To Do In Maryland

We hope you loved our selection of cheap things to do in Maryland.

If you need any more great ideas for your itinerary, please check out the other great articles in our blog section.

Do check out RentalTrader.com to book your best vacation rental. I hope these pointers help you enjoy a wonderful vacation.

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