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All About Track Vacation Rental Software (Review)

All About Track

“Enterprise software solutions for leading hotels, resorts and vacation rental managers”

Track was founded in 2000 and has been a well-known name in the industry for the past two decades. It’s a cloud-based solution for hospitality and vacation rentals that mainly offers integrated property management features and call tracking functionality to optimize revenue. There’s also a suite of tools designed for individual property owners and midsize property chains, plus tools to meet the need of large enterprise portfolios.


Track has three main modules that are aimed at different users. There’s the Track CRM, the Track Pulse Contact Center, and Track PMS. Users can choose to buy the entire suite as an integrated solution, or they can choose to purchase individual modules depending on their specific needs.

The main goal for Track is to consolidate multiple systems. Not only does this decrease the technology footprint of a business, but it also improves onboarding, training, profitability, growth, and business efficiency.


Track offers three main solutions: A Hospitality CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a Vacation Rental PMS (Property Management System), and a Pulse Contact Center for enterprise reservation teams.

Within the Hospitality CRM, you can find the Track CRM and multiple other tools.

  • Track CRM –  This customer relationship management tool is meant to offer an all-in-one solution to your guest communication and marketing needs. Multiple software systems can be consolidated so that all your data is collected in one place.
  • Lead Management  – Track has one dashboard where you can consolidate leads under guest profiles and track calls, emails, text messages, and secure messages. The Lead Management tool also makes it easy to put all your leads into one system and convert inquiries into bookings by optimizing your sales process.
  • Text Messaging – Text messaging is now guests’ preferred method of communication (replacing email). Track’s Text Messaging tools allow you to automate messages for timely guest interactions. You can also manage different teams and separate inboxes. One notable feature is that you can integrate text messaging with reservations to increase direct bookings. You can integrate the text messaging system with guest profiles as well. You can also create broadcast messages, which are one-way-only messages most often used in emergency situations. A dedicated Track support team is available to help you get started with the text messaging tools and walk you through the different features.
Text Messaging
  • Email Marketing Suite – Using Track’s Email Marketing Suite, you can personalize and automate guest email communications. The email design process is also simplified with easy drag-and-drop functionality, and there are plenty of templates to use if you don’t want to build your emails from scratch.
  • Survey – The final feature included in Track’s Hospitality CRM is a survey builder. It’s brand-customizable with easy drag-and-drop design creation. There are also convenient segmentation options, score-based survey completion messages, automated survey sending, and more.

Within the Vacation Rental Software module, there are ten main features:

  • All-in-One Solution – This comprises channel management, rate management, trust accounting, housekeeping, and maintenance. The owner and guest portals, plus the unified inbox, reservations, automation engine, websites, booking engine, CRM, and API are also part of the all-in-one solution.
  • Trust Accounting – Track’s Trust Accounting allows you to manage business-critical taxes and forms, offers accurate data and reporting, has integrations with top payment processors, and features dedicated setup, integration, and support.
  • Channel Management – There are $0 fee direct connections with HomeAway, Airbnb, and Vrbo. Track’s Channel Management also allows you to integrate with data and dynamic pricing tools. In addition, you can adjust your rates and fees by channel. There’s also a channel booking API that can connect your booking engine or channel manager to Track.
  • Housekeeping & Maintenance – Here, you’ll find work order management, the housekeeping and maintenance portals, checklists, vendor management tools, automated communications, reference photos, and integrated vendor billing.
  • Rate & Reservation Management – Within Track’s Rate & Reservation Management feature, users can book from one screen, configure rates and reservations by type, automate communications throughout the guest journey, and create automated e-signature contracts. They can also manage occupancy, rate, and minimum stay requirements.
Rate & Reservation Management
  • Booking Engine – The Standard Booking Engine has a responsive design, Matterport integration, seamless PMS integration, flexible search filters, Hi-Res images, customizable content, and a WordPress plugin. Meanwhile, the Premium Booking Engine has enhanced landing pages, advanced map search functionality, and more.
  • Triggers and Automations – Users can set up and deploy custom automation triggers in just minutes. Plus, you can stay in touch with guests throughout their entire stay. You can also automate tasks and work orders.
  • Guest Portal – In the Track Guest Portal, you can connect social media profiles, promote deals to guests, share information about the local area, take payments, and explain check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Unified Inbox – Combine email, voicemail, webchat, text messages, Vrbo, HomeAway, and Airbnb communications into one inbox.
  • Owner Management – Created for property managers to communicate with owners, the Track Owner Management tools include statements, automated texts and emails, integrated owner accounting, integrated tax forms, fractional ownership, and unlimited contract types.

The final module is the Track Pulse Contact Center. Its tools and features include:

  • Call Tracking – Within Call Tracking, users can utilize inbound/outbound recording, voice-to-text transcription, and searchable logs and call details, among other tools.
  • Agent Management – This feature allows users to measure performance with real-time insights for inside and remote teams. Call scoring and auditing is also part of the Agent Management feature.
  • Intelligent Routing/IVR – Utilize skill-based routing, queue prioritization, agent stack ranking, customizable call plans, and more.
  • Contact Center Reporting – This feature allows Track users to view real-time insights on-demand and view contact center and CRM reports in one view. There are over 70 out-of-the-box reports available.
  • Web Chat – Track’s Web Chat allows you to chat with guests across multiple devices and easily configure preferences and quick replies.
  • Performance Coaching – This includes KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting and consulting, as well as exclusive webinars and best practices training. You can even take advantage of weekly or monthly review calls.


Track is supported on the web, but does not have an Android or iPhone/iPad app at this time.



Track’s typical users include small businesses, midsize businesses, and large enterprises.


There are a few different ways to access Track support. You have the online FAQs and the forum, the email help desk, the online knowledge base, and phone support.


Training only consists of videos, with no live online or in-person training.


Track has won two Keystone Awards from the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog. It won in 2019 and again in 2021, with industry veterans calling it a “software of the future.”


Track does not share information about its pricing plan online. Instead, if you’re interested in learning more about what Track would cost for you, it’s necessary to request a demo (click here to do so). You have to provide your name, phone number, email, company name, website URL, current PMS, unit count, business type, and state in order to receive a demo and a customized quote.

What Makes Track Stand Out?

What makes Track stand out amongst other vacation rental or property management systems is that it has three different modules. It also focuses on larger enterprises and hotels, rather than just small and midsize vacation rental companies or individual vacation rental owners.

What Do Users Like About Track?

Users like that Track is user-friendly and easy to set up. One review said, “Track is super efficient, automated, organized, and friendly when it comes to looking for reservations and it’s also a CRM.”

Reviews stated that Track is cost-effective, and they liked that new features were added frequently. They praised the straightforward system, and one user noted that it was easy to retrace your steps and fix mistakes if needed.

What Do Users Dislike About Track?

Track offers a paid subscription, but there’s no option for a free plan or a free trial. Some reviews complained that their help tickets didn’t always receive a response in a timely manner.

What Do Users Dislike About Track

One two-and-a-half-star review stated that Track was “a solid solution,” but there were better options available. The user didn’t like that there was no API (Application Programming Interface) and that it was difficult to track guest phone numbers using Track.

Another review complained that Track was not mobile-friendly, which would increase its convenience. One user noted that there would sometimes be bugs and glitches during update periods, but that Track staff typically resolved them quickly.

As far as lead management, a few users mentioned that it wasn’t possible to combine leads after creating them.

Some users noted that it seemed wait times for responses to help tickets had increased quite a bit since the pandemic began. One review even stated that they had been trying to figure out who their customer service representative was for six months and still hadn’t been able to get in touch with them.

Main Takeaways

  • Track was founded in 2000 and has three main modules: Track CRM, Track PMS, and Track Pulse Contact Center.
  • The Hospitality CRM contains lead management, text messaging, email marketing, and a survey manager.
  • The PMS contains an all-in-one solution with trust accounting, channel management, housekeeping & maintenance, rate & reservation management, a booking engine, triggers and automations, a guest portal, a unified inbox, and owner management.
  • Within the Track Pulse Contact Center, there is call tracking, agent management, intelligent routing/IVR, contact center reporting, web chat, and performance coaching.
  • Track can be accessed online but does not currently offer apps for mobile access.
  • Track won two Keystone Awards and was called the “software of the future.”
  • Reviews stated that Track was user-friendly and cost-effective. Some negative comments noted that the lack of API was frustrating and their help tickets didn’t always receive timely responses.
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