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Best Nightlife In South America: Your Guide to 6 Must-Try Activities!

Best Nightlife In South America: Beach view in Brazil

Planning a trip to South America? Get ready for a treat! Uncover the Best Nightlife in South America with vibrant beachfront bars, mesmerizing sunset tours, lively salsa dancing, delicious seafood, and thrilling gambling experiences. Your journey promises endless excitement and unforgettable nights across the continent!

1.   Beachfront Bars & Local Brews

South America offers diversity in topography, and therefore, you can come across all kinds of nightlife options, from coastal to city, you name it, you got it. There are so many cities that offer beach nightlife there will never be a shortage.

If you are in Rio De Janeiro, the Brazil party city, you must check out Copacabana & Ipanema beaches for a fun night out. You can head to the beachfront bars for your favorite brews and mouth-watering food. One of the top places to check out is Café 18 Do Forte in Copacabana. The beverage menu is expansive, with mimosa de casa and Trebbiano on the rocks topping the charts.

You can go here for brunch as well or an early dinner. Enjoy some of the most scrumptious pancakes and waffles along with sandwiches and risotto. The variety will blow your mind away, enjoy the beach, delicious food, and mouth-watering beverages.

If you want to enjoy some thirst-quenching draft beers then check out Jobi Bar in Ipanema. From amazing Luso-Brazilian cuisine to the usuals like sandwiches and pizza, this place offers a little bit of everything.

The beverage menu will blow your mind away with Cachaça specials, Whiskey options, Caipirinha Cocktails, and whatnot! If you want to get the flavor of the unique Brazilian taste, this place will take you through it, piece by piece. Brazil is considered the best country for nightlife by many and it’s totally understandable why.

2.   Salsa Dancing In South America

To experience nightlife in the best party cities in South America, you must try and experience Latin dancing culture. Although salsa is one of the most popular dances in Latin America, it is equally difficult to find a good Salsa bar in any of the cities. But if you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, there is only one place you should head to, Azúcar Abasto.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This place offers many different dance forms, such as salsa, bachata, rumba, and even rock & roll. You can take a class or enjoy a show any night from Tuesday through Saturday. Fridays and Saturdays offer afternoon sessions. Saturday night offers Caribbean Night & Live Show with Special Salsero Social with Live Orchestras post-midnight. It is a unique must-experience component of Latina nightlife and must be added to the list during family or solo travel planning.

If you are traveling around Columbia, then you must check out Zaperoco Bar. It is a wonderful venue offering Salsa dancing, Cuban music, Tropical cocktails & Brews. You can visit any day between Thursday & Sunday and party till 4 am. Amazing salsa and music events are held here, so check out their calendar and plan your trip here.

3.   Gambling In South America

If you are in any of these countries, then gambling should surely reserve a spot on the best nightlife in South America list. Gambling is another fun nightlife activity in South America. Although the laws vary for every South American country, a lot of these offer many of the gambling formats, including online gambling. However, it is recommended to gain knowledge of local laws before playing.

A fun place to try your hand at gambling is Monticello Grand Casino in Chile. The casino offers ample gambling options, including Black Jack, Craps, Slots, Banca, and Poker. You may even enjoy the classic Bingo. They also have international poker tournaments, private rooms, gaming bars, sweepstakes, and restaurants. If you want to have a complete nightlife experience, it is best to book a room in the Casino Hotel and have a fun weekend under one roof. You can find some excellent bookings on our platform Rental Trader.

Another great place to gamble is Atlantic City Casino in Lima, Peru. You can find an expansive variety of machines, including the classic and the modern ones. There are so many varieties of table games including Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and a lot more. You can also play online through their virtual gambling options. Complete your night with the delicious Peruvian cuisine, desserts, cocktails, and brews at Eliazar.

4.   Sunset Cruise In South America

Sunset Cruise In South America

South American sunset cruises are the top activities to do while visiting. One of the best spots to take a cruise is Guanabara Bay, Brazil. The cruise starts from Rio and gives you a glimpse of the Sugar Loaf Mountains and the Christ Redeemer statue. You encounter the marvelous sunset over the Marvellous City of Rio. The cruise ends with a lovely Brazilian buffet and beer to go.

Another great destination for a sunset cruise is Punta Del Esty, Uruguay. The cruise will take you to catch a glimpse of the cliffs at the Punta Ballena Peninsula and the mythical Casa Pueblo. It is an amazing way to sightsee the city and enjoy the breathtaking sunset views.

5.   Best Restaurants In South America

If you are in the coastal regions of South America, you have to try seafood for sure. A great seafood spot is Costazul Seafood in Peru. From fish and shellfish dishes to Creole style, this place offers everything your seafood taste buds desire.

If you try any dish, you have to try the chef’s special Octopus Muschame. Pair it with a bowl of creamy seafood rice, and you have got yourself a meal to remember. While in Bolivia, you have to try local Bolivian cuisine. The best place to do that is Gustu in La Paz. Follow their 3 step menu of Entrance, Strong & Dessert, and you will have never had a better meal in your entire life.

Take the combination of Charque de Surubi, Black Garlic & Smoked Yolks with Pork, Banana, Kimchi & Aji de Padilla, and Oak Ice Cream, Mocochinichi & Organic Flowers if you want our recommendation. They also have a wide variety of wines for you to choose from.

When in La Paz, make sure you have a go-to place for an intimate food experience with your loved ones.

6.  Live Music & Performing Arts Venues

Live Music & Performing Arts Venues In South America

If you want to enjoy fine classical music, opera, ballet, or the like, the best place to be is Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. From concerts to the orchestra, you will find something for everyone.

Piazolla’s concert series is a must-watch, Javier perianes  – Love and death rendition on Piano, Opera Theodora, and a lot more! You must check out their calendars and book your tickets in advance because these tickets sell out fast.

Bogota, Columbia offers a much lighter version of live music. It is one of the best cities in Colombia for nightlife. Latino Power is one the best venues to enjoy soul-touching live music. The place hosts regular events and calls nationally touring and local artists. It is open to all genres, so every time you go you’ll find something new. If you are a music lover, then this is your place to have one of the best nights of your life.

Wrapping Up The Best Nightlife In South America

South America’s nightlife offers an amazing mix of thrill and adventure. There is nothing that you can’t find in South America. Be it gambling, Latin American dancing, local cuisines, and beach bars. Pick a country and book your trip today.

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