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12 Tips for Preparing Your Vacation Rental for the Season

Tips for Preparing Your Vacation Rental for the Season

With different holidays happening year-round, it is vital to ensure that your guests can create extra unforgettable memories in your vacation rental home. Peak seasons will see your reservations increase, and guests will likely expect the property to be prepared in time for the holidays.

Get your property vacation-ready by following these tips on preparing your rental and creating festive spaces that your guests will love. You can use this content as your holiday rental maintenance checklist.

1. Ensure Deep Cleaning

Rental owners know that clean property gains brownie points and improve their reputation on the market. While it is not necessary to deep clean after every guest, before the busy season starts is when you will want to perform deep cleaning. When your schedule is packed it could also mean more wear and tear for your home, given that you have different types of guests coming in with little to no breaks in-between.

Deep cleaning typically lasts from two to four days, which means that it is ideal to do it before the season is underway. Arrange for it to be done before the rush to ensure that everything is ready for the holiday guests. This type of cleaning will put the focus on areas that you often neglect when doing the regular clean, such as the inside of drawers, air conditioning vents, and under the appliances.

A man is cleaning window for Preparing  Vacation Rental for the Season

To keep vacation rental homes sparkling clean, you can follow our Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist. If you don’t want to take this hassle, it is better to hire a professional to do the job for you. They have plenty of experience with cleaning and will be able to identify problematic areas in your home that needs a spruce up.

2. Provide Quality Linens and Towels

There is no underestimating quality beddings and towels for your guests since these tiny details can help form their first impressions on your property and service. You can follow a specific theme for the season to make it more festive—guests love Instagram-worthy spaces such as the bedroom.

Always have at least two sets of linens and towels and keep a few extras just in case more guests are coming. You cannot have your guests foraging your linen closet for beddings and mattress pads only to be disappointed that you do not have any available for use.

3. Restock Essential Supplies

If you offer kitchen basics along with your rental, make sure that all the stocks are replenished and ready to use. Some essentials like salt and pepper, vinegar, oil, and kitchen tools such as spatulas, tongs, sponges, and dish detergent go a long way to serving your guests. And do not forget about bathroom necessities like toilet tissue, shampoos, and conditioners should be on full inventory. Your guests will thank you for considering the basics, saving them the hassle of going to the store.

You can have a dedicated closet for such items to ensure that you always have supplies on hand for your guests. They will not necessarily have to raid the cabinet if you managed to restock before they get on the property but having a few extras around is always a good idea.

4. Repaint or Touchup

After a few years, even a high-quality paint job will wear out given enough use. It is not necessary to repaint the whole house, but visible areas such as the entryway, kitchen, and the living room might need a little touchup to make it vibrant for the holidays. Vacation rental homes need to look lively, and a repaint often does the trick.

Additionally, you can add a visual treat by picking specific colors depending on the nature of your rental. For example, if it is a beach house, relaxing colors like sandy beige, green, and blue in pastel hues would make the space more calming. Cabins go well with earthy tones such as deep orange or forest green.

Painting for vacation rental house

5. Keep Pool or Jacuzzi Clean

If your property offers a Jacuzzi or pool as an amenity, it is essential to keep it clean and operational during their stay. Guests in a fun mood could easily be frustrated if they find the pool too chilly to use or find the Jacuzzi broken. These facilities create a relaxing after-party option for them but will damper the vacationer’s spirits if they cannot be used.

You can add pool toys to bring more fun to these amenities. Family renters will appreciate having options keep the kids busy while they prep for meals or when they want to lounge around.

6. Make Available Indoor Entertainment Options

While guests are likely to stay more outside than in that does not mean they will not have downtime to enjoy quiet indoor entertainment. Aside from the typical television or home theater, renters will appreciate if you have a deck of cards or a selection of board games waiting for them to use in the living room. It is a way to pass the time or create bonding memories, ensuring that they will have a host of options for entertainment during their stay.

7. Maintain Lighting Fixtures

Replace busted light bulbs and make sure that all lights and switches are working before having guests in your rental. According to a study the average household saves about $225 in energy costs per year by using LED lighting. Choose an energy-saving LED to save electricity cost. Having well-lighted spaces will make the guests feel more comfortable and safer at your property. It will brighten their mood and keep their spirits up while celebrating the holidays away from home.

You can also consider installing dimmer switches so that guests can choose the right intensity of light depending on their activity. For instance, movie night might require a more shaded environment, while they would want to have better illumination when reading. And keep spare bulbs on-site so your renters are not forced to wait for you when the occasional bulb flickers out.

8. Provide High Speed Internet

Unless your vacation rental is in a remote area with no utilities, your guests will be expecting your property to have cable and internet. A significant slice of life happens online these days—guests need a working network to get an Uber, check messages and emails, or simply connecting with friends and family back home.

Most vacationers who attend festivals rely on their phones to gather information about the activities or know more about the city. They will likely choose properties that offer internet and cable, which means you would also benefit from providing these Essential rental amenities to them.

9. Stock First-Aid Supplies

You are not necessarily responsible for monitoring every activity the guest does, but accidents happen, and you should help your guests be prepared for when it does, and it is common kindness to think about their well-being while they are staying at your vacation rental home. Help make them feel safe by providing some essentials like a first-aid kit including over-the-counter medicines for headache and colds, plus some bandages if they ever accidentally cut themselves while working in the kitchen. Some jurisdictions require this while others are more lenient. Be proactive and prepared, and in the event your renters require it they will be all-the-more grateful for your forethought and generosity.

Some cities also require a fire extinguisher at home, but even if it is not mandatory, having one on your property is a smart move. No one asks for untoward incidents to happen, but it is a good idea to have solutions prepared should the need arise.

First-Aid Supplies for the guest

10. Improve Exterior Furnitures

If your outdoor chairs or lounges are old and worn out, you only need to repaint or clean them, and they will be good as new. Outdoor amenities are an attractive feature on any rental because it lets the guests enjoy what great view you have to offer in your area. You may not have to buy new fixtures, but rather replace old cushions or apply wood varnish to keep up with the festive mood.

11. Inspect Home Appliances

There is nothing more frustrating than reaching a vacation home with broken laundry, television, or kitchen appliances that they would expect to use while they are staying at your vacation home. Do a proper walk-through to ensure that every electronic found in your property is in good working condition.

For remotes and other gadgets that need batteries, you can stock some in your supply closet so that the guests can swap old ones for an unused pack. Also, inspect your home alarms such as fire and motion sensors to ensure that your guests are always safe during their stay.

12. Integrate Seasonal Decorations

To increase the guest’s festive mood, adding decorations to vacation rental homes can liven up any space significantly. It is a visual delight to see decor that celebrate the season and makes for great reviews on your listing. Having a small Christmas tree and some twinkling lights goes a long way in making your guests feel welcome and at home, while also being reminded that they are on vacation and should cherish the moments they spend at your property. So, you can integrate some season decoration in your rental property, if you don’t know how to do that check our decorating tips for Vacation rental home.

These simple and tiny details can have a significant impact on your guests stay. It accentuates the space and heightens the celebrative spirit. Let your guests feel that they made the right choice in picking your rental home out of all the options on the market by making their stay more memorable.

Bonus: Update your listing

This might seem a hassle to look after all the necessaries for the landlords, so buying home warranties might help to ease some tasks. But before considering buying look for what types of coverage do you need & the related price of it.

Once your vacation home is all set for the season, make sure to capture great photos and post them on your listings to let users know that you are ready to welcome them for their special occasion. Platforms like Rental Trader provide an excellent avenue for you to show your spruced-up property to attract your next guests.

If you have not set up a listing yet, you can visit the Rental Trader sign-in page and fill out the simple web form or contact us on the number provided to learn how you can take advantage of our platform to showcase your vacation property in front of thousands of travellers and increase your bookings.

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