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Top Michigan Road Trip Destinations: 10 Spots You Can’t Miss

Michigan Road Trip Destinations

Michigan is known as the ‘Lady of the Lake’ because of the 5 Great Lakes of the state and more than 11000 inland lakes flowing through the state. Michigan gets its name from the word ‘Mishigami’, which means ‘large water’ or ‘large lake’. In fact, it is said that you can reach an inland lake every 6 miles in any direction. Further, another interesting fact about Michigan is that it is the only state that has 2 peninsulas, the upper and the lower peninsula. But the state has a lot more to offer, such as dunes, forests, farmlands, and apple trees, and it is a mix of natural beauty and booming city life. We can say that as a road trip destination, Michigan can be a perfect choice. So let us explore what are the Michigan road trip destinations! 

Michigan Road Trip Destinations

Mackinac & More!


Michigan is a paradise for people who love to enjoy nature and those who enjoy the sunshine and snowfall. A visitor can admire so many stunning natural scenarios depending on the season which makes Michigan road trip destinations among the top of the list for nature lovers. 

Grand Detroit Skyline, Downtown Michigan Road Trip Destinations

1. Mackinac Island: Victorian town & Arch Rock

The first of many Michigan Road trip destinations is Mackinac Island. It is a unique experience of its kind. This place has only 500 permanent residents but scores and scores of temporary ones moving in and out of the place.

Since 1898, motor vehicles have not permitted here and so, they have horse-driven carriages & buggies to take you around, even the police and fire trucks are horse-driven. Along with these, there are Victorian cottages to take you back in time. These present great opportunities for the photographer community and can make your road trip memorable.

Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac Island, Michigan Road Trip Spot

You can visit the 150 ft high Arch rock made of limestone, where, if legends are to be believed, God blew breath into humanity. It is among the best lakes in the USA

Biking, kayaking, golfing, and going for picnics are common activities here, or you may even visit the butterfly conservatory and be awestruck by more than 2000 butterflies belonging to nearly 300 different species.

The Island is situated between the upper and lower peninsula and can be reached by ferries or other water transport. To catch the ferry, you will have to take a 2-hour road trip from Munising or Frankenmuth

Arch Rock, Mackinac Island, Michigan Road Trip Destinations

2. Munising: Bridalveil Falls & Pictured Rocks

For a closer-to-nature experience, Munising is worth the visit and another top road trips spots in Michigan. Situated on the shore of Lake Superior, Munising offers something throughout the year. 

In summer you can take tranquil strolls or visit as many as 15 waterfalls, the highest being the Bridalveil Falls with a height of 140ft.

Another attraction of the place is the lighthouses, which have helped the sailors in navigation for decades. There are as many as 5 lighthouses here.

Mountain biking, fishing, and kayaking are activities for summer but when it is winter, skiing and snowmobiling attract a lot of crowds to this place. You can visit this top spot for travel with your family.

Take a photo at Munising Falls, Michigan Road Trip Destinations

The area receives heavy snowfall which averages around 200 inches. One of the most attractive places in Munising is the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

This area is tremendously hued by mineral stains on the weathered sculpted cliffs including a rainbow of red, orange, blue, green, brown, black, and white occurring from minerals such as iron, copper, limonite, and manganese. 

Scenic views at Pictures Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

3. Marquette: 5 Biking Trails

A 40-mile road journey from Munising will take you to Marquette, which is one of the top mountain biking destinations in Michigan. Situated at an elevation of 12,000 ft. There are 5 bike trails, North Trails Loop, Morgan Creek Loop, RAMBA, Iron Ore Heritage Trail & Multi-use path. For a solo traveler who loves mountain biking, this can be an ideal road trip destination. 

Along these trails, the bikers can enjoy the miles of scenery full of dams, falls, berms, and bridges, and the Iron Ore Heritage also offers a mix of history and culture.

Apart from biking, Marquette’s recreational crown jewel is the Presque Isle Park 323-acre forested lakeside cliff peninsula is known for its natural beauty. It’s a lovely place for a picnic, fishing, and many other attractions. 

5 Biking Trails at Marquette, Michigan Road Trip Spot

4. Isle Royale National Park: Flora & Fauna

Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior is the largest island in the state and it comprises 450 smaller islands. It is an escape from civilization and leads you to awe-inspiring natural beauty.

It is a remote island, so to reach here, you need to take a four-hour road journey from Marquette to Copper Harbor and then take a seaplane or a boat, but the trouble is worth it as it is certainly one of the top Michigan road trip destinations. It is away from the local din and buzz without the internet or phones. But even so, it has 17,000 annual visitors and the highest repeat visitor rate.

This is where you can enjoy the solitude and the quiet. But the biggest attraction here is the wildlife with moose, fish, reptile amphibians, and wolves in their most natural and undisturbed habitat.

In the past, fishing used to be popular here and so visitors now can see dozens of shipwrecks under the water. This is a park ranger’s heaven with wooden houses and a lot of greenery and thick forests. A well-rounded trip could last for 3-4 days here. 

Wolf at Isle Royale National Park, Michigan Road Trip Spot

5. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore & Glen Arbor

In the lower peninsula along Lake Michigan, there is the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

As the legend has it, the two islands here were created by the Great Spirit in memory of the two baby bears who drowned while swimming across the shore as their mother waited for them with great hope and faith. That is how the place gets its name.

It can take a 3 hours road journey from Muskegon or Frankenmuth. The sand dunes here are one of the tallest ones towering up to 140 ft high and spreading over an area of approximately square kilometers.

Dune climbing is an attractive activity here. Further, there are sandy beaches, where visitors can swim or just relax. The place also offers hiking in Maple and Beech Forests surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

Glen Arbor is one of the most popular places here, with its picturesque beaches, jaw-dropping views, and art displays. 

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan Road Trip

City Life: Detroit, Frankenmuth, Ann Arbor & More!

Cars…City Life…Christmas…Museums…Microbreweries… 

Nature is one aspect of the state, but Michigan is also the Auto capital of the world! So let’s look at this set of Michigan Road Trip Destinations.

1. Detroit: Automotive History & Museums

Detroit is the largest city in the state and is known for its booming automotive industry. The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is one of the national historic landmarks in the city because this is where the revolution of the auto industry began! It is a museum with models from the past.

Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, Detroit City, Automobile History

Henry Ford Museum is a great attraction of the city for visitors, and finally, the Headquarters of General Motors and the GM Renaissance Center are also here. The Renaissance Center is known for its high skyscrapers, shopping centers, and restaurants. Fox Theatre, Detroit Historical Museum, and Charles H. Wright Museum are the tourist spots of the city. 

GM Renaissance Center, Detroit Skyline, Michigan Road Trip

2. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan & Kerrytown

A 40-mile road journey to the west of Detroit will take you to Ann Arbour. This is where the University of Michigan is. In the 1800s during the Toledo Strip war between Ohio and Michigan, the people of Michigan were nicknamed as wolverines because they were difficult to deal with.

Later, Michigan University adopted Wolverines as its mascot and this is how the state got its name as the Wolverine State. Ann Arbor is perfect for a weekend trip and is abundant with museums for the history buffs with displays based on natural history, technology, engineering, and arts and works of the greats such as Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Road Trip

Kerrytown is the shopper’s dreamland and certainly one of the top places for female travelers with vibrant markets and stores for fashionable clothes, jewelry, vintage arts, and treasures. There are also farmer’s markets that sell locally produced fruits, vegetables, and many other delicacies. 

Kerrytown, Shopping Michigan Road Trip Destinations

3. Frankenmuth: The Christmas Wonderland

You may take the road towards the north and in one hour you will be in Frankenmuth, the Christmas wonderland of Michigan. It has the largest Christmas store, and you can feel the Christmas spirit 365 days a year!

You can take a tour around the town in a horse-driven carriage and visit the Old Christmas Station, where you can find handmade figures and Christmas ornaments of German Origin.

At the Bronner’s, you can find 300 trees decorated throughout the year with 6,000 styles of ornaments, all around the year! Frankenmuth is also known as ‘Little Bavaria’ because of its German history and Franconian and Bavarian Architecture. Kayaking, golfing, go-karting, and ziplining are the fun activities to engage in at the Aerial Park and the Alpine Mountain Golf course.

Frakenmuth's Grand Bavarian Christmas, snow-covered winters

If you are bored of  Christmas, you can get the feel of Halloween at Johnson’s Giant Pumpkins, spread across 40 acres, or you may witness the Bavarian Fest, Oktoberfest, or Snowfest. 

4. Muskegon: All Michigan in one place

Close to 3 3-hour road trip from Ann Arbor or Frankenmuth will take you to Muskegon, a culmination of nature and city life and it is where you can experience all of Michigan in a single place.

It is situated along Lake Michigan. It has 26 miles of sandy beach known as Pere Marquette Beach, with volleyball courts, restaurants, bars, and much more.

This is where you enjoy the much-talked-about Michigan Sunsets and it is a perfect destination for the couple travelers. Hoffmaster State Park and Muskegon State Park give opportunities for hiking, swimming, skiing, and snowboarding depending on which season you visit.

These parks are surrounded by the jaw-dropping beauty of woods and hills. There are Maple groves, Cherry parks, Monet gardens, and whatnot!

Lake Michigan sunset, Michigan Road Trip Destinations

Museums and art are an important part of the city. The USS Silverside Submarine Museum, which hosts the submarines from the WWII era is one of the many museums you will find here.

And last but not least, the 250-acre amusement park by the name of Michigan’s Adventure is located here and is the largest amusement park in the entire state.

As their tagline says, “It’s Amazing in here” because it has 52 different rides, including 7 roller coasters and 4 water rides, golf courses, and go-karting. 

USS Silverside Submarine Museum, Michigan Road Trip Spot

5. Microbreweries: Michigan’s Specialty

Microbreweries are also one of the common attractions of the state of Michigan. There are close to 120 breweries producing a variety of beer.

Breweries and their supply chain form a $900 million industry in the state. Whichever city you go to, you will find at least one brewery there. The oldest one is in Frankenmuth, well you know, what’s Christmas without beer, huh!

Also to top it all, Grand Rapids, the Beer City USA, is also situated in Michigan! 

120 Microbreweries around Michigan. Stop at one!


Whether it is a spring break or a family trip, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, All you have to do is drive to The Wolverine State, The Water Wonderland, The Auto State, Michigan, to have a wonderful time!

If you love to travel then here you can enjoy the grand sunsets, placid Lake Michigan, go skiing, have a Bavarian Christmas, and much more, all in one state. These are only ten places you just can’t miss but the state has a lot of tours, museums, and fun waiting for you.

You may even enjoy going to the Traverse City and checking out an Opera or visiting the downtown. So take your first of many trips to Michigan.  

Book your vacation rental or a lovely hotel now at and enjoy the magic of a pure Michigan experience. I hope you loved our Michigan Road Trip Destinations Suggestions. Let us know if you liked something in particular covered by us. For any more information, fill out the web form below or give us a call.

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