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Pocket-friendly Trips: Cheap things to do in Wyoming

Pocket-friendly Trips: Cheap things to do in Wyoming

The Yellowstone state has a lot to offer so we have created a dedicated sampling of cheap things to do in Wyoming. These include events, experiences, museums, history, nature, and everything you could possibly want for an enjoyable and unique experience.

If you are traveling to Wyoming, these pocket-friendly activities will help you enjoy your trip without spending too much. It’s a win-win situation all around!

Why roaming in Wyoming can be a thrifty affair? Find out more in the slides below:

Events & Experiences: Cheap Things To Do In Wyoming

From free events to rodeos, concerts, and carnivals, Wyoming has everything for you. You may even enjoy a therapeutic pool and do it all for free or at a very nominal price. So check out our events sampling of cheap things to do in Wyoming.

1.  Events at the David Street Station, Casper

If you are traveling from Cheyenne to Devils Tower, then you will pass by Casper en-route and can stop by overnight to attend a few events at the David Street Station. These events vary from concerts to festivals to movie nights to farmer’s markets and other such attractions. Overall, it is a really fun family affair.

There are Halloween carnivals, cowboy themed events, fall festivals, and much more. Check out their event calendar to find out which event is taking place during your visit.

The best part of these events is that admission is absolutely free! You may spend on food or games, but you can attend the concerts and performances for free.

2. Hobo Pool – Mental and Physical Healing

Situated in Saratoga, the Hobo Hot Springs is one of the top attractive destinations of Wyoming. It is a hot pool where you can relax with your family and give your body the healing it requires. It has a long history attached to it, as the natives believed that the water had divine healing powers.

You can access this pool all year long and any time of any day; it is always open and always free. There are various events hosted all year long such as the Halloween Walk, Tailgate Party, and Chilli Cook-off. Check out their event calendar and add some more fun to your trip.

3. Cheyenne Frontier Days

This is a 10-day long event full of fun games, activities, rodeo, concerts, festivals, and much more! Rodeo is one of the most unique events held here, consisting of several competitive games. If you choose, you can also participate in the fun if you meet the eligibility criteria. There is also a lovely, festive carnival that the entire family can enjoy.

The event is held from the end of July to the beginning of August, so check the calendar and plan accordingly. Admission to the park costs $5 with additional fees for rides, food, concerts, and the rodeo. If you buy tickets for any of these events, your admission fee is refunded. Still, if you only want to get in a festive mood, then the admission fee is all that you pay.

Museums & History: Best & Unique Activities In Wyoming

Museums & History: Best & Unique Activities In Wyoming

Wyoming offers a unique historic experience. From firearm museums to petroglyphs, these attractions are not readily available in any other state. Therefore, these are must-visit destinations if you want to take a budget-friendly trip to Wyoming.

1. Petroglyphs of Wyoming

There are multiple places to explore the Petroglyphs in Wyoming. This is a very unique Wyoming attraction and a must-visit for history and archaeology buffs. Whether you go to the Fossil Butte National Monument, the Castle Gardens, or the White Mountain Petroglyphs, you won’t be disappointed.

All these sites are free to visit so you won’t spend a penny while gaining a lot of perspective about the beauty of the earth.

2. Geology & Pre-historic Museums

There are a lot of Geological and Palaeontological museums in the state of Wyoming. Depending upon which part of the state you are planning to travel to, you can include any one of these on your road trip itinerary. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center (Thermopolis), University of Wyoming Geological Museum (Laramie), and Tate Geological Museum (Casper) are our top picks.

You can check out the dinosaur skeletons at the Dinosaur Center; some of these are so rare that they are the only remains in the world other than those found in Europe. The admission fee is $10 for adults and $8 for children. There is also a dig site excavation tour for additional charges.

Even the University of Wyoming Geological Museum hosts a wide collection of Dinosaurs exhibits. This can form part of your Western Cheyenne attractions. And the best part is that, while donations are welcome, the admission is completely free.

Tate Geological Museum will feature on the Northern Cheyenne or the Devils Tower road trip. This includes dinosaurs, mammoth, mineral, mesozoic marine, and terrestrial exhibits, among others. There is a lot to explore here so make sure you don’t miss it. Admission is free here, but you may donate if you please.

3. Cody Gun Museums – Cowboy History & More

On your Yellowstone road trip, you might come across the cowboy town of Cody. It is a unique experience where you can relive the way cowboys lived and feel as though you stepped into a western movie. Here, you can even check out some old firearms in two renowned museums.

Cody Dug Up Gun Museum & Cody Firearms Museum are the places to be if you are interested in artillery and firearms. The firearms museum is one of the most comprehensive collections in the entire US, and you can find close to 7000 pieces and 30000 related objects. The entry fee is slightly on the higher side as it is $19.75 for adults and $13.25 for children, but you can visit twice on one pass.

Cody Dug Up Gun Museum hosts civil war and other vintage weapons. This museum has free admission! When you are in Cody, do check out these unique museums.

4. The National Historic Trails Interpretive Centre

This is a recreation of several historic trails of America where you can walk back in time and relive the western villages or Native American history. You can ride in horse-drawn wagons and do a lot of interactive activities. There are guided tours for you to learn about the exhibits and American history.

There is no fee to visit this attraction, therefore it is one of the top places to be in Casper. It is a great experience for family, students, and anyone with a love for history or adventure. You can spend a few hours here on your way to Devils Tower.

Explore Nature: Top Natural Attractions in Wyoming

Explore Nature: Top Natural Attractions in Wyoming

Wyoming is full of natural attractions, from YellowStone national park to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, this state has it all. Although some places are expensive, we have sampled the best natural and affordable things to do in Wyoming.

1. Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

There is so much to do here for all nature lovers. You can check out the various gardens, such as the Rose Garden, Peace Garden, Sensory Garden, and the Gazebo, or enjoy yourself at the Discovery pool and the Labyrinth.  There are many more gardens to explore.

Further, there is a nature conservatory for tropical plants which has some really interesting trees and citrus fruits. If you are traveling with children, there is a dedicated Children’s village loaded with fun activities. Last but not least, there are two community gardens where you can participate in some gardening activities and learn.

You don’t need to shell out a penny to visit the gardens and conservatory. However, if you want to participate in the community garden, there is a small fee. Check out the website to learn more.

2. Flaming Gorge Recreation area

This is a top spot for nature and adventure lovers who enjoy hiking, boating, camping, fishing, and all such outdoor activities. The reservoir is 91 miles long, providing optimal views for sitting and relaxing if you don’t wish to participate in any activity. On your trip to Wyoming, this must always feature on your itinerary.

There are a lot of winter activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and so on. So you can visit any time of the day and year to have some fun amidst nature.

There is a daily $2 pass for entry to the area and– if you want to visit for a longer period– then you may choose to purchase the $5 pass which is valid for 16 days. These passes allow access to some parts of the recreation area while some other parts are payable as per usage. So if you don’t use certain amenities, then you don’t need to pay for them.

Wrapping it up

These were some of our top suggestions for cheap things to do in Wyoming. There are many more places to explore and many more free activities so if you have more time, put on your explorer hat and head out!

I hope you enjoyed our sampling for the most unique and cheap things to do in Wyoming. Have a look at the RentalTrader.com to book the best vacation rental for the best price. For more information about Rental Trader, see our Contact page to fill out the web form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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