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All About Streamline Vacation Rental Software (Review)

All About Streamline

“By property managers, for property managers.”

According to Streamline, this isn’t just a slogan. It’s what has made the company the fastest-growing property management software in the industry.

Streamline was founded in 2005with the vision of creating a software system that provided property managers with exactly what they needed to operate as efficiently as possible. Streamline is often marketed as “the true all-in-one software built for the vacation rental industry.”

Streamline’s mission is to “create technology that enhances and optimizes the overall experience for travelers, managers, and providers in the world of accommodations.”


The features offered by Streamline are numerous: revenue management tools, website creation, customized reports, targeted email marketing, distribution channel integrations, and so much more. Plus, Streamline has separate modules and mobile apps for property owners, housekeeping and maintenance staff, and guests.

There’s also a document automation system in which documents are triggered to send by various owner actions. The accounting platform enables users to become more efficient through a POS and inventory management system.

Some of Streamline’s channel integrations include Airbnb,, Vrbo, Expedia, and TripAdvisor. With all these and more, users can promote properties through multiple sites using a single interface. There’s also an Open API (Application Programming Interface) which lets users build their business using hundreds of integration options.


Streamline lists 16 top features on its website:

  • CRM/Lead Management – CRM, or customer relationship management, is a huge part of any vacation rental business. The Streamline software includes various CRM and lead management tools, including a unified inbox, a phone system and scoring, guest traits and segmentation data, triggers and automation, an e-signature, notation tools, guest reviews and surveys, and campaign management.
  • Phone System – Streamline’s phone system is “built to increase conversion and guest relationships.” The system displays guest data before you even pick up the phone. It also contains various agent tools, agent call scoring and coaching, and CRM integration.
Phone System
  • Revenue and Yield Management – Within this feature, you can find a pricing tape chart, a nightly minimums tool, a length of stay lock function, B.I. (Business Intelligence) reports, a floor pricing tool, and yield maps.
  • Triggers and Automation – Within the Triggers and Automation section of Streamline, users can access reputation tools and create guest welcome and guest education messages. They can also set up an e-signature function and implement a guest targeting system to figure out which emails and texts are best for which guests.
  • Distribution Channels – Experience true connectivity using Streamline’s integration marketplace. A few of the channels you can connect with include Florida Rentals, Ocean Beds, Holidu, Vrbo, Airbnb, Hometogo, GuestSmiles, and CanadaStays. Check out all of the available channels here.
  • B.I. Reporting – Streamline has a Business Intelligence Reporting feature that enables users to gain visibility into their business. Reports cover basic operations, accounting, forecast and pacing, occupancy, campaigns, call center, OTA performance, email, owner, maintenance, housekeeping, and the overall system.
  • Integration Marketplace – Some of the integrations for Streamline include, Ocean Beds, Holidu, Vrbo, Airbnb, HomeToGo, Top Villas, and Yonder.
  • Reservation Portal – Streamline’s reservation portal contains a quick book tool, a book by tape chart tool, and a quoting feature in which users can send guests informative quotes.
  • Homeowner Acquisition – Through homeowner pipeline management, Streamline users can automatically deliver homeowner leads, provide demos, send over e-contracts, and convert the home into a managed unit.
  • Property Care – Interested in driving maintenance and housekeeping efficiency? Within Streamline’s maintenance mobile application, you can assign tasks, allow staff to log hours and cost of parts, upload before and after photos, and more. There’s even a multilingual functionality so that nothing gets lost in translation. Similarly, with the housekeeping app, you can let the housekeepers know which houses they need to clean, and they can let you know when the job is complete.
  • Guest Satisfaction – Obtain reviews through automated messages sent after check-out and send out surveys to gauge guest experience.
Guest Satisfaction
  • Trust Accounting – Streamline’s trustworthy accounting architecture shows you where your money is at all times. It has a detailed financial flow that breaks down into advanced payments, owner monies, vendor payables, taxes, and security deposits. There are multiple workflow tools as well as business tax features and forms.
  • Partner Portal – Add, manage and grant access to team members, manage tokens, and research API methods.
  • Travel Agent – Streamline provides multiple tools for travel agents, has a Streamshare function, and also offers booking and listing agent functionality.
  • Mobile Apps – Use the owner app, the Property Care app, and the Happy Stays app to take care of business using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Open API – Streamline’s Application Programming Interface includes access to property information, property reservations, property calendars and availability, property owner details, property maintenance and work orders, and property pricing and yielding. Additional capabilities are added on a regular basis.


Streamline is available through the web as well as Android and iPhone/iPad apps.


Streamline’s regular users include freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises. It’s built to handle businesses of all sizes.


Getting started with a new PMS can be difficult. Learning about all of the features and functionalities takes some time. Streamline offers various training options, including live online training, webinars, online documents, and even in-person training.


The support available to Streamline users includes email communication, phone support, FAQs, a forum, and a 24/7 live customer support representative.


The Vacation Rental Marketing Blog awarded Streamline at its 2021 Keystone Awards. It was listed as one of the top rental property management systems for mid-to-large-sized businesses with more than 50 properties. VRBM noted that Streamline was a “software with no real weaknesses.”


Unfortunately, Streamline’s pricing is not available online and must be requested. You can click here to request pricing. All you need to provide is your name, phone number, email address, company name, and the number of vacation rental properties you’re managing.

What Makes Streamline Stand Out?

What Makes Streamline Stand Out

Many property management systems available today were created with the idea of “how property management should be” in mind. Streamline was built to support the realistic day-to-day needs of the average property owner or manager. It’s tailored to the unique demands that vacation rental owners face, rather than assumptions of what property management should be like, and it continues to evolve and improve.

What Do Users Like About Streamline?

On GetApp, Streamline earned an average of 4.6 stars from a total of 65 reviews. Compared to other popular vacation rental management software options, it was #4 in value for money, #4 in functionality, and #1 in overall ratings.

User reviews report that Streamline is powerful, intuitive, and easy to use. Users also like that the software is customizable and has great integration and lead management tools.

Separate Apps

There are separate Streamline apps for owners, housekeeping and maintenance staff, and guests. These are the Streamline app, the Property Care app, and the Happy Stays app. With separate apps, it’s easy for owners to control what information staff and guests have access to.

POS System

The Streamline software includes a POS, or Point-of-Sale system. This allows users to sell from their vacation rental office and track their inventory. It can even be integrated into maintenance records so that users are alerted when they need to purchase more of various items.

Custom Reports

Users love the ability to either use Streamline’s templates to generate reports or create custom reports themselves. It allows them to easily track their performance.

Automated Emails

Streamline users can set up various documents and emails that are sent out automatically based on various actions. For example, certain emails can be sent out due to maintenance and housekeeping activity. Others are triggered by new reservations. Emails can be sent out before check-in, after check out, and at other pertinent times.

What Do Users Dislike About Streamline?

What Do Users Dislike About Streamline

One common complaint among the Streamline user reviews regarded the customer service ticket system. It seems that some users have struggled with getting timely responses when they reach out for support.

Another frequent complaint is that the onboarding process can be lengthy, especially with large businesses.

Finally, some users felt that the accounting features within the software were too difficult for a layman to use and were instead intended for experts.

Main Takeaways

  • Streamline is a property management software system that has been around since 2005.
  • It offers 16 main features, including CRM/Lead Management, Automation, Distribution Channels, Trust Accounting, Open API, and so much more.
  • Streamline can be accessed online or through apps. It’s great for small and large businesses alike.
  • Streamline stands out from the competition because it offers tools that accurately solve the problems faced daily by vacation rental owners and managers.
  • Streamline earned 4.6 stars on average on GetApp.
  • User reviews show that the average vacation rental owner or property manager finds Streamline easy to use, powerful, and customizable to fit their needs.
  • The most common complaint regarding Streamline was the time it takes for users to receive a response from customer service.
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