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Guesty Software Reviews: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Guesty Software Reviews

Guesty Software Automates and streamlines every aspect of your growing & changing rental business. Guesty Software was first established in 2013. It’s advertised as “the ultimate property management platform for short-term and vacation rentals.” Guesty aims to provide an end-to-end solution that can simplify the operational needs faced by property owners and managers. This covers everything from task assignment to payment processing to guest communication. Guesty’s users get to save time and focus on growing their businesses.

Guesty Software Overview

Guesty Guesty Software focuses on automation so that users can spend more time on what matters to scale their businesses. Some of the main features and functionalities of the software include the property management software, the channel manager, the multi-calendar, the unified inbox, and the reporting and analytics tools.

Users can manage multiple bookings from one place, view, and control pricing and availability for all properties using a single cohesive dashboard, and read and send communications via email, text, or Airbnb in a single thread. It’s possible to automate messages, answers to booking questions, payment collection notifications, and review requests.

Guesty enables users to log transactions automatically, easily send invoices to guests, and view balances. A secure payment processor is built into the system. Plus, Guesty is directly integrated with, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Agoda, Rentals United, other OTAs, and a comprehensive collection of third-party resources.

Guesty Software Features

Guesty lists 18 main features on its website:

  • Accounting Tools – Guesty’s Accounting Tools include trust accounting, double-entry bookkeeping, automated journal entries, recurring charges, accounts payable reporting, owner accounting, generating automated owner statements, and customizable live reporting.
  • Analytics – Get an overview of your vacation rental business’s performance with Guesty’s Analytics tools. You can look at overall revenue, net income, and occupancy rates. You can also check out revenue per channel and revenue by source.
  • Automation Tools – You can set up auto-messaging, auto-responses, auto-pricing, auto-reviews, and auto-payments through Guesty’s Automation Tools, saving you hours each day.
Guesty Automation Tools
  • Branded Booking Website – Increase brand awareness and boost customer loyalty with Branded Booking Websites. You can also sync your existing vacation rental website and create a comprehensive catalog of your property portfolio. All websites are optimized for mobile use.
  • Channel Manager – Promote and manage all of your properties from Guesty’s Channel Manager. Enjoy centralized management with a multi-calendar and seamless synchronization.
  • Extended Stays – Open a new revenue stream with mid-term stays at your vacation rental property. Guesty enables you to send quotes and rental agreements to potential guests. It also has tools for yield management and optimizing reservations.
  • Mobile App – The Guesty Mobile App allows users to manage properties on the go. You can see price breakdowns, manage reservations, and look at your multi-calendar. There’s also a unified inbox that was built for mobile access.
  • Multi-Calendar – The Multi-Calendar is intended to be part of Guesty where you can see all of your bookings from all of your channels at once. You can make adjustments to bookings, check availability, and change prices and minimum night rules from the calendar.
  • Multi Units – This Guesty feature allows users to group similar listings together. You can create and connect complexes, get quick visuals, and accommodate more guests.
  • Open API – With Open API (Application Programming Interface), you can use all of Guesty’s functionalities from your own platform. This allows users to build their own solutions, connect existing websites, download data, and integrate external tools.
  • Owners Portal – Meant for vacation rental managers who work for multiple homeowners, the Guesty Owners Portal allows users to keep everyone updated and in the know. It creates reports for each homeowner to show their property’s revenues, and the portal can be customized and personalized as needed.
Guesty Owners Portal
  • Payment Processing – Guesty has an online payment processor that allows you to accept payments, track transactions, and send receipts to guests. It also has upselling tools so that you can earn more per guest.
  • Pre-Stay Tools – Automate and customize check-in forms, rental agreements, and authority reporting with Guesty’s Pre-Stay Tools.
  • Reporting Tools – Guesty users can monitor their businesses by looking at data regarding listings, tasks, reservations, and other information. Reports can then be shared with others.
  • Revenue Management – Guesty’s Revenue Management tools are all about doing less and earning more. You can apply custom rate strategies to your listings, offer additional pricing options to guests, create short-term promotions, and set up customizable coupons. You can also add channel-specific markups to various vacation rental properties.
  • Task Management – Set up recurring tasks as well as one-time tasks, and take advantage of task management on the go with the Guesty mobile app.
  • Unified Inbox – The Guesty Unified Inbox puts all of your communication in one convenient location. You can also correspond through WhatsApp, which is integrated into the Guesty experience.
  • 24/7 Guest Communication – The Guesty Guest Communication Services Team provides prompt responses to guest inquiries on your behalf. Users can choose to use the GCS team all the time or only during their off hours.


Guesty supports web access and has apps for Android and iPhone/iPad.


Anyone can use Guesty–from freelancers to small and midsize businesses to large enterprises.


There are tons of options for support from Guesty. There’s an email/help desk, online chat, phone support, a knowledge base, FAQs, and a user forum.


Training for Guesty is covered through webinars, in-person training, live online training, and various documents.


Guesty was shortlisted for four of the Travolution Awards in 2021: Best Data Analytics Platform, Campaign of the Year, Best PR Communications, and Champions of Data. In 2020, it won the Travolution Award for Champions of Customer Experience. Guesty was also shortlisted twice for the 2021 Shortyz Awards, including the award for Best Property Management Software as well as an individual award for staff member Vered Raviv-Schwarz, who was in the running for the Pioneer Award.

Guesty Pricing

Guesty Pricing

How much does Guesty cost? It is a common question. Pricing for Guesty is available by quote. It varies depending on the number of properties you’re currently managing. Click Guesty pricing to input your info and learn more about Guesty pricing packages.

What Makes Guesty Software Stand Out?

According to Guesty, it increases user listings by 100% annually. It also boosts revenue by 150% on an annual basis and enables users to save an average of 100+ hours each week.

What Do Users Like About Guesty Software?

On GetApp, Guesty received an average rating of 4.5 from 195 total reviews. 87% of the reviews were positive, and 92% would recommend the software to others. Guesty received 151 five-star reviews, compared to 11 one-star reviews till 2022.

Many long-term users noted that Guesty continues to implement updates and upgrades on a regular basis, continually improving the product.

Several reviews mentioned how much they appreciated that Guesty was an all-in-one solution, so they didn’t have to use any other tools or integrate multiple systems together.

Multiple users said they loved the multi-calendar and that it gave a great overview of current bookings. Another review titled “Amazing Software” said, “Guesty is a large part of our operations. Our entire team uses Guesty on a regular [basis]. It allows us to manage all of our listings and reservations in one place. It is very simple to use and straightforward to set up. When we have any questions, their support team is very quick to respond and is always there to help!”

Another review, titled “Fantastic product, excellent company,” stated that “I’ve had a great experience with Guesty – they have a caring, competent team and a fantastic product. I’ve tried several alternatives, and I am comfortable saying Guesty is the best vacation rental solution available.” They went on to praise the customer service team, which went above and beyond for them on multiple occasions.

What Do Users Dislike About Guesty Software?

One thing to note is that Guesty does not offer any free trials or free plans. In addition, some users complained that the integration process was a bit lengthy. A few users also mentioned they wanted to be able to send invoices and accept split payments through Guesty.

What Do Users Dislike

The most common user complaint has to do with Guesty’s customer service, which relies on a ticket system and does not offer live support. Other users complained that Guesty charges a fee for canceled bookings.

Additional complaints noted that the interface can be tricky and unintuitive at times and that the automation tools aren’t as strong as others on the market. Some users also felt they were left to fend for themselves after the initial onboarding period.

Unfortunately, multiple reviews stated that Guesty sales reps had oversold and under-delivered when it came to the software’s capabilities.

Main Takeaways

  • Guesty has 18 main features that users can take advantage of and use to automate and grow their businesses.
  • You can access Guesty online or through its mobile app.
  • Guesty has won multiple industry awards.
  • On GetApp, Guesty earned a rating of 4.5 stars overall.
  • Users praised the multi-calendar and Guesty’s habit of constantly updating its system.
  • The most common complaints in user reviews had to do with Guesty’s customer support and sales reps promising functionalities that the system does not have.

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