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Savannah Nightlife: Fascinating Attractions At Night

Savannah Nightlife: Fascinating Attractions At Night

The nightlife of Savannah, Georgia, has everything you could ask for. From Irish pubs to drag shows, you name it and it’s there. If you are limited on time, visit the City Market or River Street for a complete nightlife experience in one place. These also offer some family-friendly options as well. If you are traveling with children, you have plenty to do at night too. So don’t hesitate, plan your Savannah trip now!

Savannah Nightlife: Bewitching Attractions

Savannah is known for its festival celebrations, so if you plan a trip around March, you can experiencing the second-largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the US.  Apart from that, you will also find many other festivals taking place throughout the year.

Unlock all of Savannah’s top nightlife at once; browse through the below slides:

1.  Best Bars & Pubs In Savannah

Even though the definition of nightlife is broader these days, the key features of any nightlife are the bars and pubs in the city. One of the unique places to go is Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub. It is one of the most authentic Irish pubs in Savannah. Here you can enjoy some of the best Irish alcohol and live music. There are some fantastic items on their menu.

Another exciting thing to do here is visiting the Military Tribute Room and paying homage to US soldiers who gave their lives for freedom. It is a moving and special experience not to be missed.

If you’d love to sip a martini while drinking in the Savannah river onlooking views, then visit Rock on the Roof. Food, brews, martinis, and scenery – what more can you ask for? There is some live entertainment and a fireplace for those who feel the chill of cold Savannah nights.

With a rotation of 20 beers on tap, Savannah Distillery Ale House is one of the must-go places to enjoy Savannah nightlife. You can choose from more than 100 bottled and canned options or even enjoy a fresh seasonal cocktail of your liking. Also, munch on some onion rings or potato fries as you gulp your favorite craft beer. A visit here ensures you have a fun night.

2.  Live Music & Karaoke Venues

The downtown area has many options for live music, which is an integral part of the Savannah nightlife experience. If you love some Mexican food along with your jazz, then try Jazz’d Tapas Bar. This is one of the most exciting places to enjoy live music in Savannah. You can pick your favorite food from their extensive menu and also check out some of their innovative libations. They have a lot of refreshing fruit cocktail options, among other beverages.

Live Music & Karaoke Venues

Another top pick for live music, food, and a lovely evening is Molly Mcguire’s. It is situated on Wilmington Island and is away from the local din. Because of the exciting live music, people want to experience the Wilmington nightlife. You can relax with your pick of your favorite food out of a great variety to choose from. They have a lovely spread of seafood, too, so check that out. They host great live music, and different bands perform every time. The place has seen some foot-tapping performances by High Velocity & The Charlie Fog Band in the past.

If you love Karaoke, then you have to check out McDonough’s. You can have one of the best burgers in Savannah and participate in karaoke. It starts at 9:30 pm and the place is open till 3 am on six days of the week, closing an hour early on Sunday. It is a fun-filled evening activity that you can enjoy with your group of friends.

3.  Scrumptious Eateries – Great Food, Great Mood

Savannah is best known for its seafood. You can have a delicious seafood meal as part of Savannah nightlife. One of the best Seafood places is the Olde Pink House Restaurant. It serves the best shrimp and oyster preparations in the city. Further, it offers a wide selection of brews and beverages, including cocktails, wine, vodka, and more.

You should try this place out at dinner time and enjoy some great piano performances with your food. They close by 10:30 pm on weeknights but are open till 11 on Fridays and Saturdays. It is an upscale place, so suit up!

You may even check out Tubby’s Thunderbolt if you want the freshest seafood in Savannah. All the seafood is locally caught, and the spread varies seasonally.

Another eatery worth checking out is Gallery Espresso. It has been in existence since 1933 and is the oldest coffee shop in the city. It is a lovely and cozy place to go for a dessert with your romantic someone. You can sit and talk and enjoy the amazing rotating wall art here. It is never too crowded and gives you a unique nightlife experience.

Finally, you should try B&D Burgers on Congress Street. Have the most sumptuous burgers you have ever had paired with your favorite beer. There are four outlets of this local burger chain within Savannah. If you love outdoor seating, then try the Broughton street outlet. Enjoy the build-your-own burger and add everything you love from the available 30 options. They have a lot more on their menu apart from burgers, including salads, hot dogs, sandwiches, and much more.

4.  Must-Visit Nightclubs In Savannah

Another close competitor to bars and pubs in terms of nightlife definition are the nightclubs of Savannah. If you want to experience the unique Savannah nightlife, then you must check out Subzero bar. Everything has an arctic theme here, from décor to the theme to the bunny tail outfits of the waitresses. You will love the dance floor here and the selection of brews. If you love retro music, then visit here on Friday for a retro extravaganza.

Must-Visit Nightclubs In Savannah

5.  Savannah’s Assorted Nightlife Activities & Venues

One of the top spots to enjoy Savannah nightlife is City Market. It has an ensemble of everything from nightlife to restaurants to art galleries. You can have a wonderful time with your family and friends. One of the top restaurants here is Belford’s, offering some delicious seafood and steaks.

You should also be a part of the tradition of carrying your ‘to-go cup’ as you roam about the market’s streets. You will also find several entertainment options to choose from. So if you want a one-stop nightlife extravaganza, go to City Market, and you are guaranteed an incredibly fun-filled night.

River Street in Savannah is yet another one-stop solution to all your nightlife aspirations. You may even take riverboat tours or simply enjoy the wine and fine-dining experience.

If you love ensembles, we have saved the best one for the last. Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival is well known across the entire US. It is a 3-day event that sees a footfall of close to 0.3 million people. Now that’s a huge number, isn’t it? It has a lot of attractions, including block parties, street food vendors, parades, live music, and more! It is held in the month of March every year. However, if you are not planning a trip around this time, then you can check out some other tremendous but more niche festivals such as the Savannah Jazz Festival or Savannah Food & Wine Festival.

Wrapping Up Savannah Nightlife Attractions

Savannah nightlife is an unforgettable experience. You get everything from the Arctic themed nightclubs to jazz and food festivals. Not exploring it means missing out on an incredible life experience. It is a perfect spot for any kind of traveler, be it solo, college-goers, families, or couples. You will find something for everyone. So go ahead and make your travel and accommodation bookings now!

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