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Vacation Rental Upgrades: 11 Tips for Guest-Friendly Stays

How to Make Guest-friendly Vacation Rental Upgrades

When you perform vacation rental upgrades to your alternative accommodation, you will make guests feel more welcome and special. It is always pleasant to see the results of home improvement jobs bringing in the results. Thoughtful rental upgrades create a prettier space that guests will want to come back to. Dive into our comprehensive guide featuring 11 tips on making guest-friendly upgrades to enhance the overall experience of your rental property.

Vacation Rental Upgrades: 11 Tips to Maximize the Return on Your Vacation Rental

If you are a vacation rental owner, you do not necessarily have to make drastic changes to your property. Investing time and money in improving your home increases its value and ratings. Even the tiniest details can help create a great impression on your vacation home. Create a relaxing and unforgettable stay for guests by following these tips.

1. Make small changes

When you hear the words home improvement, the first few things that come to mind might include reflooring or knocking down walls. In reality, there is no rule that says you cannot start small. You can repaint old or worn-out walls to keep the space vibrant and full of life. You can also reupholster to spruce up a classic chair or add decoration to create a new look for your vacation home.

A home is cozier with extra blankets and throw pillows; it is a simple addition to your space that goes a long way in keeping guests comfortable. You might think that these changes are too small to be noticed, but guests will take note of the tiny details of your property.

2. Personalize your space

Some guests who choose to stay in alternative accommodations select homes that have a unique charm to them. Do not shy away from adding personal touches that show who you are as an owner. Your guests will likely appreciate pieces that represent your style and preference.

For instance, as an artist, displaying your artwork on the wall informs guests about you. If you’re a book lover, having your favorite books on a shelf touches fellow book enthusiasts. However you decorate, be tasteful and considerate of the diverse guests you’ll encounter. Ensure you don’t leave highly personal items behind.

When adding personality to your vacation rental property upgrades, do not overdo, or overthink what needs to be done. Go with the statement pieces you feel will bring a touch of life or add a kitschy flair to your accommodation.

3. Enhance the entrance

The first thing a guest notices is your front door or entrance which will be forming first impressions regarding your property. Create a warm and welcoming entrance by polishing the wooden door or adding potted plants near the doorway. These greens make the property lively and create a lived-in, cozy look for your home.

Enhance-the-entrance for vacation rental guests to notice

One early tradition when welcoming guests into a home used to be red-painted main doors. The color is so vibrant that it instantly catches their attention and piques their interest in what the interior looks like.

You can also install unique lighting fixtures near the doorway, not only to illuminate the way but also to create a soft, inviting light for your guests.

4. Stock up on essential amenities in your vacation rental

The guest’s comfort should be a priority for any rental property owner. When they choose a rental, guests expect essential amenities. Linens, pillows, soap, toilet paper, and kitchen items are just some of the things they want. This is especially true if you have been informed beforehand that you will be providing such amenities to them.

It also would not hurt to offer extras wherever possible. This will create a thoughtful touch to your vacation rental upgrades. You do not have to provide for their every need. However, guests will appreciate it if you offer shampoo and conditioner, extra pillows and blankets, or local delicacies and brews. Explore this guide on vacation rental amenities for more insights.

5. Improve the bedroom

Most guests decide to pick a property based on their impression of the bedroom. While all areas of the property need to provide comfort, the bedroom should be incredibly cozy. It should induce a restful sleep even while they are away from home.

To create guest-friendly improvements to the bedroom, consider placing an empty dresser where they can store their things. You can also have a closet or wardrobe to feel more at home.

You also must pay particular attention and care to the bed itself. Keeping it tidy and using clean and cozy pillows or blankets will further improve the guest’s comfort and satisfaction.

6. Arrange the furniture of your vacation rental

Another simple yet effective method in vacation rental upgrades is picking the furniture layout. For areas like the living room, having ample space to move around is essential. You can place two long sofas or seats across each other so guests can interact comfortably. Also, have a coffee table to balance the space. Work with pieces that allow for flow and avoid unnecessary items.

Removing clutter from home is crucial; it could impact the guest’s comfort and satisfaction. If you use the residence part-time, be sure to put all unnecessary items away. This includes your clothes and personal effects, empty boxes, or plastics that they will not be using. Your rental needs to have enough space where guests can feel relaxed. They can place their luggage or belongings out of sight. An open and inviting interior is always attractive to your clients.

7. Add fragrances

One of the best vacation rental upgrades at a low cost is adding fragrance which your guest will notice instantly. The visual appearance coupled with an aromatic experience will make the memories of their stay at your property more unforgettable. It is a delight to enter a home that smells uniquely great—especially if the scent is something that relaxes the senses and keeps the stress away.

Use of fragrance to enhance guest experience at vacation rentals

You can have a diffuser with base smells like chamomile and mint to relieve tension and anxiety for starters. You can also use lavender, which improves sleep for a refreshing wake-up for your guests. Essential oils and scented candles are also great options for making the home more fragrant, specifically in the bedroom and bathroom.

8. Include child-friendly amenities

If you want your property to accommodate families, be sure to include amenities for children and babies in your vacation rental upgrades. Some of the essential items are a highchair for the dining table and kid-friendly cutlery and crockery to make the space safe during mealtime.

If the guests are bringing their toddler along, it would be a good idea to have toddler-sized potty seats and stools at the ready in your vacation home. Adding a few thoughtful extras like colorful towels and toiletries manufactured especially for kids will impress your guests and make them consider rebooking in the future.

9. Provide entertainment facilities

Music systems and television sets are considered essential in alternative accommodation. Guests might want to check on the news and weather updates or watch their favorite shows when they have no scheduled activity. It could mean the difference between a good review and a great review for you. Providing quality entertainment facilities for your clients ensures they do not have to miss anything even if they are away from home.

You can add classic entertainment options as well, such as a deck of cards or board games so they can spend their time away while waiting for their next itinerary or bedtime. If you can offer Wi-Fi and cable for your guests, it would benefit your ratings in the future.

10. Update electrical fixtures

Your guests will be expecting a home-like experience on your property, and one way of achieving that is through having well-lighted spaces. An effectively illuminated home can nurture the feeling of safety. Replace old light bulbs with energy-saving LEDs to ensure that you are not racking up electricity expenses while also providing eco-friendly lighting for your space.

You can also coordinate with a professional to check your current electrical layout and evaluate whether anything needs to be upgraded. Electricals like plug points and charging ports need to be checked for safety regularly so your guests can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your home’s electrical system is in excellent condition.

11. Make the bathroom luxurious

Bathrooms are also a point of concern in alternative accommodations because they affect the guest’s relaxation level. Having a bathroom enhanced to guarantee the client’s comfort is always a good idea. You can aim for a specific color palette or create a contrasting feel that younger guests will surely appreciate. Spruce up a space by painting it with bold colors or stick to neutral hues to suit any interior type.

luxurious bathroom at vacation rentals

You also need to provide storage for the guest’s toiletries and more. If you provide amenities like hairdryer, skincare, haircare, or dental care items, you need to have enough drawers to store these items and keep them neatly arranged to make the space more attractive. Bathroom amenities also play a big part in guest satisfaction. Here is a handy guide to choosing the right towel for vacation rental that will upscale the bathroom.

Vacation Rental Upgrades: Your Ticket to More Bookings

If you want travelers to choose your alternative accommodation, following these recommendations could help you achieve your goals and more. Going the extra mile to ensure your guest’s safety and comfort will benefit your business in the long run. You are not only working to earn their satisfaction but also their loyalty.

If you want other tips to make your vacation home more attractive to travelers, experts at Rental Trader will be more than happy to help you. The signup process is easy, and there is a simple web form available to be filled out if you are interested. You can also contact the number provided and find out what more you can do to bring more guests in!

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